Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 393 - People Seem to Be Calling Me Strong?

Chapter 393 - People Seem to Be Calling Me Strong?

Chapter 393 People Seem to Be Calling Me Strong?


Out of the wormhole, the newly emerged mortal evolution state void beast let out a roar which resounded throughout the area.

Another level six mortal evolution state beast… who was going to stop it?!

Ling Dongyu was already on the verge of death. Bazer, old Yang, and Angelie were faring better than him, but that was due to the a.s.sistance of drones. Moreover, even with the three of them together, they still can’t stop this new beast.

As for those aperture opening state defense force, it was even more impossible.

If this beast was left alone, no city could take a few mouth cannons from it.

At this moment, Lin Ling’s stern voice could be heard from the communicator. “I can block it for 30 seconds.”

Her words stunned the high-levels of the defense force.


Ling Dongyu refused it without hesitation. “No!! 1st Lieutenant Lin Ling, you’re different from us. You’re a true prodigy of the Federation. Your future isn’t something that the likes of us can compare. You must not take risks!”

If something happened to Lin Ling here, it would be a huge loss.

Lin Ling was only 18 years old, and her power was at the mortal evolution state. Up to this point, she had been blocking the level four mortal evolution state beast without receiving any injuries. Considering this, she might have a reserved power.

Her performance had shocked everyone on Xingzhan Plains. Lin Ling was even stronger than Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha when they were the same age as she.

If she successfully matured, she would be another prodigy at the level of Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha in less than ten years.

However, that was a level six mortal evolution state void beast after all. They didn’t dare to let Lin Ling stop it. Otherwise, they might lose a prodigy like this!

Lin Ling frowned. “Commander Ling, do you have a good alternative then?”.

Ling Dongyu was lost for words. Indeed, he had none right now.

“Then, let me do it!”

She looked up and saw the void beast squeeze out of the constricting wormhole. She bit her lips and said, “Ze will be back soon. I must hold on until then!”

Everyone was dumbfounded by her statement. Bazer, who was just thrown into the ground, crawled back up and smiled bitterly. “Isn’t his power on par with you?”

At least from what Lu Ze displayed in the Xigui System, his power was approximately equal to Lin Ling’s level or maybe even less than hers.

Angelie bit her lips as she escaped from the attack of the void beast. While panting, she said, “Even if he’s stronger than you, he’s still currently facing the two mortal evolution state lords from Eternal Life Palace who were level five. It’s only been five minutes, how can he come over?”

It was implausible to kill two mortal evolution states who were level five and come over from a distance.

They might as well wait for reinforcements from other mortal evolution states.

There were still quite a few mortal evolution states in the Gracious System. They had already requested backup.

Lin Ling smiled. “He’s very strong, much stronger than I am. I believe him.”

She, sister Jing, and sister Hesha knew Lu Ze’s power the best. No matter how prideful she was, she had to admit Lu Ze was really strong Of course, she would never say this in front of his face.

Ling Dongyu and the others stiffened at Lin Ling’s words. A prodigy with Lin Ling’s level was already unimaginable for them, yet she would even compliment Lu Ze so much?

Now, did they, perhaps, underestimated Lu Ze?


Lin Ling looked up at the void beast and planned to draw it over as soon as it came out.

She bit her lips. At the least, she still had some power, so she could still try.

At this moment, a flicker of silver appeared before Lin Ling. Subsequently, a group of people emerged from her side.

Lu Ze’s armor had been repaired. Along with him were Jian Wen’s and Chris’ family, as well as the five guardians from Eternal Life Palace who were injured and unconscious.

In total, there were ten people.

Lin Ling, who prepared herself a while ago, couldn’t help but feel stunned upon the sudden appearance of Lu Ze.


She was confident in Lu Ze, but he came much faster than she had expected.

With his arrival, that heavy pressure in her heart instantly disappeared.

This guy was finally here, but why did he bring so many people?

Jian Wen’s and Chris’ family had pale faces. Lu Ze flew fervently across more than ten thousand kilometers of distance. His Blue Bird 1 Divine Art was already a bit unbearable for them, but he also kept using s.p.a.ce transmission from time to time.

They finally felt what it was like to be car sick.

It was rather hard for martial artists of this age to feel car sickness.

This was especially the case for the two children. Their power was only just at the core martial state.

On the other hand, Lu Ze had no choice. His time was limited.

He used red orbs non-stop on the way in order to replenish energy. As soon as his energy was filled, he would use s.p.a.ce transmission to jump a few hundred kilometers and then fly a while to recover his energy.

Such crazy means of transport allowed him to travel more than 10,000 kilometers in a minute to Xingzhan Plains.

Not even those who were at the peak stage of the mortal evolution state had such speed.

He was indeed extremely strong!

If he wanted to run, no one under planetary state could catch him.

Moreover, when he used the s.p.a.ce transmission, he seemed to have heard Lin Ling praising him?

Thus, Lu Ze turned to Lin Ling and grinned. “I seem to have heard someone complimenting me for being strong?”

Lu Ze felt amazing. She was so stubborn, but now, she could compliment people?

Lin Ling was shocked. This r.e.t.a.r.d heard what she said?!

She was never going to admit it. At this time, a roar reverberated. This void beast, who was chasing Lin Ling, saw that Lin Ling wasn’t focused. Hence, it shot a mouth cannon toward her.

This violent power could be sensed by the family members of Jian Wen and Chris. Terror immediately filled up their faces.

Sensing a lethal threat, the five guardians slowly woke up. They felt a mortal evolution state attack approaching them.

Lu Ze frowned. How dare it interrupt him while he was still chatting?His face sunk, and purple-red lightning flashed, forming a lightning spear.


The cold voice echoed throughout the Xingzhan Plains as the lightning spear greeted the gray energy ball.


Almost without resistance, the powerful gray energy ball was penetrated. Accordingly, it disintegrated

The lightning spear didn’t slow down at all. It smashed against the void beast’s ma.s.sive body.


The tough gray bone armor was torn open like paper. Thereafter, the lightning spear surged into the void beast’s huge body, ravaging its life force instantly.