Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 397 - So You’re Like This, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?

Chapter 397 - So You’re Like This, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?

Chapter 397 So You’re Like This, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?

Lin Ling noticed Chris’s daughter’s glance, but she didn’t care about it.

She was all too familiar with this glance.

What was good about this r.e.t.a.r.d?

If she knew that this r.e.t.a.r.d was severely sad because he didn’t get to eat good food, then, perhaps, her dream would shatter.

However, this girl has suffered quite a lot, so Lin Ling didn’t say anything about it.

Soon, Lu Ze took the group to Jian Wen and Chris.

The two professors were covered in wounds, lying unconscious on the ground.

The scientific research team around there also received some injuries, but such were negligible compared to Jian Wen’s and Chris’.

There were quite some defense force people around the two. Even Ling Dongyu and the others were here. After all, Jian Wen and Chris were the main perpetrators of this incident.

Seeing their state, their family’s faces lost their color once more.

They just charged toward Jian Wen and Chris with teary eyes.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling had complicated expressions. They didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Ling Dongyu and the rest saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling. They walked up to Lu Ze.

Lu Ze glanced at Jian Wen and Chris and asked, “They’re fine, right?”

Ling Dongyu smiled. “They’ve been treated in time. They’re just unconscious now. Next, they will be taken to court. We don’t know how they will be judged.”

Ling Dongyu felt bad. If their defense force protected their family members well, this situation wouldn’t even happen.

But since it already occurred, then there was no point saying such things.

Lu Ze nodded. He didn’t know what to say in this situation as well.

The atmosphere fell silent.

At this point, Ling Dongyu grinned at Lu Ze. Lu Ze: “???”

Why was this guy smiling at him like this?

Ling Dongyu suddenly bellowed, “Gracious System defense Force! Salute!”

His mortal evolution state voice filled the heavens and earth as he saluted to Lu Ze.

Bazer, Angelie, and old Yang saluted to Lu Ze too.

Subsequently, all the other soldiers, as well as the high-levels saluted to Lu Ze. The ordinary soldiers looked at Lu Ze with fanatic admiration. Even Bazer and the rest looked at him with respect.

This youth annihilated the void beasts all by himself.

If Lu Ze wasn’t here, they would suffer dire consequences.

Perhaps, the entire solar system would be affected.

Now, although they sustained injuries, they weren’t substantial.

Lu Ze, who forcefully annihilated the two mortal evolution state void beasts at level six, was deeply imprinted in their brains.

On the other hand, Lu Ze felt a little awkward. There were so many people.

Still, Lu Ze seriously saluted back to all the soldiers.

They weren’t strong, but they were respectable human warriors.

Lu Ze smiled. “You guys don’t need to be like this. I’m a lieutenant colonel after all.”

It was just an honorary t.i.tle, but he still had to do something since he had such a t.i.tle.

Ling Dongyu smiled. “For the citizens on this planet and us who almost died, this salutation is well-earned.”

Lu Ze then looked at Ling Dongyu solemnly. “In that case, Commander Ling, I have an important request.”

Notice the seriousness in Lu Ze’s demeanor, Ling Dongyu felt stunned, but he nodded firmly. “Your business is the business of the Gracious System’s defense force. Please say it!”

It shouldn’t be a small matter, seeing how serious Lu Ze’s face was. Nevertheless, Lu Ze helped them so much, so whatever it is, they should help with it.

Everyone listened carefully. They must try their best to complete Lu Ze’s request!

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with emotions. They were good people. He said, “When I leave, come with me to that shop in Xingzhan City that sells Xingzhan pancakes. I want to buy a few extra ones!” Everyone: O_o ??

The tense atmosphere turned silent.

Everyone was confused. What did Lu Ze say? Did they hear it incorrectly?

Ling Dongyu smiled awkwardly. “Um, what did you just say?”

With a desperate voice, Lu Ze said, “I want to buy some extra pancakes from that shop, but it only sells one per person.”

Everyone was rendered speechless. Deep inside they thought, ‘Did you need to be so serious about food?’


The eyes of several people from the defense force suddenly lit up. They recalled Lu Ze’s anguished face when he was in the air.

They compared it to the face he just made.

The percentage of similarities were 99.2831%…

Was it because of this reason?!

So you’re like this, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?!


Essentially, he killed the three mortal evolution state void beasts so violently and then annihilated the rest of the void beasts so rapidly because the Xingzhan Fruit Forest was obliterated?

Thinking about this, the defense force people felt Lu Ze’s great image crumbling at this instant.

Lin Ling saw this and silently looked away.

She wanted to laugh, but she had to hold it in!

Lu Ze asked hopefully, “How is it? Commander Ling? Can it be done?” Ling Dongyu: “…” He took a deep breath and smiled. “No problem! How many do you want?”

Lu Ze answered, “3, no… 4, no… 10!” Ling Dongyu nodded. “No problem! 10, right? I’ll definitely get them for you.” Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He could eat 10! Amazing!

At this moment, Lin Ling smiled. “In that case, I want to try too. Could you please get 10 for me as well.”

Ling Dongyu: “…”

He looked at Lin Ling with confusion. She seemed to be curious about something. In conclusion, she probably wanted to taste them.

He felt relieved. It was a good thing that Lin Ling was still normal.

At this moment, a roar could be heard from the distance. A powerful level five mortal evolution state chi was approaching the battlefield. “Hold on defense force, I’m here!”

By this time, a flying mission s.h.i.+p landed from the sky. Two figures exited from it. One was a level six mortal evolution state while the other was a level seven mortal evolution state.

The three looked at the battlefield and saw the piles of void beast bodies. They couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

They were the mortal evolution states nearby. As such, they headed over as quickly as they could.

One of them was on the Gracious Planet, but that was more than 300,000 kilometers from here. He did his best to cross the distance shortly.

The other two were on the neighboring planets. Likewise, they brought their s.h.i.+p using the maximum speed possible.

Yet, the moment they had arrived, the could only find dead bodies over here.

Who was so fast?