Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 386 - What Would You Guys Do?

Chapter 386 - What Would You Guys Do?

Chapter 386 What Would You Guys Do?

Outside Xingzhan City, at the s.p.a.ce station.

Jian Wen and Chris smiled. “Okay, let’s go. We have wasted enough time, so let’s go back to the laboratory quickly.” Since it was decided already, then there was no way out.

On the other hand, the research team looked worriedly at the two, but they still nodded.

Suddenly, three military wars.h.i.+ps appeared in the sky. These wars.h.i.+ps swept across the air and stopped above the research s.h.i.+p. Tens of armored guards came down.

The arrival of the wars.h.i.+ps was too sudden and intrusive. As such, several pa.s.sengers at the station paused for a moment and looked at the floating s.h.i.+ps with curiosity, wondering a little about what could have happened.

At this moment, a silver light manifested in the air and flew toward the wars.h.i.+ps. Even if the chi was only revealed slightly, quite some people still managed to feel the pressure.

Immediately, people were even more shocked.

“This is the defense force, right? What are they doing here? That’s the special region, right?”

“Did some underground forces people get in?”

“Who just flew over? Seems very strong.”

“I didn’t see it clearly…”

For a while, everyone talked among themselves.

In the next moment, Lin Ling’s figure fell in front of Jian Wen and Chris, before the research s.h.i.+p.

At the same time, tens of guards surrounded the research team.

Jian Wen and Chris, who were about to board the s.h.i.+p, saw this. In turn, their foreheads dripped with sweat while their mouths were filled with bitterness.

It was Lin Ling.

Were they discovered?


When did they realize it?

Then, what about their family?!

Upon thinking about this, their hands and feet went cold. Their faces appeared to be even paler.

Compared to Jian Wen and Chris, the other research team members were confused as they looked at the guards surrounding them.

They are a team of scientists. In the cosmic era, the status of scientists wasn’t low. Why were they surrounded like this then? Moreover, why was Lin Ling here?

They were just discussing the arrival of Lu Ze and Lin Ling on planet Gracious.

After all, they witnessed how the two dealt with the void beasts and blade demons with their own eyes. Since Lu Ze and Lin Ling were not arrogant, they naturally had a very good impression of these two prodigies.

However, they weren’t aware of the appearance of Lu Ze and Lin Ling at Xingzhan City or the meeting between them and the professors.

Upon seeing Lin Ling in front of Jian Wen and Chris, their doubts deepened further.

For a time, everyone had their own questions in their mind.

The scene was silent.

At this time, Lin Ling looked at the two pale-faced professors and said, “Professors Jian Wen and Chris, hand it over. We already know everything.”

When the two professors heard her, their bodies stiffened, and the blood on their faces was drained out.

Originally, the two still had a glimmer of hope, thinking there was just a mistake, but now, they just lost their last glimmer of hope.

At this moment, the young girl, who displayed her affection a while ago, voiced out her doubts. “Lin Ling, did you get something wrong? You should know the character of my professor and professor Jian Wen. They wouldn’t do anything illegal, right?”

While speaking, she looked at the defense force and the two professors with an anxious expression. “Professors Jian Wen and Chris, say something.”

At this juncture, the two professors glanced and smiled helplessly at Lin Ling. “Indeed, you and Lu Ze are different… You guys know everything?”

Lin Ling felt a little awkward when she heard the question. In truth, it was Lu Ze who discovered the s.p.a.ce fluctuations on them. She had no idea regarding this matter. Fortunately, that guy wasn’t here, or he would be prouder once more.

While Lin Ling contemplated, she looked at the two complicatedly and replied, “We know everything.”

Jian Wen looked at Lin Ling and the defense force. His face gradually turned hideous. He roared, “Since you guys know everything, then you should know why we did it, right? If it was you, what would you do? Huh? What would you do?”

Seeing this, Lin Ling remembered the decision her dad made. The situation was very similar to the current one…

No… her father shouldered much more than the two. He was the commander after all. His choice would determine whether they would win or lose the war.

In the end, he eventually made the completely opposite decision of the two professors.

Watching the hideous face of Jian Wen and the desperate appearance of Chris, Lin Ling opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say for a while.

Silence prevailed. Thereafter, her gaze turned sharp. She said, “My decision won’t be much better than yours.”

Perhaps, it was due to immaturity, but if she could make the decision, she would choose for her father.

However… before, she didn’t really understand nor agree with her father’s decision. But now, although she still didn’t agree with it, she could understand it a little.

It must have been painful for him too, right?

As soon as Lin Ling’s words were uttered, the scientific team and the defense force looked strangely at her.

Simultaneously, their eyes flashed as they asked themselves what they would do.

Naturally, Lu Ze, who was watching the screen, was also listening too. His family was protected by Uncle Merlin, so he didn’t need to worry.

The members of the research team were more confused after hearing Jian Wen’s roar.

By the looks of it, Jian Wen really did something At this moment, four people walked out from the defense force-a black-haired handsome man, a gray-haired man, a white-haired old man, and a golden-haired beautiful woman.

The black-haired man looked at the two professors with complicated eyes and said apologetically, “Sorry, professors. It was the negligence of the military that we weren’t able to protect your family.”

Whether Jian Wen and Chris were right or wrong should not be determined at this moment. At the least, the blame should be placed on the Eternal Life Palace.

The two professors smiled bitterly when they heard this.

With a hoa.r.s.e voice, Chris retorted, “What is the use of an apology? We are being watched. Since we are caught, the bomb… hmm?”


Earlier, Jian Wen and Chris were a little confused due to the arrival of the guards and Lin Ling. They couldn’t react for a while.

They had been chatting for half a minute now. Theoretically, the bomb should have been detonated, right?

Why was everything still normal?

The two looked strangely at the metal box. Hmm… there wasn’t anything unusual. It didn’t seem to be activated?

At this point, Lin Ling smiled. “Your surveillance room is being controlled by Ze. You don’t need to worry for now. Ze also promised to take your family out. I hope you guys can cooperate.”

If it were not for fear that they would overreact and the bomb would detonate, they would naturally avoid speaking for this long. However, the two professors had tried. They still didn’t understand the bomb.

Chris and Jian Wen, who were still bewildered, suddenly looked up and said shakily, “What did you just say?”

They looked at Lin Ling with both hope and fear, wanting to confirm once more.

Lin Ling smiled. “Since Ze promised, then he would definitely fulfill it. Don’t worry, he will rescue your family.”

Upon hearing the words, the eyes of the two professors went red. They just cried out like that.

The two covered their faces with their hands. They seemed to be struggling with pain as they spoke. “Sorry… sorry… we really didn’t want to…”

If they were capable, why would they want to kill billions of people?They were scientists. Biologists.

Chris always thought that every life deserved to be respected. However, he had to bury billions of people by himself. What irony was this?

His heart had already been tortured. It was worn out.

This was the same case for Jian Wen.

At this moment, the burden was lifted, and they could feel relieved for a while.

Thereafter, they started laughing. Since Lu Ze and Lin Ling promised, their families should be fine.

After all, Lu Ze could take over such a well-hidden and guarded surveillance room. This was unfathomable to them. With this, they believed Lu Ze could save their family.

Lin Ling then said, “Okay, professors. Ze said you have tested this bomb before. We need your help to see whether you can defuse it.”