Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 398 - The Federation Has a Monster

Chapter 398 - The Federation Has a Monster

Chapter 398 The Federation Has a Monster

The three, exchanging glances with each other, could only look at the bodies of the void beasts on the ground.

Theoretically, they should be the fastest bunch, but someone came even faster than them.

They turned their gaze at the gathered defense force and said, “Let’s go over and see.”

They flew down toward the defense force.

Seeing this, Ling Dongyu smiled. “Thank you three for coming over to back us up so quickly.”

Although Lu Ze had dealt with all the void beasts, these three still went here swiftly. Hence, they should be thanked as well.

One golden-haired middle-aged man revealed a smile. “Commander Ling, you’re too polite, we didn’t come early. The void beasts had all been cleaned up.”

He was the strongest of the three, reaching level seven of the mortal evolution state.

To be honest, they felt a little unsatisfied. Ultimately, there would be federal contribution points rewards after completing such emergency reinforcement missions. They thought they could earn some points this time, but upon arriving, all they saw was the ground littered with bodies.

This felt hard to accept.

They glanced at all the bodies and eventually stopped at two quite enormous bodies.

Didn’t they say there was only one mortal evolution state at level six?

There were actually two instead?

The three looked through everyone at the scene.

After all, the person who can beat their speed and eradicate all the void beats wouldn’t be weak at all.

He should at least have a level seven mortal evolution state combat power. They didn’t know that Lu Ze fought them without considering energy expenditure. His real combat power was just around level six of the mortal evolution state.

When they saw the two unconscious men, they had guessed that those two were Jian Wen and Chris.

Anger and worry flashed in their eyes.

It was a good thing the bomb was faulty. Otherwise, if planetary state void beasts came over, it would endanger the entire solar system.

At the same time, they looked at Lu Ze and Lin Ling. They knew about the two a little. People at their level were very busy, but they still heard about Lu Ze, who was so famous in the Federation right now.

Did they come to help too?

It’s said that Lu Ze’s combat power had reached the mortal evolution state, right?

The three looked at Lu Ze, and they had a glimmer in their eyes.

His cultivation level was probably at the extreme of aperture opening state, wasn’t it?

Even they had to respect Lu Ze for reaching the mortal evolution state combat power at such age and cultivation level.

This kid would surpa.s.s them soon, wouldn’t he?

Even the short-haired girl seemed to be around aperture opening state with 600 apertures.

Comparatively, they were all over a hundred years old.


Why did Lu Ze smile so happily? His smile seemed to contain some naivety.

They didn’t think much. Perhaps, he gained a lot out of the void beast tide?

However, Lu Ze probably didn’t kill the level six mortal evolution state void beast. This wasn’t practical. But other than the people here, they didn’t find another powerful being. Did he leave already?

The bulky man, who bellowed back then, asked, “Where is the person who killed the two mortal evolution state beasts at level six? Did he leave?”

The other two looked over as well. Didn’t this guy leave a bit too fast?

Everyone else froze at the question, looking at the three strangely. That person was right here.

Lu Ze thought those three could figure out it was him. That’s why they stared at him for so long. Now, it seemed they didn’t guess it at all.

Why were they looking at him like this then? He felt embarra.s.sed.

The bulky man also noticed that the atmosphere wasn’t right. He just asked a question, so why was everyone looking at him like that?

Was this person so powerful that he couldn’t even ask?

The golden-haired man and the mature beautiful woman also frowned.

At this moment, Ling Dongyu pointed awkwardly at Lu Ze. “Umm… it was Lu Ze who killed the void beasts.”

“… what?”

The three looked dazedly at Ling Dongyu and then at Lu Ze.

He must be joking, right?

They don’t question that Lu Ze was very powerful, but to lie to them and say that Lu Ze could kill two mortal evolution state beasts at level six was absurd.

If Lu Ze could kill level three or level four mortal evolution state beasts, they could still barely accept it. After all, this was acceptable for a prodigy at the level of a young duke.

Lu Ze was stronger than ordinary young dukes, so fighting four levels beyond was giving Lu Ze enough credit.

But, how could they believe what Ling Dongyu said?

Ling Dongyu expected such reactions. After all, if he didn’t witness the scene, he wouldn’t believe it either.

He then smiled and said affirmatively, “You didn’t hear it incorrectly, and we’re not tricking you. It was really Lu Ze who killed both the level six mortal evolution state void beasts. He pretty much killed all the void beasts here.”

The three people: “Really?”.

“Really! I swear on my honor!”

The atmosphere went awkward, and the three looked at Lu Ze like he was a monster. He had such power before even reaching the mortal evolution state. There was a monster in the Federation. They could imagine just how bright Lu Ze’s future was.

Perhaps even…

With Lu Ze’s talent, he might not be able to compete with the top prodigies of the elf race, but maybe, he was on par with the stronger ones?

Even the most talented young dukes could, at most, barely compete with the ordinary prodigies of the elf race.

But just how many ordinary prodigies did the entire elf race have?

Hundreds of thousands?

They were a powerful race that had a cosmic realm state after all.

However, looking at Lu Ze, they seemed to have seen an extremely sliver line of hope. They could feel their blood boiling while thinking about this.

Such a prodigy could perhaps lead the human race further.

Lu Ze could only scratch his head due to their strange expressions. He wanted to keep a low profile, but his power didn’t allow him to.