Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 391 - Why Are You Fine?

Chapter 391 - Why Are You Fine?

Chapter 391 Why Are You Fine?

Planet Gracious, in some unknown mountain range.

Lu Ze, Leo, and Jason stood floating in the air. The surrounding area, which spread across hundreds of kilometers, had been destroyed by the battle.

Jason and Leo, who almost exhausted the entirety of their energy, exuded a severely unstable chi. Despite their predicament, they were still quite strong. The two trained their gazes at Lu Ze. Discernable killing intent filled up their eyes.

If possible, they didn’t want to play like this, but they had no choice.

Simultaneously, their chi began to surge, growing even stronger. This was an attack with their lives at stake. All they could think about at this point was to drag Lu Ze on the same road with them.

Both of them snarled before appearing suddenly next to Lu Ze. They turned their wrist slightly and aimed the sword toward Lu Ze.


The two swords tore through the air and bore down on Lu Ze, sealing his surroundings. Although it was just for a moment, they still had to stop Lu Ze from dodging.

Upon seeing Lu Ze’s s.p.a.ce transmission, they weren’t going to ignore it this time.

The two attacks struck Lu Ze’s black crystal membrane armor and created some sort of a metal clas.h.i.+ng sound.

When he sensed the surrounding s.p.a.ce, he couldn’t help but gasp.

Lu Ze already accounted for this situation when he first encountered the G.o.d art. Since he just recently familiarized himself with it, it was still difficult to use the G.o.d art when there were slightest interferences in battle

If that was the case, then he would fight head-on!

A purple and red light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes as lightning bolts appeared, forming two long lightning spears. At the same time, he clenched both his fists that flashed with dark rays.

The lightning spears and star crippling punch collided with the sword rays.


The terrifying collision of powerful forces shook the ground as the spirit force shockwave swept across all directions.

The raw power pulverized Leo’s and Jason’s weapons, but the sword rays shattered the lightning spear and tore the star crippling punch, thereby landing heavily against the black crystal membrane armor.


The power penetrated through the black crystal membrane armor and struck inside Lu Ze’s body, which brought him cras.h.i.+ng into the ground. The place where Lu Ze would fall upon happened to the position of the base. The defense barrier of the base was already shattered. When the shockwave swept through the base, ma.s.ses of Eternal Life Palace members died.

As for the six guardians who were at the aperture opening state, they use their power to the maximum limit. Still, they could barely survive the shockwave.

Just when they were happily planning to leave, Lu Ze’s body fell before them.


They were immediately swept flying before their smiles could disappear, leaving trails of blood in the air.

Thereafter, they were thrown on the ground tens of kilometers away.

A deep crater with 10 kilometers width appeared where Lu Ze lay. His black crystal membrane armor was shattered, even his personal combat armor had two deep openings. Luckily, this armor had a memory alloy. It could slowly repair itself if it wasn’t too heavily damaged. Of course, if it was too heavily damaged, it would need to be repaired in the factory.

Lu Ze remained lying on the ground while spitting a mouthful of blood. His chest was bleeding as well.

Although he had several layers of defenses, the attack still managed to pierce through them.

The violent power was tearing up his body non-stop. This reminded him of the time when he was buried by the blue bird boss’s wind blades.

At the same time, his regeneration G.o.d art activated, and his body instantly recovered.

He took a breath. With all the energy he had used up, it seemed he was almost out of it.

Now, the dry-bodied Leo and Jason, who was covered with deadly chi, slowly landed before the crater. After seeing Lu Ze spitting out blood, coupled with the deep gashes in his chest plate, joyful expressions crossed their faces.

Leo laughed. “Hahahha, you didn’t expect it, did you? Lu Ze! My life is worth it, to be able to drag a prodigy like you to die with me!”

Lu Ze: “…”

He wasn’t dead yet, alright?

He just wanted to recover for a while. Using the red orbs, he had almost recovered half of his energy.

But seeing how happy Leo was, Lu Ze felt he should lie down for a bit longer.

He would give them a surprise when he was done recovering.

Jason coughed and said feebly, “He still has chi. Let’s make sure to finish him.”

That attacked just then used up most of their life. They felt as though they would die at any moment. Even their visions were beginning to blur.


Lu Ze wasn’t dead yet. How could they die first?!

The two flew down to the crater and settled next to Lu Ze.

Their weapons were shattered in the battle but that didn’t matter now.

They gathered their remaining power and formed swords with their spirit force.

Lu Ze turned speechless.

He wanted to wait until he had completely recovered. As of now, he had only recovered 80%, but he couldn’t just lie there and let them hack him.

He jumped up helplessly and smiled. “Um, you guys can die. I won’t join you guys.”

He was still young. Life was still good. Leo “???!!

Jason “???”

Their eyes widened. For a while, they couldn’t attack Lu Ze.

After moments of silence, Leo asked in disbelief, “How are you fine?”

That was impossible.

Back then, anyone who had the same power as Lu Ze would pretty much be on the brink of death!

They were quite confident about that!

Why was Lu Ze completely fine?!

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Maybe, because I’m handsome.”

Subsequently, he wiped out the two with purple-red lightning, and they instantly died in turn.

Following this, Lu Ze couldn’t help but exhale.

He didn’t expect two mortal evolution states at level five could release such a power, but the end result was good.



Lu Ze looked toward Xingzhan City. It was time to deal with the void beasts, but he recalled that there still a base here, right?

He looked around, and all he could see were rubbles.


Did the battle destroy it?Lu Ze scratched his head. He planned to capture them alive before. There were a few thousand people. Although he could kill them if necessary, he felt it wasn’t required. He was planning to let the defense force collect them.

But now, they just all disappeared. He scanned the area with his mental force. Immediately, his eyes lit up as he disappeared from the spot. Then, he found six heavily injured people tens of kilometers away.

Lu Ze could still recognize old Yu and Marina but not the other four.

He looked at their injuries and were confused about why things were so. Why did it look like they were run over by something?

One of the six had died.

Lu Ze contemplated the whole situation. This base definitely wasn’t all of the Eternal Life Palace. These five people would probably know.

Leo and Jason would be the best, but they already died.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze used wind G.o.d art to drag them up. When he appeared once more, he was already back with Jian Wen’s and Chris’ family. The group looked strangely at Lu Ze when he suddenly emerged with five bloodied and unconscious guardians.