Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 385 - Isn’t It a Bit Too Cruel?

Chapter 385 - Isn’t It a Bit Too Cruel?

Chapter 385 Isn’t It a Bit Too Cruel?

The mountain range stretched across the vast distance. From time to time, the sound of chirping birds and howling beasts could be heard.

Bobby opened his mouth to speak. “It’s just ahead. People rarely come to this area.” Lu Ze nodded silently and continued to follow behind Bobby. Soon, the two came before a very ordinary mountain peak. It was thousands of meters high. Both of them flew to the halfway point of the peak.

Bobby took out his phone and used it. Soon, a s.p.a.ce ripple appeared halfway up the mountain. This fluctuation expanded to form a round entrance, revealing a deep tunnel inside. This was a simple s.p.a.ce concealment device. It was a bit like an illusion. It was equipped with the capability to avoid all kinds of detection.

Lu Ze and Bobby went inside the cave, and the entrance outside was closed once more.

Inside, the two proceeded down the winding cave. After about one kilometer, they reached the bottom of the cave.

At this moment, Bobby pressed on a raised rock. The rocks on the side moved, revealing a white metallic device.

Bobby placed his hands on the device. After a crisp sound, a voice could be heard. “Welcome back, guardians Liu and Bobby.”

At the same time, the stones on the wall separated, revealing another pa.s.sage.

Inside the pa.s.sage, a corridor made of dark gray metal could be seen. Their footsteps echoed along the pa.s.sage.

The entire corridor was about a hundred meters long. At the end of the corridor, they reached a black metal door with a red light indicator. It flashed a few times and eventually turned green.


With a crisp sound, the door opened, exposing the inner room.

This was the base of the Eternal Life Palace.

The entire body of the base was made of dark gray alloy. Upon entering the door, there was a s.p.a.cious lounge with multiple tunnels on the side.

There were two young men standing at the door with spirit force weapons.

The two immediately bowed after seeing Lu Ze and Bobby. “Guardians Liu and Bobby.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “It’s fine.”

On the side, Bobby just nodded and didn’t speak.

Liu Tianyu’s image in the Eternal Life Palace was rather nice. He was nice to everyone and was reliable in doing things. He was more liked than Bobby in the Eternal Life Palace.

Thereafter, Lu Ze followed Bobby to the leftmost tunnel. There were all sorts of surveillance rooms in this tunnel, including the riot surveillance of all the cities in the solar system.

When they reached the very end, there was a black metal door. Bobby scanned his palm on the side. Subsequently, the door opened. There were a few screens inside, wherein Jian Wen and Chris could be seen.

Right now, there were two people in the room

—one man and one woman. The man had white hair and looked old. On the other hand, the woman had golden hair and was rather pretty. She didn’t look too old.

Upon hearing the sound of the door, the two people inside turned around. When they saw ‘Liu Tianyu’ and Bobby, they felt relieved.

The white-haired man frowned. “You two took a long time to come back. Did something happen?”

Bobby frowned and responded, “What can happen? The mission is almost complete. We don’t need to be in a rush to come back.”

Compared to Liu Tianyu, Bobby’s temper was a bit short. He spoke in a straightforward manner. However, despite being simple-minded, he was not a fool. Naturally, he knew what he should say in certain situations.

At this time, there was nothing odd with his behavior.

On one side, Lu Ze smiled. “Old Yu, Marina, thank you for watching over this time. After the mission, I’ll treat you to food.”

Before arriving here, Bobby told Lu Ze about Liu Tianyu’s habits. He introduced the two people who were guarding the surveillance room heavily.

Thus, Lu Ze spoke like how Liu Tianyu would.

The white-haired man frowned after hearing Bobby’s words, but he eventually relaxed his brows after Liu Tianyu spoke. Marina smiled. “Then, don’t think about sending us off without high-level spirit food and wine.”

Lu Ze showed a bitter smile and nodded helplessly. “Fine, I’ll satisfy you guys for sure.”

The two smiled. Their job was arranged by the palace lord, and now, they even got a high-level spirit food for free.

Old Yu said, “If that’s the case, then very well.” He paused for a moment and soon continued, “We have other things here too. We won’t disturb you in such crucial times.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

When the two finally left the room, Lu Ze’s smile finally receded. Subsequently, he looked at the screen. Jian Wen and Chris were still flying with the metal box in their hands. Their faces were pale while their expressions were a bit stiff.

Not far from them was a s.p.a.ce station. It was located near Xingzhan City. At this moment, several s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps were taking off and landing. Even though it was still night, the area appeared to be bustling.

While looking at the two, he pondered for a while. Thereafter, he recalled their family members. Accordingly, he asked, “Their families are here, right?”

Bobby was taken aback. Clearly, he didn’t expect Lu Ze to ask this. He then nodded. “Yes.”

Lu Ze spoke once more. “I remember telling you to deal with it?”

Right… he was now Liu Tianyu.

Bobby stiffened after hearing the words. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

He remembered asking Liu Tianyu to play with him…

Of course, Liu Tianyu and Bobby were still on good terms at that time. If it were him now, he would definitely not invite that b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

However, the one before him at this moment was not really Liu Tianyu. It was Lu Ze, so he felt a little nervous.

Lu Ze smiled. “What are you worried about? Where are their rooms?” With a trembling voice, Bobby replied, “In… the residential area.”

There were more than a thousand people in this base. Naturally, there would be residential areas.

Lu Ze nodded slightly. “Is it fine to leave me here?”

Bobby replied, “It’s fine.”

Lu Ze nodded at his response. “In that case, keep them in one room and tell me the room when you come back.”

Bobby was confused about this, but he still nodded and left. He didn’t dare to defy Lu Ze. After all, his own life was still in Lu Ze’s hands.

As they spoke, Jian Wen and Chris had entered the s.p.a.ce station. Their research s.h.i.+p was parked in the special area of the station.

Naturally, their s.h.i.+p would be separated from a civilian s.h.i.+p.

The s.h.i.+p was lit up. When Jian Wen and Chris landed, a few people flew out to greet them. There were familiar faces. Among them were the two young students who Lu Ze and Lin Ling came across last time. Right now, those young students were touching each other lovingly. Perhaps, their relations.h.i.+p advanced by leaps and bounds?

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched upon witnessing the two. Even after infiltrating the camp of the enemy, he was still being fed dog food?

Isn’t it a bit too cruel?

Upon noticing the pale faces of the professors, everyone showed concern.

The young man looked at Chris’ pale face and said, “Professor, are you okay?”

Chris shook his head and smiled after hearing this. “I’m fine. I haven’t had a rest for this time. I’m mentally exhausted.”

They only just realized that their facial expressions didn’t seem right. However, it should be convenient to sneak things in since they were not professionals.

At this time, Lu Ze took out his phone and sent a message to Lin Ling. “Have you gathered?”

Lin Ling, who had been following behind, had noticed that the two were about to board the s.h.i.+p. Since she didn’t receive anything from Lu Ze at the time, she became a little anxious.Upon seeing Lu Ze’s message, she immediately responded. “Mhm, Vice Commander Bazer and the others are already watching the s.h.i.+p.”

While Lu Ze and Bobby were heading to the base, Lin Ling had already negotiated with the defense force that the high-levels would act as defense army patrol s.h.i.+p.

If something happened on Lu Ze’s side, they would have to take matters into their own hands.

This was too serious.

Long ago, they had already contacted the high-levels to send powerful beings. However, they also had their own matters to deal with. Hence, it would take a lot of time before they could arrive and provide support.

They could only do their best.

At the least, they could not allow the bomb to detonate in the Ena System.

When Lu Ze saw the message from Lin Ling, his eyes flickered. Thereafter, he replied, “Then, move out now. If I’m caught, I will send a message to you guys.”