Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 383 - Whatever You Say

Chapter 383 - Whatever You Say

Chapter 383 Whatever You Say

After hearing Tianyu speak, Lu Ze could only swallow the rest of his words.

Originally, he wanted to leave one behind and let the other guide him to their base.


Lu Ze looked at Bobby, who was under the state of disbelief, and then at Tianyu, who looked at him hopefully.

Upon noticing how Tianyu didn’t even bother to look at him, Bobby roared furiously. “What did you say, Tianyu??”.

When Tianyu heard this, he looked at Bobby with a complicated expression. “One person dying is better than two.”

He didn’t think Lu Ze would let them go. They were too weak to even struggle.

Bobby’s eyes widened. “So you want me to die??”


Tianyu was silent. Thereafter, he said plainly, “I don’t want to die.”

The atmosphere fell silent. Bobby didn’t expect his pal to betray him. He glared at Tianyu and remained silent.

Tianyu was right. In terms of schemes, Tianyu was much better than he was.

He didn’t have the confidence to bring Lu Ze into the base. By then, even if Lu Ze didn’t kill him, he would still be killed after exposing their location. Thinking about it in this way, he felt disappointed. He might as well let Tianyu have his way.

Previously, Bobby had thought the two of them could survive this. However, it seemed he was going to die in the end.

Since the two people remained silent, Lu Ze could only scratch his head. Subsequently, he spoke to Tianyu, who was looking at him with an expectant gaze.

“You have misunderstood my words. I don’t need your help to get my way through it.” Tianyu: “???”

Bobby: “???”

The two, feeling confused by the words they had heard, looked at Lu Ze. When Lu Ze saw their reactions, he became even more certain that these two had misunderstood him.

He had a transformation G.o.d art, so he didn’t need someone to make excuses for him.

He wanted to kill one just so he could transform into that person and walk in, alright? Thinking about this, Lu Ze covered his entire body with white light. When the white light disappeared, Lu Ze had turned into Tianyu. He even had the same chi as Tianyu.

It was a pity that this transformation was done by changing the cells. As such, he couldn’t change into something that differed too much in body shape. However, Lu Ze recalled seeing the substantial change of the fox inside the hunting dimension. Perhaps, Lu Ze didn’t have an adequate understanding of the G.o.d art at this moment. He couldn’t do it yet. Lu Ze wanted to see if he could go through a bigger change once he mastered it better.

Meanwhile, Tianyu and Bobby were completely dazed. Transformation?! This was the first time they had seen this.

When Tianyu saw someone looking exactly like him, who even had the same chi, he didn’t feel so good.

“This is impossible!!”

Lu Ze didn’t care how shocked the two were. He revealed a smile and spoke with the same voice as Tianyu. “Now, do you understand?”

On the side, Bobby looked at Tianyu and Lu Ze. Then, his eyes flashed.

Maybe… there was still hope?

Just when he planned to speak, Lu Ze smiled. “Alright, I’ve already chosen someone.” He smiled at Tianyu. “You are Tianyu, right?”

Suddenly, Tianyu quickly replied with a pleased smile. “Yes, I am Liu Tianyu. Just call me little Liu.”

Sure enough, Lu Ze chose him!

After all, Bobby is simple-minded. He won’t be of much use to Lu Ze. On the other hand, with how smart Tianyu was, he could cooperate with Lu Ze.

Meanwhile, Bobby said worriedly, “Lu Ze, choose me! I promise to cooperate with you. I’ll do anything you say!”

At this moment, he didn’t want to resign to his fate.

If there was still hope for living, then he didn’t want to leave that chance to the person who betrayed him.

On the side, Tianyu glanced at Bobby. He had a trace of scorn in his eyes, but he remained silent.

Lu Ze smiled. “You are very smart.”

Tianyu was the first to calm down. He then smiled. “Thank you for your compliment. I promise to help you finish your mission!”

Was his wit appreciated by Lu Ze?

In terms of combat power, he was weaker than Bobby, but combat power was useless to Lu Ze. The two of them could not even react in time when Lu Ze captured them. His intelligence became his bargaining chip to survive!

At this moment, Lu Ze said, “Mhm… I like dumber people.”

As soon as Lu Ze finished speaking, Tianyu’s smile froze. He was about to say something, but a green light flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Accordingly, the wind inside Tianyu wiped out his life force.

Thereafter, Tianyu’s body burned within the red flames, instantly turning his corpse to ashes. When the night wind blew, it was completely gone without a trace.

Lu Ze wore a cold expression. He didn’t want to hear what this fella’s attempted to explain. After all, time was money. Meanwhile, Bobby was already prepared to die. However, what Lu Ze did, left him dumbfounded.

How did Tianyu suddenly die?

Furthermore, even the corpse was not spared?

The atmosphere fell silent for a moment.

Lu Ze turned his head and looked at Bobby. “I don’t need you to do anything. You just need to obey.”

When Bobby heard Lu Ze, he s.h.i.+vered and quickly nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m very obedient!”

Upon seeing this, Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “I have removed the restrictions on you, but I have left the wind in your body. If you really don’t want to live anymore, it is fine if you say it. It wouldn’t be a problem anyway. It is up to you.”

Bobby: “…”

He looked at Lu Ze’s vibrant smile. The corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. It was indeed the smile of the devil.

In response, Bobby forced out a smile. “You are funny, Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze… why would I refuse the chance to live?”

Lu Ze said, “Don’t frown. Just do what you’re supposed to do. I promise to let you go.”

Bobby’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “Really?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Really.”

Hearing this, Bobby’s expression eased. Lu Ze was a prodigy who could become a young duke. He believed that Lu Ze wouldn’t go back on his word!

Lu Ze regained control of Bobby after seeing the latter recover. Thereafter, Lu Ze said, “We wasted a few minutes. Let’s go. Tell me about the situation on the way.”

Bobby immediately said, “It’s said that the palace lord received news from the master who had been in solitary cultivation for a long time. There was a mission, and thus, we were sent here.”

“Master? Is it the Lord of Eternal Life?” “Yes.”

Lu Ze envied this t.i.tle. It sounded very cool.

Lu Ze continued to ask questions. “Where is your master now?”

Bobby smiled bitterly. “His tracks are unknown. Not even the palace lords might know where he is. Tianyu and I are just guardians.”

Lu Ze wasn’t surprised by Bobby’s answer. He then proceeded to ask more questions. “What is your mission here? How many high-levels came?”

Bobby answered, “Two of the four palace lords came to Gracious System. I don’t know where the other two are. There are eight out of 12 guardians here too, including me and Tianyu.” “As for the mission, the ordinary people are just responsible for planning all sorts of events nearby to divert attention. The main goal is to transport the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb into Ena System…”

He looked at Lu Ze fearfully. He was scared that Lu Ze would get angry and kill him.

Upon seeing the usual calmness in Lu Ze’s expression, he recalled that Lu Ze had been following them and had long heard about it already.

Thus, he continued with some fear in his voice, “The order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb can open natural wormholes. Although the location is very unstable, we were able to control it to a certain range after a few trials.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Where did you get your bombs? How many more are left?”

Bobby opened his mouth to respond. “The lord brought it from the outer realm. Jian Wen and Chris have the last one.”

Lu Ze raised a brow and looked at Bobby. “Is that really the last one?”

A cold sweat broke out on Bobby when he looked at Lu Ze. With a trembling voice, he said, “Really. The palace lord left Tianyu and me to handle this. I can confirm it!”

Lu Ze wasn’t entirely sure whether Bobby’s words could be trusted. If it was indeed the last one, then it should be fine as long as the remaining bomb was handled properly, right? Lu Ze turned his head to look at Bobby. “What else do you have to say about that bomb? It’s best to say it now. Otherwise, if I discovered anything you are hiding, then you know what’s going to happen.”