Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 380 - Order-Weakening Space Bomb

Chapter 380 - Order-Weakening Space Bomb

Chapter 380 Order-Weakening s.p.a.ce Bomb

Through telepathy, Lu Ze said to Lin Ling, “Be careful, contact the defense force if necessary. Your personal safety is the most important.”

Lin Ling grinned. “Are you worried about me?”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “Of course, I am worried.” Wasn’t this logical? After all, there was a bomb that could blow up an entire solar system. Lin Ling’s body stiffened, and she responded, “I’m going. You should be careful.”

With that, she flew toward the direction of the two professors without turning her head back.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze flew toward where the Eternal Life Palace people headed.

This time, he could probably catch a big fish.

He felt a little excited.

Northern border, Kula System. In the dark s.p.a.ce, countless wars.h.i.+ps floated.

These s.h.i.+ps were completely black. At the same time, they had hideous horns. Black demonic chi flowed on the entire body of the s.h.i.+p. The fleet was ma.s.sive. Kula System was situated between them and the human race military base. This was the fleet of the blade demon race.

Among them was a huge wars.h.i.+p that was over tens of kilometers long. It was like a demon king amidst the fleet, which was surrounded by countless wars.h.i.+ps.

In the commanding room, an extremely powerful blade demon stood before the star map. He looked at the dense cl.u.s.ter of wars.h.i.+ps as his eyes occasionally flashed with violence.

There was a black-robed figure standing next to him. Brown hair, dark eyes, and a handsome face-it was a human.

His chi was slightly weaker than the blade demon but still extremely powerful.

This human stood on the s.h.i.+p like it was his own home.

At this moment, a blade demon walked in and reported to the powerful blade demon. “Master Kakaroya, the human reinforcements are here. We have confirmed that it’s the Ena System’s defense force.”

Kakaroya waved his hand, and the blade demon left.

The atmosphere turned silent again. Kakaroya was like a sculpture standing before the star map.

Thereafter, he looked at the human and grinned. “Frudenand, everything is ready. The rest is up to your Eternal Life Palace. We handed all the remaining order-weakening s.p.a.ce bombs to you guys.” Frudenand’s dark red eyes moved, and then, he smiled. “General Kakaroya, don’t worry when it is the Eternal Life Palace doing things. Of course, the price we agreed on…” Kakaroya smiled. “As long as this succeeds, I’ll happily give you five planet forging fruits.”

Frudenand smiled. “Then, cheers to our cooperation. General Kakaroya, you will receive happy news.”

Kakaroya smiled. “Seeing how confident you are, I feel a.s.sured.”


Thereafter, he asked once more. “Would you be interested in doing another deal?” Frudenand smiled. “It’s very joyous doing business with General Kakaroya. Enlighten me, if possible, of course, I wouldn’t reject it.”

Kakaroya pointed at a blue spot on the star map. “Would you be willing to help me kill the human race’s defense force commander, Lieutenant General Yuejing.”

Frudenand’s face changed. His smile stiffened.

His Eternal Life Palace had been doing things but that was just in the dark. His dealings with the blade demons were in the dark too.

If he really dared to appear on the battlefield and help the blade demon kill the commander, then he would be overtly betraying his race.

By then, even if he fled out of the Milky Way galaxy, the Federation would send people to hunt him.

Although he was a planetary state, the Federation didn’t lack a planetary state either.

He was already the most active planetary state in the underground forces. However, he still didn’t dare to do that. This was too risky. It was almost a certain death.

“Sorry, General Kakaroya, I can’t do this.”

Kakaroya seemed to have known this and smiled. “Don’t be in a rush to reject the offer. Why don’t you hear my price first?”

Frudenand fell silent, and then, he nodded. “Please enlighten me, General Kakaroya.” Kakaroya smiled. “After it is done, we can allow you to hide in the blade demon race for 50 years. At the same time, you can have 15 planet forging fruits as a reward.”

Upon hearing this, Frudenand’s heartbeat quickened.

That was three times the reward of all that heavy scheming. More importantly, he could hide on the blade demon terrain for 50 years.

That was 20 planet forging fruits in total. He could increase his power by two forges. If he was lucky, then maybe even three.

He was already notorious in the human race. He wasn’t someone willing to fight with his life to protect those ordinary people. This meant that he had no merits in the human race and that he couldn’t get anything.

In that case, this deal appeared to be beneficial.

After 50 years, he would secretly leave the blade demon base and run away. By then, his power should be able to reach five forges or even higher, right?

With that, he would find a weak galaxy, and then, he could dominate it with his power.

Moreover, the planet forging fruit was precious, but it was not something that would pain the blade demon race.

If it was something more precious, Frudenand wouldn’t even dare to accept it.

20 planet forging fruits were acceptable to both sides.

Frudenand looked up at Kakaroya who was smiling at him. “General Kakaroya is very ambitious. If Ena System is destroyed in the next few years, the blade demons can do whatever they want at the human border. However, General Kakaroya is already scheming against the commander.”

Kakaroya smiled humbly and waved his hand.

Frudenand smiled. “Since General Kakaroya invited me, I don’t dare to reject.”

Kakaroya laughed. “Great! I’m a planetary state with three forges. On the other hand, you have two forges. This will be a surprise attack against Yuejing who has three forges at the planetary state. He is dead for certain!”

On the Gracious Planet, Lu Ze followed the two from the Eternal Life Palace.

The bulky man grinned. “Tianyu, those two have taken the thing. Those few people are useless, right?”

The handsome man smiled. “Indeed, you can deal with them.”

The bulky man smiled as well. “Hey, Tianyu, I like it! That girl is pretty hot. How about we take her together?”

Lu Ze: “…”

It was a good thing Lin Ling didn’t come, or she would explode with anger.

Fortunately, he had the foresight to send her off.

The handsome man shook his head and smiled. “You can play with her. I’m not interested.”

The bulky man pouted his lips in disappointment.

Then, his eyes lit up. “I wonder what master would get this time. He can have the meat, but we should be able to get some soup,


The handsome man looked forward to it. “Our rewards should be good.” The bulky man laughed. Thereafter, he thought of something. “But how did the master get the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb? That is something only higher-level civilizations have, right? How did he get it?”The handsome man shook his head. “What master does isn’t something we can understand. Just do what you need to do.”

Lu Ze felt dazed.

What bomb was that?

Just from hearing the name, it sounded quite advanced!

His skin crawled after thinking about it for a while.

This universe was too dangerous.

However, at this time, the words of the bulky man made Lu Ze’s eyes widen.

“That’s right. We’ve tested the order-weakening s.p.a.ce bomb three times already. It should be fine.”