Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 389 - Unusual Move

Chapter 389 - Unusual Move

Chapter 389 Unusual Move

The four were extremely shocked after being suddenly brought out. After a while, the two older women came back to their senses.

The golden-haired woman who was probably Jian Wen’s wife looked at Lu Ze in confusion. “Aren’t you from the Eternal Life Palace? Why did you bring us out?”

Lu Ze was using the red orbs in his mental dimension, as well as his regeneration G.o.d art, to recover his spirit force and physical strength.

He took a deep breath, and his body was soon enveloped in white light. When the light dissipated, his real face was revealed. Thereafter, the four couldn’t help but widen their eyes as they stared. “Lu Ze?!” the younger girl exclaimed.

They thought it was Liu Tianyu.

Lu Ze smiled. “Professor Jian Wen and Chris asked me to save you guys. Wait for me here. I’ll take care of the people from Eternal Life Palace before sending everyone back.”

At this moment, Lu Ze took out his phone. Lin Ling had sent a message. When he glanced at the contents, he immediately frowned.

The wormhole still appeared, but luckily, planetary state void beasts couldn’t come over.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt relieved.

He couldn’t beat planetary state void beasts. However, it would be a different case for mortal evolution state beasts. Even if he couldn’t beat them, he would be able to hold on.

Lu Ze replied to Lin Ling, telling her to be careful.

The people turned curious after seeing the changes in Lu Ze’s expression. Upon pondering about it, they decided not to ask in the end.

At this moment, Chris’ wife looked at Lu Ze and said gratefully, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze, thank you so much for saving us this time.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “It’s fine.”

Chris’ wife continued worriedly, “Chris… didn’t do anything stupid did he?”

The moment she uttered the question, the other three looked over as well.

They weren’t dumb after all. Clearly, the Eternal Life Palace wanted Chris and Jian Wen to do something. Hence, they were caught to coerce the two professors.

Although they weren’t certain about what it was specifically, they had an inkling that it wasn’t something good. Lu Ze ended up stunned. Following this, he let out a smile. “You guys can see for yourself once you get back. I can’t say much for now.”

Indeed, Jian Wen and Chris did this for their family and their actions were stopped. Nevertheless, what they did was still against the law.

Lu Ze didn’t know what particular punishment they would receive.

Hearing this, the expressions of the four people changed. Lu Ze didn’t reply directly, but his att.i.tude said a lot.

Lu Ze could notice how everyone was rendered silent. He scratched his head and said, “Alright, I’m going to deal with the Eternal Life Palace first.”

During this time, Lu Ze had already managed to completely recover.

The second map had five strands of precious white energy. With his constant use of red orbs, Lu Ze’s recovery ability was rather terrifying

He didn’t mind their reactions as the green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes, and he disappeared in the wind.

Half a minute later, Lu Ze appeared above the mountain of the base.

Simultaneously, his storage ring flashed and a set of battle armor appeared on his body.

This was his personal battle armor, but since he was so strong, he didn’t even get to use it properly once.

What could he do? He was just this strong.

This time, he needed to fight using his full power. He could finally enjoy its benefits.

Lu Ze clenched his fists, and his eyes went cold. Immediately, his violent chi surged.

Purple and red runes flashed in his eyes as terrifying purple blood lightning suddenly gathered before him, transforming into a purple blood lightning spear a few meters long. Terrifying chi poured out as soon as this lightning spear emerged. Even those four who were a thousand kilometers away felt Lu Ze’s chi. They could only s.h.i.+ver in response.

Chris’ daughter looked at Lu Ze’s direction, and her eyes flashed. “So this is Lieutenant Major Lu Ze? This power is too terrifying. He’s scarier than dad.”

Lu Ze’s chi was so much stronger than her dad.

The other three were shocked as well.

With a bit of confusion, Jian Wen’s wife said, “Didn’t they say that his power just reached mortal evolution state? This chi isn’t weak even amongst mortal evolution states.”

She was a university teacher and had just reached aperture opening state a year ago The university led her to meet Jian Wen.

Although she didn’t have much combat experience, she knew this chi was far stronger than the aperture opening state.

Lu Ze was also surprised by his lightning spear. This power had reached level six of the mortal evolution state.

The enhancement from his armor was stronger than he had imagined!

Even the powers of the palace lords of Eternal Life Palace were only at level five of the mortal evolution state.

If this was the case, he could easily deal with them then.

However, he couldn’t bring this armor in the pocket hunting dimension. Otherwise, he really would be invincible.

Upon sensing the ripples, the ground near the base cracked open. Subsequently, two people shot out into the air.

It was the two palace lords, Leo and Jason.

Leo roared at Lu Ze, “Stop!!!” In turn, Lu Ze sneered, and the lightning spear suddenly shot toward Leo. He didn’t need to waste his lightning spear to attack the base. His target was just these two mortal evolution state palace lords. Leo was dumbfounded after seeing the lightning spear heading toward his direction.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

This was an unusual move.

Shouldn’t the script be ‘I tell you to stop, and you won’t, so you keep attacking the base?

This powerful spear made Leo sense a lethal threat. His power was only at level five of the mortal evolution state. Soon, his hairs stood up as he stared directly at the spear. He had to fight with his life, or he would die!

He quickly put a stop to his spiraling thoughts, and his eyes became hideous as he let out a ferocious roar.


At the same time, blood rays shot all over his body. His muscles dried up, and his mortal evolution state level five chi soared up, barely reaching level six of the standard mortal evolution state. Right then, his long sword turned b.l.o.o.d.y red. The murderous sword rays sliced at the lightning spear.

Jason waved out his black sword. Deep black sword rays also cut through the lightning spear. He was stronger than Leo and was about to break through level five of the mortal evolution state. However, compared to Leo who was desperately fighting with his life, Jason’s attack was a bit weaker.

Rumble!!A huge explosion reverberated across the area. The surrounding mountains trembled while the ground cracked. Thereafter, a blue barrier appeared around the base.

The barrier was shaking vigorously. It could only block the shockwave barely.

Everyone inside the base s.h.i.+vered-despair had overtaken their emotions. Those guardians belonged to this group. One youth said shakily, “That’s Lu Ze?! Impossible! Didn’t he just reach mortal evolution state?”

Marina’s eyes were filled with dread. Her pretty face turned hideous. “It’s all Bobby’s fault. He brought Lu Ze to our base!”

“What do we do?”

Following the death of Bobby and Liu Tianyu, only six guardians remained. When they saw the invincible palace lord Leo being forced to use his life-saving technique on the first attack, they could no longer stay calm

By the looks of it, Leo and Jason combined might not be enough to beat Lu Ze!

Naturally, they didn’t want to die.