Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 396 - Where Are My Allies?!

Chapter 396 - Where Are My Allies?!

Chapter 396 Where Are My Allies?!

The two bloodied void beasts were now lifeless. Their extremely ma.s.sive bodies flew more than a few hundred kilometers away under the barrage of attacks.

Thud! thud!

These two ‘thuds’ didn’t just plow into the ground, they also struck everyone’s hearts.

The atmosphere on the Xingzhan plains was very silent.

Ling Dongyu and the rest widened their eyes as they looked at the three lifeless void beasts in disbelief.

Did Lu Ze really just kill two mortal evolution states at level six and one level five void beasts?

Lu Ze breathed out a sigh of relief after seeing the three dead void beasts.

The increasing sense of pain from his body made his mouth twitch. He fought too hard, and he was injured.


He looked at the other void beasts.

These guys were all going to die today!! Only their blood could appease his anger!!

Sensing Lu Ze’s eyes, these void beasts roared in unrest.

Their bosses were dead. Now, it was their turn.

A green light flowed around Lu Ze as green wind blades formed and soon covered the sky.

Green jade slas.h.!.+

This divine art was useless against powerful foes as it didn’t have enough damage, but it was perfect for weaker opponents.

As runes glowed in Lu Ze’s eyes, these green jade slashes shot out.


Those armors which were extremely tough to aperture opening states were like paper in the wake of green jade slash. They were instantly shattered.

With every green flow of light, one void beast would lose their life.


A green light sliced across the level two mortal evolution state beast that Bazer was facing, and the sharp chi instantly tore open its tough armor. Blood gushed out, and that void beast fell from the sky.

Bazer: “…”

He couldn’t help but stiffen. What should he even say?

In order to escape from this beast, he was covered in wounds. What did he fight so hard for?

He should’ve let Lu Ze come earlier to end this beast.

The hundreds of void beasts lost their lives and fell from the sky one by one.

In less than a minute, all the void beasts were killed.


At this moment, an aperture opening state void beast pa.s.sed through the dimming wormhole.

Its chi was ferocious as it roared right after pa.s.sing through the tunnel.

When it saw the ground filled with void beast bodies, it stopped howling.


This didn’t seem right!

Where were my allies?!


At this moment, another roar echoed. Another aperture opening state void beast pa.s.sed through the closing wormhole.

The void beast that came out just before heard this, immediately feeling confident. They let out roars once again.

There were more allies to come!

At this moment, the wormhole finally couldn’t sustain itself anymore. The body which was halfway through was cut into halves.

Half the body fell on the ground.


That aperture opening state void beast sensed something and stopped.

It looked around and saw that the wormhole had disappeared.

Void beast: “???”

Before it could close its hideous mouth, its body stiffened.

What happened to his pal?

What happened to the hole?

Don’t leave him behind!

At this moment, a golden sword light sliced it into many pieces.

Old Yang took back his sword and panted.

With this, everyone’s tense minds could finally relax

The last void beast died, and the wormhole was gone. They finally managed to live through this ordeal.

They were really lucky to have survived.

If the order weakening s.p.a.ce bomb wasn’t a bit faulty, it wouldn’t just be a few weak mortal evolution states coming.

They thought of the first low roar they heard, as well as the sliver of chi that came along with it.

If that void beast came, they didn’t even have the right to stop it.

That planetary state void beast helped them a great deal too. Since it didn’t want to come over, it rubbed the wormhole a little, making it unstable. Otherwise, the mortal evolution state void beast that arrived would be stronger.

Ling Dongyu, the high-levels of the defense force and its members, even the scientific research team members, were all looking at the youth floating in the air.

If he didn’t come in time, they wouldn’t even be able to last until support arrived when that second level six mortal evolution state came.

This time, Lu Ze pretty much killed all the void beasts by himself.

Too strong!


At this moment, they could notice the pained expression in Lu Ze’s face. He didn’t seem to be feeling the joy of victory.

Seeing this, everyone tensed up their bodies.

Was there some other situation?

What could make Lu Ze have such an expression?

Were they over?? Lu Ze was in despair. He even used mental force to find whether there were any more Xingzhan fruit trees left. Unfortunately, there wasn’t even one left.

How cruel were the void beasts?!

Lin Ling knew Lu Ze the most and understood why this r.e.t.a.r.d would have such a look on his face.

She rubbed her head and closed the communicator. Thereafter, she flew to Lu Ze and rolled her eyes. “The Xingzhan fruit would definitely have stocks left. If you want to eat, there are still some.” Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Really?”


What could be better than reigniting hope after disappointment?

Lu Ze felt he was alive again. He was definitely going to buy more after this.

Lin Ling was speechless. This guy was quite serious while fighting, but as soon as he was free, he became an idiot.

She then asked, “By the way, where are the people you brought over?”

Lu Ze just remembered that he brought back Chris’ and Jian Wen’s family, as well as the five Eternal Life Palace guardians.

He looked at the ground and found 10 people wrapped in winds.h.i.+eld next to an aperture opening state void beast body.

Chris’ and Jian Wen’s family’s faces were pale. Their eyes were filled with terror. Clearly, the battle just then was hard to handle for them.

The last void beast’s body fell next to them, and its hideous head was pointed toward them. Even though it was dead, its b.l.o.o.d.y eyes were still filled with ferociousness.

Meanwhile, the five guardians were still unconscious.

Upon seeing Lu Ze come over, the pale faces of Chris’ and Jian Wen’s family’s recovered a little.

Lu Ze took off his defense barrier and smiled. “It’s alright now.”

Jian Wen’s wife smiled at Lu Ze. “Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze.”Subsequently, she looked hopefully at Lu Ze. “Can we go find Jian Wen and others?”

Lu Ze nodded. “I’ll take you over.”

He had seen Jian Wen and Chris before.

The four immediately revealed a grateful look.

Lu Ze helped them too much.

Meanwhile, Chris’ daughter looked strangely at Lin Ling.

This short-haired girl seemed to be really close to Lu Ze, right?

She had seen Lu Ze’s news online many times, and this girl was frequently next to him.