Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 394 - All Gone?!

Chapter 394 - All Gone?!

Chapter 394 All Gone?!

Lu Ze’s voice echoed throughout the entire Xingzhan Plains. Even Ling Dongyu, Bazer, and the rest could hear him. They could only look at Lin Ling’s direction in disbelief.

That was Lu Ze?!

He already came over??

How was that possible?!

They didn’t expect Lu Ze to arrive this quickly.

This was much faster than Lin Ling said.

When they looked at where Lin Ling was, they saw a purple-red stream penetrate through the body of that enormous void beast, killing it thereafter.

The entire battlefield sunk into silence. Not just the defense force, but even the void beasts looked at Lu Ze.

It was a powerful boss that just died. The void beasts weren’t highly intelligent, but their boss did die in an instant. This caught their attention immediately.

Ling Dongyu and everyone widened their eyes.

The void beast that Lin Ling was attempting to block was a level four mortal evolution state void beast!

Ling Dongyu could survive under a level five and level six mortal evolution state beast. However, this was only due to the lack of comprehension of the void beasts. Moreover, his purpose was just to stall for time and escape thereafter.

If he really fought a level four mortal evolution state beast one-on-one, he would still have the confidence to kill it, but it would be a dream to eliminate it in an instant.

He wouldn’t even come out unscathed at the end of such a battle.

Everyone watched Lu Ze with one thought in their heads, ‘Lin Ling was right.’

This guy was indeed much stronger than Lin Ling!

Compared to others, Jian Wen’s and Chris’ family had the clearest idea regarding Lu Ze’s true strength. From the beginning, they knew Lu Ze was very strong since he could annihilate the Eternal Life Palace’s base.

They watched Lu Ze with widened eyes. Lu Ze’s face was cold, and his body was covered with black metal combat armor. He looked extremely domineering. With how he killed that level four mortal evolution state beast in one shot, it gave them too much shock.

Chris’ daughter’s eyes flashed, and she stared at Lu Ze without blinking.

Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze was so handsome!

Those five guardians, who just woke up, thought they were going to die. However, that mortal evolution state void beast was instantly killed by Lu Ze. This vast emotional roller-coaster ride tortured their hearts mostly.

Immediately, they fainted for the second time.

Lu Ze looked at the lifeless body of the void beast which landed heavily onto the ground and then smiled at Lin Ling. “Is that right? You just complimented me before. I heard it!”

Chris’s daughter: “…”

Seeing him like this, that domineering image immediately crumbled in her heart.

Why did that cold and ruthless temperament disappear in an instant?

How did this guy do it?

It hurt her heart too much.

She quickly closed her eyes to prevent herself from crying.

The rest of the family members stiffened when Lu Ze’s demeanor changed. Meanwhile, Lin Ling was immune to Lu Ze’s r.e.t.a.r.ded character already.

She shook her head firmly. “I didn’t. You heard it incorrectly.”

At this moment, the distant void beasts finally regained their senses. The level five and level six mortal evolution state void beasts that were chasing Ling Dongyu roared as they charged toward Lu Ze. Simultaneously, the other level six mortal evolution state beast in the wormhole sped up and pulled itself out, heading over as well toward Lu Ze.

How dare Lu Ze kill their pal?

At the same time, all the void beasts attacked their opponents more fiercely.

Ling Dongyu’s tense mind relaxed, and his body wobbled. He fell down from the sky.


He almost died just then.

He was only at level four of the mortal evolution state. Furthermore, he wasn’t like Lin Ling after all. Even he felt that he was insane to attempt blocking a level five and level six mortal evolution state beast for this long.

He gritted his teeth and painfully took out a glowing blue mortal evolution state healing serum and drank it. The cost of this serum pained his heart, but he had no choice in the end. The current situation didn’t allow him to casually recover.

He looked worriedly at Lu Ze’s direction. Based on his attack, Lu Ze was at least at level five or even level six of the mortal evolution state.

Despite so, taking on two mortal evolution states, which were level five and level six, was too much to ask. However, if it was just a matter of holding the beasts in one place, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Once he had some time to recover, he can probably go help.

He was weaker than Lu Ze, but he should be able to keep a mortal evolution state beast at level five in check.

Then, they would just need to wait for the reinforcements, and the mission would be over.

Thinking about this, he quickly digested the serum.

Lu Ze frowned after seeing the three void beasts approach at him. He regretfully stopped making her admit what she said.

A green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he sent Chris’ family and the five guardians to the ground. He also provided a green s.h.i.+eld in order to prevent them from being caught in the shockwaves. Lin Ling flew next to Lu Ze and said, “I’ll help


Lu Ze turned and saw the void beasts violently attacking the defense force, as well as the scientist teams. He said, “You go help others. I’m fine by myself.”

The two mortal evolution state void beasts at level six were stronger than Leo and Jason, but they were dumb. In a real battle, they might be weaker than those two lords. As for that mortal evolution state level five beasts, Lu Ze completely ignored it. Lin Ling was taken aback when she heard the words. She looked at Bazer and the others who were retreating. Subsequently, she nodded. “Be careful!”

If she joined their battle, she was confident she could use her spirit eye to find the weaknesses of those level two and level three mortal evolution state beast. She could then kill them after.

That way, their advantage would grow.

Lu Ze’s decision was right. Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Didn’t you say I was very strong? It’s just two mortal evolution state beasts at level six, a piece of cake.”

Lin Ling stopped mid-flight and bit her teeth. “I never said such words!”

Following this, she sped up to reach Bazer’s location.

Lu Ze was speechless. She didn’t admit what she said.

He looked at those three gnarly mouths. After fighting these beasts, he should be able to get a few extra Xingzhan fruit pancakes with his contribution, shouldn’t he?

Lu Ze felt great.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something, and his body froze.

He looked down at the plain. It was destroyed and filled with holes. It wasn’t even day yet, but the glowing Xingzhan Fruit Forest was completely gone.

He didn’t dare to accept this reality.

Last night, he just said he was going to guard the forest. In a day, not a single patch was left?

Then, he wouldn’t be able to eat Xingzhan fruit pancakes?

Lu Ze: “…”

His heart shuddered.


With the roars, the void beasts brought Lu Ze back to reality.