Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 387 - I Just Came In to Have a Casual Glance

Chapter 387 - I Just Came In to Have a Casual Glance

Chapter 387 I Just Came In to Have a Casual Glance

After knowing their families could be saved, Jian Wen and Chris didn’t feel so tormented like before. They quickly nodded and expressed their willingness to help.

It was just a small contribution, but they wanted to make up for their own actions.

Upon seeing Jian Wen and Chris nod, the two middle-aged men walked out from the defense force. They came up to the two professors and started investigating the box that contained the bomb.

Upon seeing the professors attempt to dismantle the bomb, Lin Ling turned to look at Ling Dongyu and the others. She then spoke. “Ze said this bomb is the product of advanced civilizations. We might not necessarily be able to defuse it. We need to prepare.”

Ling Dongyu nodded after thinking about it. He beckoned a soldier over and said, “Prepare a drone s.h.i.+p and set the target for the uninhabited solar system at the south of Gracious System. Worst comes to worst, just bring this outside of the system.”

A month ago, the entire Xigui System was mostly destroyed due to this. They didn’t want their own system to end up like that.

Following a moment of silence, Ling Dongyu spoke. “Send a scout s.h.i.+p to the target location and prepare. If wormholes really appear, keep watch of every void beast that comes out of it to ensure removal.”

This was all they could do. To be honest, this solution could only bring some mental comfort.

After all, the planetary state void beast had a s.p.a.ce jumping ability. How could ordinary s.h.i.+ps follow it?

The best situation was to defuse the bomb right now.

Lu Ze, who was also watching in the surveillance room, had the same sentiments. It would be best if the bomb could be dismantled. However, since he was not a scientist, he could only watch the big bosses operate.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

Soon, ten minutes had already pa.s.sed. Chris, Jian Wen, and the two specialists were sweating profusely at the moment.

However, Lu Ze and the rest were rendered speechless. Even after using all sorts of sophisticated equipment, the outer metal box didn’t even budge. At this point, how will they manage to figure out the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb inside? They don’t even know what it looked like.

The defense force, Lu Ze, and Lin Ling couldn’t help but rub their foreheads.

On one side, Bazer couldn’t resist asking, “Can you guys do it or not?”

A long period of time had pa.s.sed. Even though Lu Ze was watching the surveillance room, he couldn’t control it for a long time.

Moreover, Lin Ling had relayed that they had been stationary for ten minutes. Who knows if that Lord of Eternal Life would be suspicious?

The two weapons specialists smiled bitterly and shook their heads. “The outer box is one entire object. The level of its toughness is at the planetary state. If we want to open it, we need a ma.s.s scale slicing device, but we wouldn’t know if the thing inside would activate.”

One needed to cut the outer box to take out the bomb. The temperature definitely wouldn’t be low when cutting, and the energy wouldn’t be weak. Who knew if it would cause the device to activate?

Everyone: “…”


Wasn’t it just a bomb?

Did they need to package it this well?!

At this moment, the surveillance room suddenly opened, and Bobby walked in with a pale face. Although he was prepared, his heart still skipped when he saw the scene on the screen.

Thereafter, he spoke with a somewhat crying expression. “I’ve put them in one room.” While speaking, he swiped his phone, and a 3D holographic map of the base appeared. Each room was marked.

He pointed at the tunnel to the right of the lobby and at a room in the corner of the tunnel. “It’s this room.”

Lu Ze smiled at Bobby and patted his shoulder. “Thank you, pal!”

This guy had cooperated so well. Lu Ze almost didn’t want to do anything to him.

Bobby’s heart beat wildly when Lu Ze patted him on the back. He was about to cry.

The problem right now was that Jian Wen and Chris had attempted to defuse the bomb. If this continued, would the master find out?

He felt he was on the border of death. If he had to describe what he was feeling at this time, he would say he felt regretful. This surveillance mission was very heavily rewarded. He was close to Liu Tianyu, and Liu Tianyu was favored by the palace lord. That was why he got this opportunity.

He felt great when he got this mission, but thinking about it now, he seemed too naive.

While Bobby was contemplating, Lu Ze sent a message to Lin Ling. “There is no time. If there is no hope of defusing it, use the backup


Until now, the metal box couldn’t even be opened. Defusing the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb at this point would be hopeless.

Lin Ling was taken aback when she saw the message. Thereafter, she asked Ling Dongyu and others, “Can it be defused?”

Ling Dongyu’s expression was bad. He felt helpless. Of course, he wasn’t a professional in this matter, so he had to ask the specialists. While thinking about this, he looked at the four people sweating profusely.

The two masters shook their heads.

The atmosphere turned silent.

Suddenly, Jian Wen recalled something and said, “Last time, when Chris and I were testing in the Gula System, we discovered that this bomb would directly distort the s.p.a.ce to open up a wormhole. There is a duration for this. What if we let the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p enter the warp dimension while the bomb is about to activate? What would happen?”

After hearing this, everyone could not help but feel stunned. Warp dimension was a completely chaotic s.p.a.ce. If they did that, this bomb shouldn’t be able to open up a wormhole properly, right?

The two weapon masters glanced at each other. This suggestion seemed feasible?

Back in the surveillance room, Lu Ze felt dazed due to the suggestion. He hadn’t considered this solution either. Although they didn’t know how successful it would be, it was better than leaving the box unopened.

At this moment, the door of the surveillance room opened once more.

A serious-looking middle-aged man walked inside and said, “Master said that those two old guys have been in the s.p.a.ce station for a while. Did something happen… what is this?”.

The middle-aged man looked toward the screen while he spoke. He could see a few people doing something indescribable to the box. He was completely confused.

Lu Ze silently pressed the send b.u.t.ton on his phone-emergency situation. Upon noticing the scene, the middle-aged man looked at Bobby and Lu Ze with extremely cold eyes. “Liu Tianyu, Bobby, what do you have to say?” At the same time, his level five spirit force at the mortal evolution state rushed to pressure the two people. Bobby was already scared. With this pressure and his guilty conscience, he couldn’t even speak while his body trembled.


A gleam of hope suddenly flashed in his eyes. He looked toward Lu Ze. Since he dared to come in, it meant that he was confident he could take on the palace lord.

Maybe he could still be saved?

At this moment, Lu Ze grinned and waved his hand at the middle-aged man. “Greetings, palace lord Leo.” Bobby: “…”

His mouth twitched when he looked at how Lu Ze was laughing. This guy didn’t seem so reliable.

Nevertheless, upon seeing how calm Lu Ze was, Bobby felt more relaxed. He could still be saved.

Leo felt stunned after seeing Liu Tianyu’s actions. Was he r.e.t.a.r.ded?

But when he thought of the current situation, he didn’t have enough time to dig deeper into it. With a chilling voice, he asked again, “Liu Tianyu! What is this situation??”

Lu Ze smiled. “I’ll confess, Bobby brought me in. I just came to have a glance. I’ll leave immediately.”

Bobby: “???”

What did this mean? This guy clearly forced him to.

Moreover, he said he was going to leave?


Leo felt dumbfounded as well. After all, Lu Ze still looked like Liu Tianyu. Feeling overwhelmed, he couldn’t react fast enough to this strange behavior.

Just as Leo regained his senses, he found that silver light flickered across the entire body of Lu Ze. Thereafter, Lu Ze’s body disappeared from the surveillance room.

Bobby: “???” Leo: “???”

Both of them were confused when they looked at the empty spot where Lu Ze was.

Where did he go?However, Leo soon recovered. He turned to look at the dazed Bobby with intense killing intent. “Guardian Bobby! Who is that person! What is going on?”

Bobby: “…”

He brought the person in by himself, but he was discovered by the palace lord. Was there still hope for him?

He looked lifelessly at the palace lord and answered shakily, “It’s… it’s Lu Ze…”

“Lu Ze?!”

Leo’s eyes widened. Subsequently, he immediately thought of something. “Not


When he turned to look at the screen, he discovered that it was already destroyed. His expression changed drastically. Just now, due to Lu Ze’s strange actions, he ended up forgetting his priorities. He quickly pressed the emergency b.u.t.ton and informed the Lord of Eternal Life regarding the problem.