Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 392 - Again?!

Chapter 392 - Again?!

Chapter 392 Again?!

Lu Ze could feel the glances of the four people upon his face. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

He thought to himself, ‘Did he become more handsome?’

The rest of the group hadn’t managed to recover their bearings while thinking about the intensity of the battle a while ago.

Despite the considerable distance between them and the battle area, they still felt the terrifying shockwaves. One could just imagine how strong this youth was.

Judging by the state of these injured people, the base was probably a lost cause, right?

With this thought in mind, they turned their heads to look Lu Ze, deepening further the shock inside their hearts.

It couldn’t be denied that Lu Ze had been extremely famous. Several people even acknowledged his power. However, even if they were aware of these matters, they didn’t expect him to be much stronger than they had imagined.

After falling silent, Chris’ wife shook her head and spoke up. “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, can we leave now?”

She was too worried about Chris.

The other three also looked hopefully at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm, we’ll leave now.”

He had already depleted his energy once again after that full-powered s.p.a.ce transmission.

Subsequently, he used wind G.o.d art to sweep up the four and flew toward Xingzhan City.

As he was using Blue Bird 1 Divine Art, Lu Ze was also consuming red orbs simultaneously. Upon recovering his energy back, he would use s.p.a.ce G.o.d art.

Above the Xingzhan Plains, a few hundred core martial state and aperture opening state void beasts came out from the wormhole.

void beasts.

Lin Ling was in the air, facing a void beast that was over 3 kilometers long. Its power was at level four of the mortal evolution state, and its chi was overwhelmingly powerful.

After Lin Ling wore her combat armor, her power narrowly reached level two of the mortal evolution state. She could only keep the void beast there to the best of her ability.

Luckily, the void beast wasn’t too smart, and she had spirit eye G.o.d art. She could barely hold it.

Despite so, she was frequently in danger. “Roar!!” Lin Ling’s eyes glowed as her slim body burst out with a powerful force, s.h.i.+fting a few hundred meters away to the left direction.

Immediately, a dark gray energy beam penetrated the place where she stood before. The violent wind blew her hair all over her face.

She took a deep breath and turned her wrist slightly. A sharp silver spear ray was aimed and released toward the grayish-white bones of the void beast.


Lin Ling frowned.

Her full-powered attack only left a white scratch on the void beast’s bone armor.

However, her attacks were mainly to distract the void beast.

After all, the void beast’s consciousness was chaotic. If her attack didn’t work for a long time, perhaps it would change its target.

If Lin Ling wanted to leave, she could have done so before. Right now, her goal was just to restrain the void beast in here and prevent it from going elsewhere.

Several buildings outside Xingzhan City had already crumbled. Fortunately, the defense force and police evacuated the people to safety in time, so there were no casualties.

At various places in Xingzhan Plains, Bazzer, Old Yang, and Angelie each held a void beast.

Nevertheless, they weren’t Lin Ling who had spirit eye G.o.d art to see through the attacks after all. Even though the void beasts they faced were only at level two or three of the mortal evolution state, they were rather shabby.

Some drones had even helped them, preventing them from being eaten. Ling Dongyu, who was the strongest, suffered the worst injuries. His power was at level four of the mortal evolution state, but there would be mortal evolution state beasts at level five and level six chasing him everywhere. As such, he couldn’t keep his handsome image.

He was covered in some wounds, but there was nothing he could do anyway. Hence, he could only keep running.

As for the aperture opening state and core martial state void beasts, some were fighting with the aperture opening state defense force that Ling Dongyu brought over. Meanwhile, another portion of the beasts was being blocked by the defense force fleet who were outside the planet.

But in order to avoid raising suspicion from the Eternal Life Palace, the defense force didn’t bring a lot of people.

Jian Wen and Chris were fighting two aperture opening state void beasts as if they were madmen.

Even though this was insignificant, they still wanted to make up for their mistakes.

In reality, they cultivated just to improve their brain capacity. Their combat powers were rather weak.

Fighting two aperture opening state void beasts each, they could only fight with their lives and draw their attention.


Jian Wen roared as spirit force formed energy b.a.l.l.s in his hands. He threw them in a crazy manner.

The void beast’s few hundred-meter long body was extremely agile. Most of the energy b.a.l.l.s missed, but a few managed to hit the target, creating shocking explosions.

At this moment, the two void beasts roared and charged over. The force therefrom sent Jian Wen flying through the air until landing heavily on the ground. The impact of his fall created a few kilometers deep hole.

The two void beasts charged over to finish Jian Wen when tens of energy b.a.l.l.s struck at the beast from the distance.

Jian Wen’s research team had quite a few aperture opening state scientists. Everyone threw their b.a.l.l.s like frantically.

With this, Jian Wen got the chance to recover. He flew back up and began throwing b.a.l.l.s once more.

He roared at the team members, “Hurry up and leave!”

They were scientists—the treasures of the Federation. As for him and Chris, they only wanted redemption at this moment.

All the scientists looked at Jian Wen and proceeded to throw energy b.a.l.l.s as if they hadn’t heard anything.

Regardless, they were all on the same team. They were aware of their predicament.

They couldn’t really say what was right and wrong in such a situation, but as team members, they couldn’t just watch.

In another explosion, Chris was slammed into the ground by a paw, bearing the size of a basketball court.

These team members immediately began throwing b.a.l.l.s at the two void beasts which were attacking Chris.

Quickly, Chris picked himself up and launched another attack.

All sorts of energy b.a.l.l.s struck the void beasts, leaving them stunned.

These little things weren’t strong, but it still hurt. Eventually, the four void beasts charged toward Chris and Jian Wen again.These two things hurt them the most.

Jian Wen and Chris immediately ran, but just a brief moment later, they were thrown into the ground for another time.

They spat out blood. Nevertheless, they stood back up relentlessly. A few of their bones were broken, but all they wanted to do was to hold down more beasts.

More void beasts kept flying out of the wormhole. In turn, the hole appears to be closing, becoming smaller by the minute.

At this juncture, another deep roar reverberated, and a void beast came out of the hole.

The powerful mortal evolution state chi made everyone’s expressions change. Ling Dongyu cursed, “Oh s.h.i.+t? Another one?”

Lin Ling saw this, and her eyes flashed. She bit her teeth and planned to draw the new void beast over.

She could only last about 30 seconds with another level six mortal evolution state void beast.