Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 395 - The Brain of a Prodigy Was Different?

Chapter 395 - The Brain of a Prodigy Was Different?

Chapter 395 The Brain of a Prodigy Was Different?

Lu Ze was covered in purple-red lightning as his chi spread in all directions.


Bolts of lightning burned the air before forming lightning spears. One, two, three…

Eventually, 10 lightning spears floated in the air. The devastating chi caught the attention of everyone present—both the void beasts and the defense force.

Lu Ze grinned at the three void beasts rus.h.i.+ng toward him. He was going to get revenge for all those Xingzhan fruit trees!!


The 10 lightning spears collided with the void beasts.

Unlike Leo and Jason, the void beasts were very ma.s.sive. Thus, they were perfect targets for the lightning spears.

After 10 lightning spears shot out, another 10 were formed and then another ten…

Back in the pocket hunting dimension, that lightning warhorse boss used densely-packed lightning spears.

Lu Ze had been poked quite a few times by those. He had long wanted to try this method of attack, but due to his limited spirit force, he could never attempt it.

However, today was different. He was going to let these void beasts have it. Just how many Xingzhan fruit pancakes could be made from those forests…

Lu Ze’s eyes grew sharper.

His energy was being rapidly expended as lightning spears were constantly forming. Lu Ze’s mental force entered his mental dimension. Red energy orbs disappeared, and his energy soon got replenished, which enabled him to produce several lightning spears further.

All the lightning spears split into three groups and charged toward the three void beasts like three purple lightning dragons.

The void beasts shrieked. Why was this little thing so ferocious?!

The fatal sensation of the incoming threat made the void beasts open their mouths and roar out energy beams.


The energy beams clashed with the lightning spear dragons. A series of explosions pulsated as the sky was filled with purple-red lightning


The mouth cannon of the level five mortal evolution state void beast, who was the weakest among the beasts, wasn’t strong enough. It just struggled a little and was soon ruthlessly torn open.

Tens of lightning spears ripped the energy pillar and penetrated its mouth.

The extremely violent force brought by the purple-red lightning entered its body and instantly shattered its defenses.


It wailed, and this void beast spat dark gray blood with sparks of lightning. Thereafter, the blood fell from the sky like a waterfall forming a pool of blood on the ground.

At the same time, its chi weakened to a new extreme. It was as though it could die at any


Despite so, Lu Ze didn’t show any signs of stopping

More lightning spears greeted its st.u.r.dy white bone armor. The bone armor eventually cracked. Blood splurged out as lightning poured out across its body.

The vicious power tossed its body more than 100 kilometers in the air—it had completely lost its life.


The huge body left out a deep crater on the ground upon landing. Lu Ze glanced at it and looked at the two remaining void beasts that were still holding out.

These level six mortal evolution states were much stronger than the level five beast.


Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness. He was going to destroy them all today!

The red and purple orbs in his mental dimension began to rapidly diminish due to consumption. Powerful energy entered him in one go, making even his extremely strong body to experience tearing sensations.

However, this level of pain was negligible to the experienced Lu Ze

In the air, lightning spears kept forming and clas.h.i.+ng with the gray energy pillars, reaching a deadlock.

As the lightning spears grew more dominant, the gray energy pillars began crumbling and moving back toward the mortal evolution state void beasts.

The terrorizing energy swept across half the Xingzhan Plains. Even those citizens hiding underground could feel a strange pressure.

Just what G.o.ds were fighting outside?

Would they be caught in the crossfire?

The defense force and void beasts on the plain had stopped fighting. They looked at the scene in the sky in terror.

Lin Ling, who was planning to fight with Bazer’s void beast, turned her head to watch as well. Her eyes flashed. She opened her mouth but said nothing.

Why did this idiot seem very angry? Lu Ze’s temper had always been pretty nice. This was her first time seeing this level of anger from this guy…


Lin Ling’s eyes widened. She remembered this other time…

During the graduation trial, this guy smashed that barren earth monkey around with a cold face.

What did that monkey do to make the guy so angry? Then, she suddenly recalled something and looked at the ruined plains. Her mouth could not help but twitch. “This foodie…”

This was really embarra.s.sing.

“Xingzhan fruit wasn’t exclusive to this planet,” Lin Ling mumbled.

Ling Dongyu, Bazer, Angelie, and old Yang were staring at Lu Ze who was fighting head-on against two beasts. They realized that they still underestimated Lu Ze.

This guy fought against three opponents and could still instantly kill one. With this one-versus-two scenario, it still looked as though he was going to win, isn’t it?

So this was a true prodigy??

How old was he?!

Ling Dongyu was still trying to recover. He was still thinking about that once he recovered a bit, he would drag that level five mortal evolution state away.

But now, he glanced at the fried body of that void beast, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He wasn’t needed at all!

He then thought about the precious serum he just drank, and his face became lifeless.

If he knew Lu Ze was this strong, he should’ve just lain down.

At this moment, Lin Ling’s mumblings were heard through the speaker. Everyone couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.

Ling Dongyu asked, “Xingzhan fruit? What has this situation got to do with Xingzhan fruit?”

Did prodigies have a different brain?

Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed, but she didn’t reply.

She thought it was best to leave Lu Ze some face.

At this moment, another violent explosion interrupted their thoughts.

More and more lightning spears shot toward the energy beams. Several lightning spears arose in the air. It was like Lu Ze didn’t use energy at all. Eventually, the energy beam disintegrated, and the lightning spear dragon slammed against the mouths of the two void beasts.

At this moment, the two void beasts immediately shut their mouths. Although their spirit force was incapable of forming defenses after being crippled, they would rather not have this many lightning spears enter their mouths.After all, their pal was a precedent.


The lightning spears struck the head of the two beasts. The st.u.r.diest part of their bone armor started to crack. Their sharp horns were destroyed, and their body was thrown out more than 100 kilometers away.


Their defenses were extremely strong, but in the current situation, they were heavily injured.

Lu Ze watched this. Without rest, more waves of lightning spears. .h.i.t these void beasts.

Hideous howls mixed with explosions could be heard. Blood flowed out from the sky.

With their weakening chi, the void beast couldn’t defend themselves anymore. Their life force gradually dissipated.