Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 400 - What Can They Do?

Chapter 400 - What Can They Do?

Chapter 400 What Can They Do?

“Yes, it’s over!” the defense force people said heavily.

They didn’t see the battle, so it was normal that they didn’t believe it. Even the soldiers didn’t dare to accept it as the truth.

Only 84 were injured or killed in the thousands of defense force soldiers present here. This level of casualty is extremely small compared to the magnitude of the void beast attack. Considering the unfortunate events in the Xigui System, this was barely anything.

The citizens started returning to their homes while some reported their losses and waited for the federal compensation. Meanwhile, some very curious people ran out of the city and came to the battlefield region. When they saw large craters and extremely huge void beast bodies being s.h.i.+pped away, they were shocked.

Several people took photos of these scenes and sent it online.

‘A few hundred void beasts came to our city and I actually lived!’

‘Look at these big monsters! Most of them are a few hundred meters long; the longest one is a few thousand meters!’

All sorts of clips were uploaded immediately. After what the Xigui System experienced, not a single ordinary citizen died. This was a miracle!

This was all due to the defense force!

Of course, they didn’t know about Lu Ze killing all the void beasts all by himself. The working defense force people didn’t send these curious citizens off. After all, this was their prideful work.

Ling Dongyu suddenly thought of something. He looked at the five people who were covered in blood next to Lu Ze. In confusion, he asked, “Lu Ze, who are they?”

The five mortal evolution states also looked over. Their attention was mainly on Lu Ze and Lin Ling before. They didn’t care about those five.

Lu Ze smiled before responding. “They are the five guardians of the Eternal Life Palace.”

Immediately, the joyful atmosphere changed.

Those five mortal evolution states stared at the other five. Immediately, they didn’t feel too good.

Qiu Dongyi asked in a dazed manner, “Wait… Lu Ze, they’re Eternal Life Palace guardians?”

Their purpose of coming to the Gracious System was to annihilate the Eternal Life Palace!

The wormhole was just a sudden occurrence!

Yet, those five they have ignored for so long were actually from the Eternal Life Palace?

Guardians were just below palace lords. Why were they in Lu Ze’s hands? Moreover, why do they look miserable?

Lu Ze grinned at this moment. “Yeah, they’re still alive. I want to see if we can find the headquarters of the Eternal Life Palace through them.” It was a pity he didn’t have an interrogation mental force G.o.d art and these guys were unconscious for so long. Otherwise, he could’ve started interrogating them already.

The Kurter couple had been in this solar system the longest. For a month, they had remained in the area, but they could only catch a few small fries.

The other three had been here for half a month but didn’t find any high-levels from the Eternal Life Palace. Yet, at this moment, there were guardians of the Eternal Life Palace before them? They were jealous.

However, Lu Ze’s power was not weaker than theirs. His talent was so absurd. There was no way they were going to pressure Lu Ze. Even if they could, Ling Dongyu was still there. Lu Ze, feeling confused, glanced at them. “Are you guys okay?” Weren’t they very happy just then?

The corners of their mouths could not help but twitch.

Do you have no clue? They represent large amounts of federal contribution points!

They had searched for so long just for these


Thereafter, the level four mortal evolution state youth said, “Lu Ze, if you find the base, there should be palace lords there. I can help.”

Although Lu Ze already caught the five guardians, he hadn’t found the base yet. If he did, he would probably need a.s.sistance.

If Lu Ze could share some of the rewards with him, that would be great. Even if Lu Ze didn’t share any rewards, they would at least become closer to him. If he gave up now, he really would get nothing.

Compared to prodigies at a young duke level, he wasn’t as good, but he wasn’t even 100 this year, and yet, he was at level four of the mortal evolution state. This was a pretty decent level of talent!

The other people’s eyes lit up too.

Qiu Dongyi smiled. “The Eternal Life Palace is indeed a tumor that we need to get rid of. I’m willing to help.”

“Me too,” the other three said firmly.

Lu Ze felt touched. These people wanted to help him but… Lu Ze scratched his head. “If you’re talking about the Gracious Planet’s base, then I’ve already annihilated it. The two palace lords inside are called Leo and Jason. Both of them are dead now.”

Upon hearing this, the bodies of the five mortal evolution states stiffened.

Why did it become like this? What could they do now?

Kurter looked down and began contemplating. Which planet had a good environment that was suitable for retirement?

Lin Ling looked at these five with pity. This r.e.t.a.r.d was immature, but he was rather reliable when it came to missions.

Ling Dongyu and the rest looked at the five in pity. They felt bad as they called these guys for help after all.

Suddenly, Ling Dongyu’s body froze. He opened the military communicator. Soon, his eyes widened, and he said in disbelief, “The blade demons have initiated a battle!”


Lu Ze and the rest were a bit skeptical as well. They were equal in numbers, so why did they dare to start a war?

Ling Dongyu took a deep breath and said, “The border defense told us to be wary of any situations at our back. They didn’t know what cards the blade demons had, but since, they dared to wage war, they definitely wanted to gain some advantage.

Ling Dongyu looked at Lu Ze and the rest. Apologetically, he said, “Sorry, I probably wouldn’t be able to stay with you guys anymore.” He had to return to the headquarters and command. Moreover, they were still injured too. Prompt treatment was needed to preserve combat power.

Lu Ze and everyone nodded.

At this point, Lu Ze suddenly thought of something. “By the way Commander Ling, don’t forget what you promised me!”

Although Ling Dongyu had some business to finish, Lu Ze thought he should still remind him.Those high-levels who were about to board the s.h.i.+p froze at the same time. On the side, Ling Dongyu had a headache. It was just ten pancakes. Was that necessary? Nevertheless, he still smiled at Lu Ze. “Don’t worry, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, I won’t forget.”

Lin Ling smiled too. “And mine as well.” “I won’t forget, rest a.s.sured.” Feeling confused, Qiu Dongyi and the rest looked at Lu Ze. Did he get some special reward? Why was Ling Dongyu’s reaction so strange then?

What a pity they had arrived too late!

After Ling Dongyu and the others left, Qiu Dongyi smiled. “Lu Ze and Lin Ling, I still have students here, so I’ll be going first. If you have time, come visit Thousand Sun University. I will treat you guys.”

As a teacher, he also brought the elite cla.s.s students to train here. For these type of large missions, most schools had teachers to lead the squad, so students wouldn’t be seriously injured or dead.

If students were confident enough, they could take on missions alone, but their powers need to be tested first.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded in response. “Alright, we will visit when we’re free. Goodbye, teacher Qiu.”

With a smile, Kurter, Lorie, and the two other mortal evolution states spoke. “In that case, we’ll leave too.”