Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 379 - Is It a Hard Choice?

Chapter 379 - Is It a Hard Choice?

Chapter 379 Is It a Hard Choice?

Starlight scattered on the ground, slipping through the gaps of leaves. Across the forest, the night wind blew, creating a rustling sound. At this moment, the atmosphere between the two professors and the newly-arrived figures was heavy.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling watched in a covert manner a few kilometers away.

They decided to observe the situation first.

Jian Wen and Chris showed desperate expressions when the two appeared, but before they could speak, that handsome man spoke first.

His tone was gentle. It was like old friends catching up. “Professors Jian and Chris, half of the Ena System’s defense force had left. Now, it’s all up to you.”

Upon hearing the words, the body of the two scientists stiffened. Jian Wen gritted his teeth and looked at the two. “Why are you two doing this? If something happens at the northern border, it would be the blade demon benefitting. Is there any benefit for the Eternal Life Palace?”

The bulky man frowned impatiently and said, “You have asked this question last time. It is not your responsibility to know why we are doing this. Just do what you need to do.”

He took a deep look at the two and sneered. “It’s a critical period. I will remind you one last time, don’t play any tricks. We have been watching you. Just then you two encountered Lu Ze and Lin Ling, right? Your decision was very apt.”

As soon as the man finished talking, Jian Wen’s and Chris’ expressions looked bad.

The scholarly man smiled. “Professors, don’t worry. After this is done, no one will know what you did, and your families will be fine. I hope you can understand where you stand.”

He then smiled at Chris. “Your daughter is very pretty.”

Chris’ face went green, and he roared. “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you dare to touch my daughter, I will bring you down at all costs!”

The man still smiled. “Don’t worry, our goal is just for you to bring the thing into Ena System. As long as you cooperate, your families will be fine. I promise that we won’t harm them. Same goes for you, Professor Jian.”

The two were shaking with anger, but there was nothing they could do. The bulky man laughed hysterically.

Jian Wen said, “We need to make sure our families are safe.”

“No problem.”

The man smiled and projected four rooms with four people. There were two middle-aged women, a young beautiful girl, and a young man who resembled Jian Wen.

The four were imprisoned in the rooms. Nevertheless, there were no signs of abuse.

The two felt relieved.

The handsome man smiled. “Now, it is time for you to do what you need to do. It takes two days for the reinforcements to arrive at Ena System. As long as you bring the thing in during this time, your mission is complete. It is not that hard, is it?”

Accordingly, he took out a metal box. The box was 30 centimeters tall while its entire body was black.

This should be made of precious metal.

The box was then handed over. The two looked at the box, but they didn’t take it immediately.

They knew that if they really took it and brought it into the Ena System, then they would become criminals.

However, if they didn’t, what about their family?

Using billions of other lives to exchange for the lives of their family—taking a box had never been so hard.

They didn’t even have the courage to move their fingers.

They knew that even if they completed the mission, the safety of their families would still be up to the Eternal Life Palace.

However, they could only choose to gamble.

Despite the hesitation of the professors, the handsome man still smiled. “Professors, the choice is in your hands. The life of your family or the life of strangers. Is it really hard to choose?”

After hearing this, Jian Wen clenched his teeth and took the metal box.

The handsome man smiled with satisfaction. “Good courage, Professor Jian Wen.”

The bulky man crossed his arms and watched as if it was a show.

Subsequently, the handsome man left a reminder. “Although you have tested it once, this one is more powerful. Good luck, Professors.”

Jian Wen’s and Chris’s faces looked worse upon hearing this remark, but they said nothing. After all, they had nothing to say.

In the dark, Lu Ze and Lin Ling watched this entire process quietly.

Wait, so those two were really from the Eternal Life Palace.

What was in the box then?


A bomb that could blow up an entire solar system. That’s not something the human race could produce, right?

Even if they had contacts with the blade demon race, the blade demons wouldn’t be able to provide this level of a bomb.


Lu Ze turned his gaze at that small box. It also contained s.p.a.ce ripples, which appeared to be the same type as those previously present on the professors’ bodies.

Lu Ze could feel this matter wasn’t simple.

On the other hand, Lin Ling’s face turned pale. Her chi was surging. If Lu Ze didn’t suppress her, she would probably be exposed.

Lu Ze patted her shoulder and used telepathy. “Lin Ling, calm down.”

Lin Ling took a deep breath and replied, “These Eternal Life Palace people really need to die!”

Even Lu Ze was chilled by the coldness in her words.

Lin Ling continued, “What do we do? I want to kill.” Lu Ze: “…”

Lin Ling really seemed like she was going to burst out.

Lu Ze answered, “The thing in the box is strange. It might be a bomb. Professors Jian Wen and Chris are forced, but they still seem to be planning to blow up the Ena System. You follow them. If they want to get on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and leave, stop them.”

Lin Ling was taken aback after hearing him. “But…”

Lu Ze patted her shoulder and smiled. “I’ll follow those two from the Eternal Life Palace and see if I can find their base and wipe them all.”

“Mhm… I’ll try to save their families too.”

Lin Ling frowned. “It is said that the Eternal Life Palace has four palace lords. All their powers are at level five of the mortal evolution state. I want to go with you. I can help you stall one.” Although Lin Ling’s combat power was just approaching mortal evolution state, she was confident she could stall them for a few minutes if she wore her combat armor and used her spirit eye G.o.d art.Lu Ze rolled his eyes. “If you follow too, what about Jian Wen and Chris? Are we going to let them blow up Ena System?”

Lin Ling replied, “Then, you must contact the defense force once you find the base!”

Lu Ze smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m very good at hiding!”

Lin Ling was probably not aware of his current combat power. Even if he didn’t wear the combat armor, his power was still at level four of the mortal evolution state. If he did, his power would be on par with the palace lords.

At least, those palace lords wouldn’t be able to keep him.

As the two discussed, the two professors had left.

They didn’t put the metal box inside their storage ring and just directly carried it toward Xingzhan City.

The handsome man and the bulky man flew off in another direction.