Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: This Palm is Toxic…


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

“Brother Ze seems to be fine…”

“It seems that teacher showed mercy?”

“How come I don’t feel that was a level one spirit martial state attack…”


Lu Ze heard this as soon as he landed.

Then, he looked up and saw Li Liang looking at him with his eyes wide open.

Lu Ze immediately looked down. “…”

This isn’t good!

Li Liang’s attack just then clearly wasn’t spirit martial state level one. Did he make Li Liang lose too much face by looking completely fine?

Li Liang had asked to spar with him, so he shouldn’t make the teacher lose too much face.

Lu Ze thought about it before his eyes suddenly lit up. With how soft that palm was, it could pa.s.s as one of those bleak palm techniques.

He had a good idea!

He held his chest while making his face go pale. His body stumbled forward a few steps. “This, this palm is poisonous…”

Then, he face-planted onto the hard floor.

Because of his body refinement being rather strong and his face being thick, it didn’t hurt much.

Everyone: “…”

Li Liang: “…”

Everyone was completely silent. No one knew what expression to look at Lu Ze with.

Li Liang’s face turned green. He was raging in his mind, What poison! You’re poisonous!

I’ll go home and give you all the poison pa.s.sed down from my ancestors!

When Lu Ze fell down, he felt the scene quiet down quickly. He didn’t know what happened.

Did he not act well enough?

He felt that he had acted quite well enough.

Were they still not happy?

Pfft, it wasn’t easy to be an actor in the interstellar era…

Moments later, Lu Ze used his wind controlling abilities to check his surroundings. Everyone seemed to be facing him…

Were they looking at him?

Shouldn’t they be saving him?

I even found the excuse, hurry up and come!

Lu Ze was a little annoyed. It was quite uncomfortable having his hand under his chest. The floor was very hard.

Everyone looked at Lu Ze, who didn’t intend to get up at all, and then the stale faced Li Liang.

They almost couldn’t hold in their laughter!

As for Li Liang, he was completely satisfied with Lu Ze being able to come out unscathed against his spirit martial state level six full-powered attack.

Their school actually was going to become famous!

However, this student’s brain seemed to be impaired…

Which idiot teacher would use a poison palm when sparring with students?

He just silently watched Lu Ze act.

A few minutes later.

“What game are you playing?”

“Interstellar s.h.i.+p.”

“Oh, Heaven River s.h.i.+p Li Peipei, SSS rank character! How much did you spend?”

“Umm…? It was a first free draw.”

“Let’s beat him!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Why were they discussing games?

Why was no one coming to save him?

Lu Ze thought about things. Since Li Liang didn’t seem to want to do anything, and the other students didn’t seem to react, could he get up now?

He flipped up and pretended to weakly open his eyes while looking at the bunch who were playing games.

“Hmm? Brother Ze, you’re awake?”

“Brother Ze doesn’t seem to have good sleeping posture.”

Lu Ze: “…”

He suddenly wanted to hit some.

“Ohh, you’re up? It seems my poison palm isn’t good enough yet?”

Lu Ze turned around and saw Li Liang giving him a strange smile.

He smiled awkwardly. “Ah… haha…”

He didn’t know how to reply at all.

Li Liang sighed. What was this student of his thinking?

He shook his head and said, “Lu Ze, there’s still one week’s time left. With your current power, you can’t improve any further at school. From tomorrow, you can stay home and rest. Cultivate.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Not coming to school was the dream of countless students!

Seeing how happy Lu Ze was, Li Liang felt he was getting a heart attack.

He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. “Yes!”

Everyone gave Lu Ze looks of envy.

After school.

Lu Ze went to find Lu Li again.

When they got home, Lu Ze said, “Lu Li, starting from tomorrow, I’m going to cultivate at home. You can go to school alone.”

Lu Li was confused. “Why?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Because the teacher said I was too strong. What can I do? Your brother is too excellent!”

Lu Li heard this and eventually nodded. “I’m not a little kid anymore. You don’t need to tell me this. Do you think that I can’t go to school without you?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. This sister of his was really troublesome.

But Lu Ze wasn’t going to say that out loud as she could still blackmail him.

He smiled. “How can that be? Li is so smart, I just didn’t want you to wait for me.”

“Mhm, okay, of course Li understands. Brother must work hard in this final week, though.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, I will.”

It was still early when he got back to his room.

Lu Ze looked at the a.s.sortment of light orbs floating in his mind dimension. He thought for a moment before taking out a couple faint purple ones to devour.

With his current state, using faint red orbs was way too slow. He might as well increase his mental power and go into the pocket hunting dimension at night to kill some green wolves.

As a faint purple orb went down his throat, Lu Ze’s mind cleared up. He started to digest all that he learned, including martial techniques, battle experience and the wind control G.o.d art.

At the same time, Lu Ze thought back to that fight with Nangong Jing. Power G.o.d arts and elemental G.o.d arts were different.

The night he had attained perfect mastery in his foundational martial techniques, he realized that if one went into depth studying the use of power, one could release ten or more times greater power.

As long as one’s body was strong enough, it would be a terrifying increase to one’s power.

Nangong Jing’s power G.o.d art should have similar uses to this.