Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 377 - How Are They Here?

Chapter 377 - How Are They Here?

Chapter 377 How Are They Here?

Lu Ze and Lin Ling stood on the streets. The streets were occupied by the parade people. Accompanied by an unstoppable force, they walked past Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s eyes.

Several people started commenting.

“They are r.e.t.a.r.ded!”

“I feel they are pretty brave.”

“It is mainly due to that Lu Ze, right? But I feel it was over the top too. The defense force fleet is the armed forces meant to protect the citizens. Why did it become a private bodyguard?”

“Lu Ze already has a mortal evolution state power. Does he need that protection? It is just a matter of att.i.tude. If you have his contributions, then you can have such a greeting too.”

“Since he doesn’t need protection, is he doing it to act cool?”

“Why do you only see that side of it? Why can’t you see him fighting with blood on the battlefield?”

“Do you want to fight??”

“The police are here. Stop.”

“Let’s go to work…”

Lu Ze had fun listening. He was even thinking whether he should take his mask off to scare these people. However, he didn’t expect the police to arrive.

When Lu Ze and Lin Ling looked ahead, there were police sirens. However, due to the problematic traffic, the car couldn’t even be driven over.

“Everyone, please leave immediately. Don’t contribute to the traffic. Otherwise, we will deal with things through law enforcement!” a middle-aged policeman yelled. He was an abstruse martial state. He didn’t even need a speaker, and everyone could hear him clearly.

The protesting people saw the police approaching and felt a little scared.

If they had chosen to run at this time, it would be very awkward, right? The protesting people went silent. The flying cars weren’t able to keep moving forward due to the traffic and were behind the people on the ground.

However, the lights were still flas.h.i.+ng.

Suddenly, one person in the crowd said, “Our power might be small, but we won’t back out this easily! We protest against special rights!”

After hearing the voice of their fellow protestor, those who went silent for a moment immediately started chanting again.

They would not give up so easily!

The policeman frowned upon seeing this scene. Thereafter, his abstruse martial state chi exploded, bearing down against these people.

The chi of the other policemen burst as well. Most of them were at the spirit martial state while a small portion of them were at the abstruse martial state.

If persuasion could not work, then they had to be suppressed first.

The protestors were about to back out again.

At this moment, someone in the crowd of protestors released his chi. Several ‘chi’ burst thereafter.

With this, the protestors were about to clash with the police.

The audience quickly retreated after noticing the severity of the situation. It seemed like they were going to fight.

At this moment, three figures surged from the crowd. A core martial state chi broke out and immobilized all the protestors.

Afterward, the police quickly subjugated the people. It would be difficult for them if conflict really broke out.

Good thing someone came to help. As soon as the three released their chi, the people around them immediately retreated in horror. The chi wasn’t targeted at them, but the pressure was immense.

Lu Ze was planning to intervene, but now, he didn’t need to.

On the side, Lin Ling, who was preparing to release her chi, suppressed it instead. Both looked toward the three people who intervened—it was two girls and one guy. They didn’t seem much older than Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

The two girls were very good looking and so was the guy. Lin Ling said, “They’re probably students of the Dawn System.”

Lu Ze nodded.

After all, there were quite some people who accepted the mission. It would be normal to encounter them here.

Lu Ze asked, “Did you find anyone suspicious?”

Lin Ling shook her head. “No.”

Lu Ze sighed. “Never mind. It’s such a small event after all. Even if there was someone here, it would be a small fry.”

All the protestors were detained and so were the cars. The middle-aged policeman went to thank the three people.

Soon, traffic congestion was solved, and people went on to do what they need to do.

At this moment, Lu Ze stopped Lin Ling and pointed at two people. “Look at those two.”

Lin Ling looked over. “Aren’t those Professor Jian Wen and Chris? Why are they here?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go over and say hi.”

Lin Ling smiled and nodded.

The two walked over and waved at the professors. “Professor Jian and Chris.”

The two professors looked over with some confusion. Nevertheless, they still walked toward Lu Ze and Lin Ling.

Jian Wen looked at the two with vigilance. “You are?”

Lu Ze wanted to laugh. They were probably vigilant because the city was a bit chaotic.

They were aperture opening state scientists.

Lu Ze was planning to tell them to go somewhere with fewer people, but then, he recalled learning telepathy.

Accordingly, Lu Ze used telepathy. “Professor Jian and Chris. I’m Lu Ze. Lin Ling is next to me. We met last time at Gula System.”

After hearing this, their bodies stiffened. Worry flashed across their eyes, but it quickly receded.

The two smiled at Lu Ze. Following this, Jian Wen said, “So it’s you guys. I really didn’t expect to see you two here.” Chris smiled. “What a coincidence.”

Lu Ze asked in confusion, “Weren’t you two doing research at Gula System? Why are you here?”

The two looked at each other, and then Jian Wen answered, “Our homes are in the Gracious System. The research activity is over, so we came home to visit. We just got back here.”

Chris’ eyes flashed, and he smiled. “Our research team belongs to a research center in the neighboring system, Ena System. You guys know about it, right?”

Lin Ling nodded. “That system that focuses on researching all sorts of gene serums?”.

Lu Ze nodded. He knew about this too. Most of the Xingzhan fruits were s.h.i.+pped there.Lu Ze asked curiously, “Can we go visit Ena System?”

He wondered if there were other delicious fruits too.

The two became dazed, and then, Jian Wen replied, “Most of the planets there are used to grow all sorts of spirit fruits and spirit beasts. Planet Ena is a serum production factory and research center. There are no ordinary cities, and security is very tight. Ena System is completely unaffected by the riots here as ordinary people can’t enter there.”

“However, if it’s you, you can probably go there if you apply.”

Lu Ze gasped. An application is needed. How troublesome. He couldn’t be bothered anymore.

According to Professor Jian Wen, there should be an extremely important base located in there, right?

Hence, even if he went there, there would be no fruits to eat, so why should he go? At this time, Chris looked at the time and said, “Old guy, we need to go.” With that, Jian Wen smiled at the two. “It’s hard for us to have a holiday. We’re planning to visit home. We’ll talk again when you have time.”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling nodded. “Goodbye.”