Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 381 - What Luck Is This?!

Chapter 381 - What Luck Is This?!

Chapter 381 What Luck Is This?!

They had tested it three times already?

Lu Ze sunk into silence when he heard these words.

It felt as though he already had an impression of this thing, hadn’t he?

Lu Ze thought about it silently.

On the other hand, after hearing the words of the bulky man, the handsome man smiled. “Don’t worry, the test last time at Xigui System was very successful. This time, we found an even larger void beast hive. The scene would definitely be bigger by then.”

The bulky man cracked a grin. “That’s right. I can’t wait to see it. It is said that there are several precious spirit items in the Ena System. Perhaps, we can become wealthy from that!”

As long as the void beast was fighting the Ena System’s defense force, they could sneak in.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. He finally knew what the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb was. Tested it three times, once at the Xigui System, as well as void beast…

It can only be that natural wormhole, right?

Those three tests should correspond to the appearance of three natural wormholes, right?

Usually, natural wormholes might not appear once a year. Even if they did, they rarely connected to a place with living beings

However, in the last three months, there was a wormhole every month, and each time, powerful living beings came over.

The first time, it was three black-robed monsters, but they were eaten by Yingying.

The second time, it was the void beasts that appeared at the Gula System.

The third time was the void beasts that appeared in the Xigui System. The consequential damages were quite significant.

Lu Ze felt things weren’t right upon thinking about it.

He encountered all of them three times.

What luck did he have?

He was only 18. He didn’t deserve to have this bad luck.

After losing track of his thoughts for a moment, he began to reorganize his ideas.

Every time a wormhole appeared, powerful creatures would come out. During the third time, even a planetary state creature emerged out of the hole.

If those three experiments were really carried out, then those order-weakening s.p.a.ce bombs could probably open a wormhole, right?

Moreover, these holes were similar to natural wormholes, weren’t they?

After all, the Federation wouldn’t be aware of the three incidents if they weren’t similar to natural ones.

After testing it three times, they could now control the direction of the opening wormhole, couldn’t they?

If Jian Wen and Chris brought that bomb into Ena System and a pack of planetary state void beasts came out…

Lu Ze’s skin crawled. He pulled back a bit and sent a message to Lin Ling.

“Lin Ling, that box is called order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb. The three wormholes we encountered are quite possibly created by it. Quickly contact Vice Commander Bazer. Don’t let that thing detonate on a planet. It will create a natural wormhole, and planetary state void beasts would come over.”

Lin Ling, who was following Chris and Jian Wen, slowed down and looked at her phone. After reading the message from Lu Ze, her beautiful brows frowned.

If what Lu Ze said was true, then things were quite serious.

A planetary state void beast appearing in s.p.a.ce would be dangerous enough. If it appeared on a planet instead, then there would be no hope left for that planet.

Never let that bomb explode!

Thinking about this, Lin Ling quickly contacted Vice Commander Bazer.

Luckily, he left his contact details to them when they entered the system.

Of course, he was probably just showing his favor to Lu Ze.

Bazer was dealing with all sorts of things in his office back at the s.p.a.ce station.

Suddenly, he took out his phone. Only important people could reach this phone.

Who would message him at this time?

After opening his phone, he proceeded to read the message. His eyes bulged as he suddenly got up.

The news was too shocking that his mortal evolution state chi surged uncontrollably.

Man-made natural wormhole?

One that led to planetary state void beasts?

His brain was shaken. The important point was that this place wasn’t far from the Ena System.

Although Lin Ling didn’t say whether the bomb would be brought to Ena System, he could still predict this.

If the operation was done properly, then the results would be very serious if something happened to Ena System.

Thinking about this, he quickly opened the door and ran to the office of the commander.

As he ran, the soldiers on guard felt his chi and looked around in confusion.

Instantly, Bazer arrived at the commander’s office and pushed his way in before even knocking


The huge metal door fell, and there was a palm print on it.

Inside, a handsome man looked up.

Upon seeing his door on the ground, along with the palm print, and Bazer, he became completely dazed.

The two looked at each other for a moment. The atmosphere then turned awkward.

His mouth twitched, and then, he smiled. “Bazer, what is with your face? Are you constipated and can’t find the toilet?”

Bazer took a deep breath to calm down. Thereafter, he picked up the door and barely stuffed it back before saying calmly, “I have some things to talk with you.”

The handsome man smiled. “What is it? Don’t tell me you want a holiday with your wife. Now is a special time, I want to go back too.”

Bazer smiled. “It is nothing major. Perhaps, our solar system might have a natural wormhole, and a group of planetary state void beasts might come and visit us.”

What? Planetary state void beasts?

A group of them?

Their solar system wasn’t Xigui System No. 2.

The handsome man jumped off his chair.


Upon seeing this, Bazer grinned. “Yo, Ling Dongyu, why do you seem like a monkey with a tail that had been stepped on?”

After hearing the ridicule in Bazer’s words, Ling Dongyu’s mouth spasmed. With a serious face, the latter said, “The news is serious?!”

Bazer managed to recover at this time. He replied, “Of course, but the situation is not worst yet. It is said that the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb creates a natural wormhole. The bomb is carried by two scientists right now. They have not detonated it yet.”

Ling Dongyu frowned and asked, “What is an order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb?” Bazer shook his head. “I don’t know. Anyway, It should be very powerful.”

Ling Dongyu sighed. “Since it is not detonated, then the purpose is very problematic.”

This kind of time bomb was quite difficult to deal with. If it was not handled properly, the consequences will be disastrous.

Bazer nodded. “That person didn’t say it, but I think it can only be there, right?”

The two would rather have it blow up in the Gracious System. Of course, it would be best if it didn’t blow up at all.

“That person?”

“Lin Ling, the one next to Lu Ze.”

Ling Dongyu’s eyes widened. “Lu Ze is here too?”

“Lin Ling said that Lu Ze is searching for the base of the Eternal Life Palace. It is said that this bomb is related to Eternal Life Palace. Lin Ling relayed that we shouldn’t make a big fuss about the bomb to prevent startling the enemy.”Ling Dongyu nodded.

If they made too much noise, the Eternal Life Palace might detonate it early.

However, they didn’t expect Lu Ze to find the Eternal Life Palace base as soon as he came to the Gracious System.

He was indeed the strongest prodigy of the young generation.

They had been searching for a few months, but they weren’t able to find any clues.

After thinking about this, Ling Dongyu nodded. “Leave old Benny to guard this place. You, I, Angela, old Yang, we are all mortal evolution states. We will have another squad of aperture opening states. Everyone should pretend to be the patrol fleet and go to planet Gracious!”

Bazer smiled. “I was waiting for this. I will notify Lin Ling.”

Thereafter, Bazer left the room after stretching his hand. Once more, the door was left lying on the ground while Bazer disappeared. Ling Dongyu: “…”