Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Li Liang: A Prodigy Died In My Hands


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation


This made everyone’s eyes open wide in shock.

Spar, not teach?

Everyone looked at Lu Ze as though he was a G.o.d.

“Oh my G.o.d, this is my first time hearing about a student sparring with a teacher.”

“We’re all going to school, so why is Lu Ze so excellent?”

“Perhaps he secretly had tutors?”

“I feel that it’s a matter of looks. After all, he looks more handsome than you all,” a female student stared at Lu Ze and murmured.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! I’m very handsome! Not only that, I’m very long!”

“Pfft,” most girls exclaimed with annoyance.

Only a few female students glances lingered on him with flashy eyes.

A few were confused. Very long? What is very long? How come they all seem to know? Would she seem dumb if she asked?

Lu Ze looked at Li Liang.

To be honest, Li Liang was a great teacher. Regardless if it was for rewards, he always acted responsibly towards his students.

Even though calling it a spar and not teaching wasn’t good for the face of the teacher, he still brought it up.

Li Liang smiled. “I’m guessing that you probably can’t find a match in the martial warrior state, at least not in our school. You can probably take on any low-level spirit martial states. I’m spirit martial state level six.”

Spirit martial state level six?

So Old Li was actually this strong?

This made Lu Ze feel a.s.sured. He was afraid of beating old Li and making him lose face.

“Then please give me pointers.” Lu Ze smiled.

“s.h.i.+t, he really agreed! Everyone come look! Old Li is fighting brother Ze!”

“Really? Brother Ze is fighting Old Li?”

Everyone came over.

It would be a fun match to watch.

Some people already took out their cameras, preparing to post it online.

Meanwhile, Xu Yang, Xufang and Leo glanced at each other before retreating.

The students formed a circle with a radius of a hundred meters.

Li Liang softly looked at Lu Ze. This was his most proud student. Although he showed his potential later, his character was calm and humble.

“I’ll limit myself to level one spirit martial state power to fight with you at first.” Li Liang smiled.

Lu Ze didn’t know how strong he was. Spirit martial state level one was not a bad start.

He nodded and said, “Thank you, teacher.”

Li Liang smiled and moved into a stance. “Be careful!”

Then, his scholarly temperament suddenly became ethereal.

He tapped the ground with his feet as his body turned into a flowing light and instantly appeared before Lu Ze. His palm pressed towards Lu Ze’s chest.

Lu Ze smiled. This speed was too slow for him but he chose not to dodge. Instead, he clutched his right fist and struck while emitting white light.

He chose to clash head-on.

Li Liang’s eyes flashed with surprise. He hadn’t expected his student to go head to head with his spirit martial state level one power.

But, thinking about how his student had killed a level eight blade demon race with level five power, he didn’t feel so shocked.

However, the difference between martial warrior state and spirit martial state wasn’t so easily surpa.s.sed…

An ordinary level one spirit martial state could easily beat ten level nine martial warriors.

Under everyone’s gaze, the fist and palm collided.


The airwaves that radiated out blew the students back nonstop. Only Xu Yang and the others barely withstood.

Meanwhile, Li Liang’s face froze. His confidence in his palm was torn to pieces the moment it touched Lu Ze’s fist.

Then, the powerful force from the fist rushed over like a huge wave, making him subconsciously use his full power to retaliate.

Lu Ze’s face changed after he crippled Li Liang’s palm.

He wasn’t expecting level one spirit martial state power to be this weak!

This was just too weak!

He used the power of five state perfections to prevent himself from losing too hard, but the weak power of this palm shocked him.

But at this moment, he couldn’t take back his fist force.

Lu Ze immediately began to worry.

What if he accidentally gave his teacher a heavy injury?

Suddenly, a terrifying power erupted from Li Liang’s palm.


Lu Ze’s face turned green. He couldn’t hold back against such power.

Thus, the airwaves grew even more shocking. Xu Yang and the others were too shocked to move but were blown back.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. “Spirit martial state level one is really terrifying!”

Even using full power, Lu Ze wasn’t able to block the spirit martial state level six power. He was thus blown away.

However, in the air, the powerful spirit power was weakened by Lu Ze’s skin and once it entered his body, it was weakened once again by the muscles and wind. Once it reached his bones and internal organs, it couldn’t do much damage to them.

Mhm, but it still hurt a lot.

Lu Ze rolled in the air and landed on the ground.

Meanwhile, Li Liang’s heart stopped for two seconds.

That was a level six spirit martial state attack.

No matter how powerful Lu Ze was, heavy injury was the best result!

Even though heavy injury was the best result, Lu Ze wouldn’t be able to make it to the graduation trial with it. It was just one week away.

He, Li Liang, accidentally destroyed the quick rising of a prodigy.

Perhaps this prodigy was already dead…

Li Liang was very worried.

This worry lasted for three seconds until he saw Lu Ze land calmly on the ground.

Li Liang: “Miao Miao Miao?”