Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 384 - This Is Really Exciting

Chapter 384 - This Is Really Exciting

Chapter 384 This Is Really Exciting

When Bobby heard Lu Ze’s words, his body suddenly stiffened. Thereafter, cold sweat broke out on his body. That pain from before… Upon recalling it, he could not help but sweat.

At the same time, he could suddenly feel the sharp pain of a needle piercing into his brain and moving constantly. Gradually, the pain continued to intensify. He even wished to die immediately.

What was this strange method?

Mental force G.o.d art?

Just how many G.o.d arts did he have?

Ordinary people didn’t even have G.o.d art. On the other hand, people with one G.o.d art were already considered very talented, and yet, this person had this many. This was too terrifying. Bobby’s eyes were filled with terror. He didn’t even have the power to fly. As he fell from the sky, a wind circulated around his body, allowing him to keep flying next to Lu Ze.

At the same time, he could feel the p.r.i.c.kling sensation from the needle dissipate. Gradually, the severe pain eased.

Lu Ze smiled at the pale-faced Bobby. “You understand, right?”

Simultaneously, Lu Ze felt speechless. Seeing this guy reminded him of his own first time being stared to death by the rabbit boss. That really wasn’t a good feeling. He felt much worse than this fella, alright?

Still, Lu Ze couldn’t help but feel a little bit fortunate.

Luckily, he had died several times already, so he became a bit immune to the pain.

Bobby started trembling after seeing Lu Ze’s smile again.

He really wanted Lu Ze to stop smiling. He felt scared. However, he didn’t dare to speak to Lu Ze like that. Thus, he could only nod while forcing out a smile. In a hurry, he said, “I understand, I’ll say everything!”

Lu Ze nodded with satisfaction. “Mhm, if that wormhole appears on this planet, you wouldn’t be able to escape, right?”

Bobby’s mouth spasmed, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

According to the original plan, the bomb would be detonated at Ena System. Even if a wormhole appeared, it wouldn’t affect him. However, if Lu Ze accidentally detonated the bomb here and a large wave of planetary state void beasts appeared, then even if Lu Ze didn’t kill him, he didn’t believe he could get away.

Finally, he had another chance to live, so he didn’t want to die. After all, he cherished his life very much.

Before answering, Bobby organized his thoughts. Subsequently, he said, “I don’t know much about the bomb. I just know that the master got this from higher civilization. 10 seconds after activation, it will break the s.p.a.ce open and rapidly create a natural wormhole. Unless one’s power exceeds a star state, one wouldn’t be able to stop it.”

“Star states can control s.p.a.ce to a certain extent. They could erase it if the wormhole was just beginning to form. However, if the wormhole reaches a certain point, even a star state can’t stop it.”

Lu Ze looked at Bobby speechlessly. If there was a star state here, would he be wasting time with him? He would just crush them all.

The entire Federation only had a few star states.

Even the marshal of the Federal Army was the only star state!

Lu Ze frowned. He then asked, “Can’t we defuse it?”

Didn’t they always defuse bombs in shows? Maybe, it was possible here as well, right? Bobby’s mouth spasmed due to Lu Ze’s question. “This is a product of an advanced civilization. Our technology…”.

With that said, Bobby looked at Lu Ze. He didn’t continue to speak anymore.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze rubbed his forehead and fell silent.

The technology of the human race was too primitive after all.

Moments later, Lu Ze continued asking questions. “How is it activated? Does someone have a detonation device?”

Lu Ze couldn’t completely believe whether the wormhole gets created in ten seconds, which was what this guy said, but since activation was required, could it be taken to an uninhabited place and then detonated?

Even so, there would still be a wormhole created.

If a planetary state void beast came out, he wouldn’t be able to beat it.

Moreover, he didn’t know whether Lin Ling called the reinforcements already.

At this moment, Bobby responded. “No… I don’t know… but I guess it is in master’s hands.”

The Lord of Eternal Life?

Lu Ze felt his stomach aching.

If the detonation device was in the hands of a palace lord, he would still have a chance to take it. It would be an entirely different case, however, if the device fell under the care of the Lord of Eternal Life.

Suddenly, Lu Ze thought of a question. “How does the Lord of Eternal Life know when to activate it?”

“There is a location system on the bomb. Once it is in place, the master will activate it.”

Lu Ze gasped upon learning this.

If the bomb was moved somewhere else, would the Lord of Eternal Life notice it? Would he activate it straight away instead?

The palace lords probably had a way to communicate with the Lord of Eternal Life. If Lu Ze went to fight them, it might be activated immediately.

How troublesome.

Lu Ze lowered his head and thought for a while. Eventually, he asked Bobby, “You and Tianyu are responsible for monitoring Jian Wen and Chris. How do you monitor them?”

Bobby explained, “Liu Tianyu and I are responsible for dealing with those two. The surveillance room is in the base. If Liu Tianyu and I are there, we will be responsible for watching them. If not, there will be someone else who will take over.”

Lu Ze grinned at this information. “In that case, when we get back, we would be responsible for watching them, right?”

In that case, he would let Lin Ling take control of the two and get the bomb.

Bobby was taken aback. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead. “But… if the bomb doesn’t move for a long time, the master will be suspicious.”

The bomb was being monitored after all. If it really remained in a single location, then once the master discovered the problem, what could they do if the bomb was detonated right away?

Should it detonate in the Gracious System, how will he face the several planetary state void beast from the wormhole?

He doesn’t want to die yet!

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry, we won’t let it sit still for a long time. We just need to take over for a few minutes.”

Although they couldn’t disarm it with technology, they might be able to violently disable it.

Thereafter, Lu Ze took out his phone and contacted Lin Ling. “How is the situation on your side?”

Lin Ling, who was currently following the two professors, paused for a moment and looked at the two people in the distance. Following this, she replied, “One hour or so and we will be back to Xingzhan City.”

“Have you contacted the defense force?”

“Yes, the high-levels have mobilized the troops. They will soon arrive. They have also contacted Ena System’s defense force, but since half of their forces are gone, they can’t send support.”

Lu Ze felt relieved after learning this. He then asked, “Are there any reinforcements?”

“Since the border’s defense force asked for reinforcements, they will arrive in two days. The nearby planetary states in this area are Lieutenant Generals Yuejing and Nigel. Lieutenant General Yuejing needs to guard the border, and Lieutenant General Nigel is the defense force commander of Ena System. Most planetary states of the other regions have their own missions. It would take them at least six hours to come over.”

If the wormhole appeared, they wouldn’t even be able to last that long.

At this point, Lu Ze felt distressed.

Lu Ze then sent another message. “I have some news. The detonation device is not here. We might not be able to stop the explosion.”

Lin Ling was slightly stunned by the news she received. She glanced at the two people in the distance. “Then, what do we do?”

Lu Ze answered, “Jian Wen and Chris are being watched. Don’t touch them yet. I’ll go to the base and see if I can take control of the surveillance. Then, you guys quickly take the bomb. I’ll buy a few minutes for you, and then, you should wait for my message afterward. If you still can’t find a way to destroy the bomb by the time I send a message, then take it out of the solar system on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p first.”

Fortunately, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps were autonomous and capable of self-driving. It can directly let the s.h.i.+p leave with the bomb.

After a pause, Lu Ze sent a message once more.

“There is a 10-second delay after activation. If it does activate, take it away on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. Don’t be impulsive.”Lin Ling bit her lips and nodded. “Mhm.”

After a moment of silence, she sent a message again. “Be careful.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You too.”

He grinned at Bobby. “Okay, let’s go. Take it slow. Get back to base in about an hour.”

It was best to hold out as long as possible.

Bobby nodded and led the way.

He just hoped he wouldn’t be caught. After this mission was over, he would find a wife and hide away.

Lu Ze followed Bobby for an hour and soon arrived at a mountain range. In front of them, the undulating mountain was hundred of kilometers tall. It was covered with tall and lush trees and vines.