Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 382 - I’ll Only Kill One

Chapter 382 - I’ll Only Kill One

Chapter 382 I’ll Only Kill One

Gracious System.

Under the night sky, the handsome man and the bulky man flew while envisioning the future ahead of them.

Both of them hoped for the immediate arrival of tomorrow. The quicker it comes, the sooner they could head to Ena System to help themselves to some good loot.

They failed to notice anything amiss at all. On the ground, a few kilometers away, Lu Ze had been silently watching the two figures.

After sending the message to Lin Ling, he stopped thinking about the bomb.

With how smart Lin Ling was, she should be able to handle it well.

Lu Ze did not feel excessively worried regarding this matter.

At this time, the handsome man spoke. “However, we should be careful before that. After all, there are a few mortal evolution states in the Gracious System’s defense force.”

Upon recalling something, the bulky man said, “By the way, the surveillance saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling while monitoring Jian Wen and Chris today. Lu Ze’s power is now in the mortal evolution state, isn’t it?”

After hearing these words, the handsome man’s eyes flashed with jealousy. He sneered. “Indeed, he has such power in such a short time. It is really good to be talented. Everyone is complimenting him. Meanwhile, we are like street rats.”

On the other hand, Lu Ze, who heard his remark, silently expressed his disagreement.

Them looking like street rats should not have any connection to being talented, right?

If he went out and involved himself in despicable things like these people, he would probably end up like a street rat as well.

The two sunk into silence for a while after talking about Lu Ze.

Moments later, the handsome man continued to speak. “Let’s just be careful for now. Lu Ze came into contact with Jian Wen. Don’t expose our base.”

As he spoke, the man expanded his mental force, wanting to see if anyone was following

However, Lu Ze’s chi stealth technique had been cultivated to the extreme, and he had mental force G.o.d art. Moreover, his cultivation level was superior to his. There was no way the man would find Lu Ze’s whereabouts.

With disapproval in his voice, the bulky man said, “So what if he finds us? Our base has two palace lords there. No matter how strong Lu Ze is, he can’t fight us alone. By the time he notifies the defense force, we will be long


When the handsome man heard the words, he fell silent. Thereafter, he said, “It is better to be careful anyway. Otherwise, if something happened, we won’t be able to explain it to the palace lord.”

Upon the mention of the palace lord, the bulky man finally shut his mouth.

If they were discovered, their skins would probably be peeled off.

However, Lu Ze, who heard the entire exchange while hiding himself, could not help but grin.

As it turned out, there were only two palace lords in their base at this moment, right?


Previously, he thought all four of the lords were present. Facing four lords would prove to be tricky for Lu Ze. However, if there were only two, he could probably try fighting them.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze’s blood boiled.

After all, he liked to just charge directly and fight.

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He suddenly had an interesting idea. Perhaps, he could get into the base easily. As soon as he thought of this, Lu Ze’s whole body surged with a silver light, and he instantly crossed through s.p.a.ce-effortlessly covering a distance of several kilometers. Right then, he appeared in front of the handsome man and the bulky man.

Just a while ago, these two men were happily chatting with each other. However, the sudden appearance of a figure before the two made their bodies stiffen. They were shocked.

Just when they appeared scared, blue lights flashed in Lu Ze’s eyes. Thereafter, his mental force turned into spikes, which proceeded to drill through the minds of these two people.

Their powers were merely at the aperture opening state. Naturally, they could not resist Lu Ze’s mental force attack.

Immediately, they could feel their brains being pierced by countless needles as these needles continued to stir.

The immense pain rendered them incapable of even staying afloat, so they fell straight to the ground.

When Lu Ze noticed this, he used his wind G.o.d art. The wind swept up the two members of Eternal Life Palace who had completely lost the ability to resist. At the same time, he poured wind onto their bodies in order to seal both their physical power and spirit force. With this, they will not be able to act covertly and report the current incident secretly.

In reality, Lu Ze thought too much.

Generally, ordinary people will only care about their own lives first while facing such a situation-let alone these people from the underground forces…

The wind dragged them to Lu Ze. Simultaneously, Lu Ze stopped the mental force G.o.d art to prevent the two from being directly killed by the severe pain.

After all, he had a first-hand experience with this kind of pain. Even he couldn’t stand it for a long period of time, much less these guys.

Lu Ze was rather soft-hearted.

After the pain in the minds of the two people was diminished, their green faces finally managed to slowly recover, but they were still pale.

At the same time, their brains finally had the s.p.a.ce to think about other matters.

When they saw Lu Ze smiling and looking at them, their hearts spasmed. Their eyes were filled with shock.

Just now, they were still discussing him. Unexpectedly, he appeared before them.

Was he following behind them the whole time?

Upon thinking about this possibility, the handsome man trembled while his eyes widened, and he looked at Lu Ze. “You were following Jian Wen and Chris the moment you saw them??”

The bulky man, whose face was shaking with fear, also looked at Lu Ze in disbelief after he heard the words. “Those two old guys didn’t show anything dubious. How could you follow them?”

They were watching those two. According to what they knew, Lu Ze and Lin Ling were friends with Jian Wen and Chris.

It was completely normal for the two to visit their families after work. How could they be suspicious?

Lu Ze smiled. “Do you want to know?”

The two looked at Lu Ze as they waited for him to reply.

Lu Ze grinned. “I won’t tell you.”

In truth, he only felt a strange s.p.a.ce ripple from Jian Wen, and their reactions seemed abnormal. That was the reason why he chose to observe the professors.

If they were really going home, then everything would be fine. However, they said they were short on time, and yet, they went to walk around the city all day. This made Lu Ze suspicious.

Naturally, he had to follow them until the end.

The two didn’t know what to say.

Lu Ze grinned. “Well, is it a pleasant surprise to see me? There will be more surprises waiting for you.”

Hearing this, the two looked at Lu Ze with terror and vigilance.

Thereafter, the handsome man took a deep breath and pointed at Lu Ze. “What do you want?”

On the other hand, the bulky man slowly recovered. “If you let us go, we will tell you everything we know!”

Lu Ze was taken aback with his offer. He glanced at the two with a weird expression. They surrendered quickly enough.

He smiled and said, “Hear me out first. I’m just going to kill one of you, and I’ll be taking the other one with me to your base. Do you like it?”

The two, who had just recovered their calmness, became stunned after hearing Lu Ze’s words.

This was a surprise, but this wasn’t right. Shouldn’t he try to get the words out of them first?

Why was he going to kill one straight up first?

Moreover, he said he was going to their base? He should have heard that there were two palace lords there.

Was he going to commit suicide?


Upon looking at Lu Ze, the two felt panicked and petrified.

Was he confident he could take on the two palace lords?

How was that possible?!

Lu Ze smiled at the two. He wanted to get more information out of them, but even if they said anything now, he wouldn’t dare to believe it.

He didn’t have a lie-detecting G.o.d art. How could he know whether they were lying?

The two glanced at each other and fell into silence.

Subsequently, the bulky man sneered and looked at Lu Ze in contempt. “You can ask Tianyu! We are good brothers. Either leave both of us or kill both of us!”

Lu Ze glanced at him in shock. He didn’t realize these two had such a relations.h.i.+p.

What to do?

Should he kill both?

But then, he wouldn’t know the address of the base.Unexpectedly, the two of them cared for each other.

It seemed that he would have to leave one here first and let the other take him to base.

While thinking about this, Lu Ze smiled. “In that case…”

Suddenly, the handsome man spoke before Lu Ze could finish. “Leave me alive. Bobby is simple-minded. He is useless. If you want to enter the base, I can help you get inside!”

Lu Ze: “…”

Bobby looked at the handsome man with disbelief.


In an instant, the atmosphere turned awkward.