Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 390 - Hmm? So weak

Chapter 390 - Hmm? So weak

Chapter 390 Hmm? So weak

When the shockwave dissipated, the surrounding mountain ranges were left ravaged by the collision of forces.

In the air, Lu Ze, Leo, and Jason remained floating.

Lu Ze looked at how the two remained unscathed. He could only bite his lips.

‘Hah, so they blocked it.’

Why didn’t they explode on the spot?!

Right now, Leo’s skin was still dry, and his chi was domineering. Jason, on the other hand, was in the same state, his chi was even surging. Both of them looked at Lu Ze with vigilance. In truth, the two were a bit shocked by the turn of events.

This wasn’t the plan they had thought of. Unexpectedly, Lu Ze was actually stronger than them?!

Didn’t he recently just reach the mortal evolution state?!

Currently, they could barely breathe with just one strike.

Which idiot said that Lu Ze’s power had just reached mortal evolution state?

They wanted to drag that guy out and let him know true despair.

Lu Ze let out a breath. The natural wormhole had appeared. Although there were no planetary state void beasts, Lu Ze was still worried about Lin Ling. He needed to finish the battle quickly!

Immediately, silver light flashed across his eyes, instantly making him disappear from the ground. Almost at the same time, he appeared behind Jason. His right fist was clenched with dark rays flowing around it.

Star crippling punch!


The dark fist force struck Jason’s back.

The lethal threat made Jason react by surging with black rays. In turn, black runes appeared on his skin. His chi also suddenly rose to level six of the mortal evolution state.

He clutched his sword with both hands and sliced through Lu Ze’s fist force. The clash painted the sky pitch black.


Thunderous sounds came. Lu Ze’s fist force shattered the black sword ray. The battle armor-covered fist clashed with Jason’s black sword. Following a brief pause, a weak crisp sound could be heard.

However, this weak sound was like a stick of dynamite in Jason’s heart.

His eyes narrowed. However, before he could react in time, his sword was smashed into pieces.

The violent fist force traveled along the sword until it reached Jason’s body.

The terrifying force blasted him toward a distant mountain. Despite penetrating through the mountain, Jason’s momentum didn’t stop. His body was propelled further until it finally landed upon the ground that was a few kilometers deep.

At this moment, Lu Ze sensed a sharp killing intent behind him. A blood light sliced across the air toward him.

Leo was sneaking up behind Lu Ze, but he didn’t expect that with just one punch, even Jason’s weapon was obliterated.

Nevertheless, there was no way he could run away.

Lu Ze had an extremely rare s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. It would be impossible to escape from such a G.o.d art. In that case, fighting with his life was the only way out. Upon feeling the sword ray approach, Lu Ze quickly turned around. Just then, Lu Ze had poured all his power to the punch, in a bid to make the blow effective.

Right now, since the sword ray was already before him, he could only cross his arms to block.


Sharp sword chi and shock waves spread around, cutting through mountain by mountain.

Just at this moment, the blood sword ray arduously sliced open the black crystal membrane armor, leaving a white mark on Lu Ze’s battle armor.

Upon looking at this, Lu Ze blinked his eyes. Moments later, he, feeling surprised said, “Hmm? My battle armor isn’t even damaged. How are you so weak?

He thought he would be injured this time, but he had regeneration G.o.d art, so he wasn’t worried. This guy appeared to be quite strong, but he could only break the defense of the black crystal membrane armor, huh?

Perhaps, his black crystal membrane armor was much stronger than the buff of the battle armor. That sword ray previously was at level six of the mortal evolution state, wasn’t it? It was pretty much completely blocked.

This was amazing!

He was tankier than he imagined.

Leo (in the distance): “…”

Leo could only stare at this scene in disbelief.

His full-powered attack didn’t even break the battle armor!?

How could he play?! And what did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d mean??

Was it his fault that he was weak??

It wasn’t just Leo. Those who still clung to a sliver of hope inside the Eternal Life Palace base were stunned.

Their boss fought with his life and used a powerful move, but he couldn’t even break the defenses of the enemy. At the same time, those few guardians planned to sneak away instead.

Right now, a distant sound could be heard. The area where Jason landed exploded, and a thousand-meter long sword ray approached Lu Ze.

Lu Ze s.h.i.+fted to the side and dodged it. The sword ray sliced through a deep ravine in the mountains.

Subsequently, Jason, with blood on his mouth, headed over to Leo. He still held half a sword.

The broken sword was emitting spirit force. It was broken, but it could still be used for a while.

He looked coldly at Lu Ze and then said, “We’ll attack together, or we’re both going to die.”

Leo nodded in understanding.

If he was alone, he might even consider begging for mercy. Seeing the two together, Lu Ze used Blue Bird 1 divine art and charged across. Simultaneously, Lu Ze covered himself with the black crystal membrane again.

The three fought together. Lightning crackled while fist force howled. In conjunction with these, sword rays sliced across in all directions.

At this point, the energy barrier of the base began to crack. The people inside s.h.i.+vered. As soon as this barrier was gone, there would be nothing left to protect them. They didn’t believe they could survive under such an intense battle.

The six guardians were anxious. As soon as the barrier broke, they decided to flee. If they were lucky, they might be able to survive.



In a short half a minute, the three had clashed more than a few thousand times. Leo and Jason felt very frustrated.

There was nothing they could do in the end. Lu Ze’s attacks varied between long-ranged and short-ranged. That lightning spear was extremely strong. In fact, it took both of them together to block it.What could they even do?

They couldn’t run away. They couldn’t beat Lu Ze either. As time progressed, they could their deaths approaching.

Due to their clashes, they were covered in wounds and burnt patches. Their faces were pale, and their chi emitted a sense of urgency.


Even though they used the secret technique, the duration shouldn’t be this short. However, Lu Ze gave them so much pressure that they had to defend each attack with everything they had. As a consequence, the duration was shortened.

Leo’s body was completely dry like a mummy. Meanwhile, Jason’s skin turned pitch black. By this time, they almost burned all their life force. On the other hand, their chi was a little stronger than Lu Ze.

The two of them looked at Lu Ze with ferocious eyes, filled with apparent murderous intent.

Leo panted heavily and revealed a grin. “We’re going to die anyway. Dragging a prodigy like you with us is worth it!”