Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 376 - What Atrocity Is This!

Chapter 376 - What Atrocity Is This!

Chapter 376 What Atrocity Is This!

Immediately, the comments went from complaining about special rights to all sorts of strikes.

Lu Ze frowned slightly as he read through them with a solemn expression.

Upon seeing this, Lin Ling thought Lu Ze was unhappy. She could not help but ask, “Are you angry?” Lu Ze shook his head and smiled in response. “Looking at this makes me feel like I’m a rich second generation. This feels good!”

Lin Ling: “…”

Seeing the excitement in Lu Ze’s eyes, the veins on her forehead popped. Her chest even felt stuffy.

She almost thought this fella would be angry after seeing the news. However, he seemed to be delightful instead!?

Clearly, she was wrong. She shouldn’t have been worried about this idiot, alright!

To be honest, the internet had been complimenting him mostly for what he had been doing.

However, at this time, people were finally demonizing him. Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

This was a whole new experience. Very interesting!

Lin Ling looked at Lu Ze speechlessly and said, “Someone must be pulling the strings behind this.”

Lin Ling pointed at a few comments.

“There are so many enemies outside the Federation. If we really become equal with no one needing to do anything, then no one will work hard. By then, can the Federation still maintain this speed of progress?”

“That is right. Lieutenant Colonel destroyed an entire blade demon base the first time he went on the battlefield. Can you guys do it? Later on, he killed mortal evolution state void beasts in Xigui System. Compared to his contribution and talent, these special rights are very normal.”

“If all the resources are evenly distributed and the prodigies have fewer resources, there would be no powerful beings. Who would be stopping the powerful beings of other races? You guys?”

There were some rather objective comments trying to change the direction of the story, but when Lin Ling refreshed it a bit, they all disappeared.

Lin Ling frowned. “People are stirring things up, and we happened to appear in the middle of it. Even without us, they would still try to do something else.”

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s probably the people of the Eternal Life Palace, right? Most of these commentators are probably bots.”

Since ancient times, the method of misleading people through debates had been common.

Upon interjecting personal views in a debate, the thoughts of ordinary citizens were very easily swayed by these.


Half an hour later, all comments regarding this were deleted. Clearly, the Eternal Life Palace used all sorts of loopholes to post these comments.

Moreover, they could only pull such tricks on the solar system net. They couldn’t even begin to try on the entire Federation’s net.

Lu Ze stretched his back and smiled. “Okay, Lin Ling let’s go buy some Xingzhan pancakes!”

Those people scared him just then. He needed to eat a few more Xingzhan pancakes to calm down.

While thinking about this, Lu Ze drooled.

Lin Ling rolled her eyes after seeing how this guy didn’t care.

The two changed their clothes and went downstairs.

The receptionist from yesterday was still on the front desk. She looked strangely at the two. Obviously, she saw the discussion in the morning.

After leaving the hotel, Lu Ze and Lin Ling flew toward the shop that sold those pancakes. The streets were already busy in the morning

Soon, the two arrived at the shop which specialized in Xingzhan pancakes.

The shop was located on the eastern corner of the city. Its surroundings weren’t very developed, but there was already a long line outside.

Lu Ze looked at the line with more than 30 people with a dazed expression.

Did they all come to line up this early? Would it get sold out? Upon thinking about this, Lu Ze felt this sense of urgency and quickly dragged Lin Ling to the back of the line.

Lin Ling glanced at Lu Ze speechlessly. “It’s just food. Do you need to be so nervous?”

Lu Ze immediately provided an explanation with dissatisfaction in his voice. “Food is one of the core developmental powers of the human race! It can make people happy and more motivated. With that, the human race would advance faster! It is such simple logic, how can you not understand?”

Lin Ling felt stunned. The people in the line also looked at Lu Ze strangely. They then sunk into contemplation.

The use of food was this great? How come they never discovered this?

However, when they thought about this, it did seem right.

Noticing how the people in the line seemed to agree, Lin Ling’s mouth spasmed. Those people really believed this idiot’s words?

Her heart ached, and she turned around.

At this moment, two people walked past the line with a head-sized blue fruit pancake. The aroma drifted into Lin Ling’s nose. Her body stiffened, and her eyes drifted to the pancakes. After a while, she said, “Ze, how long do we need to line up for? Would it get sold out?”

Lu Ze: “???”

She didn’t care about it before, right?

He looked at the front and smiled. “About half an hour.”

Lin Ling nodded.

More and more people came to line up. Lu Ze looked behind and felt scared. Luckily, they came early.

After half an hour of arduous waiting, it was finally their turn.

It was limited to one per person. Lu Ze and Lin Ling wanted to buy a few more, but that was the rule and they couldn’t do much about it.

One pancake cost 5000 star coins. Lu Ze paid with tears in his eyes. Thereafter, he had less than 5000 star coins. Lu Ze wanted to cry. He was so poor. He needed to find a wealthy lady! Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. Lin Ling who was planning to try the pancake saw this. Accordingly, she looked vigilantly at Lu Ze. “What are you doing?”

Following this, she covered her pancake. Lu Ze: “…”

Forget it…

Lu Ze then bit into the pancake. The crust was crispy, and the inside was filled with sweet aromatic jam. The texture was amazing.

Lu Ze instantly felt the 5000 star coins were worth it.

Lin Ling smiled too. “It is really nice.”

The two ate as they walked. Soon, they came to a busy street, and their pancake was eaten up.

The two didn’t have enough. Lu Ze even wondered whether he could use transformation G.o.d art to change his appearance and buy it once more. Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. This should be… feasible?

Just when Lu Ze was about to attempt it, there was a ruckus on the streets.

The siren blared, and people on the streets quickly moved away.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked over. A large group of people with virtual screens above their heads appeared and chanted as they walked.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling glanced at each other and walked toward the crowd.

There were two parts to the protest. There were a few hundred people walking on the ground and tens of flying cars in the air.

The flying cars projected the virtual screens while the people on the ground chanted with fervor.

Their slogans showed anti-special rights.

Quite some people watched the parade. Some with curiosity, some with disgust, and some with eagerness.

As for the flying cars, they ended up stuck in the air. There were fixed pathways in the sky as well, and they were blocked by these cars.

Several people cursed.

If this progressed further, they might not even be able to keep up with their mission.

Who were they provoking??

For a while, the entire street was plunged in chaos.