Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 375 - Famous Again?!

Chapter 375 - Famous Again?!

Chapter 375 Famous Again?!

After calming down, Lin Ling bit her teeth and said, “We aren’t married!”

The beautiful receptionist was taken aback for a moment. She then looked strangely at Lu Ze who appeared to be confident.

‘They weren’t married?’

Why did he think this woman should pay then?

Was he a sugar baby?

Lin Ling continued to speak. “No appointments. I will have the grand suite.”

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. She was probably a super-wealthy girl just like Nangong Jing. He recalled how luxurious the decorations inside Nangong Jing’s private s.h.i.+p were—it must have cost a lot of star coins.

He didn’t expect Lin Ling to ask for a grand suite right off the bat. Lu Ze didn’t know how grand it was, but it sounded high-end.

The receptionist noticed how Lin Ling’s tone didn’t sound good. She didn’t dare to speak anymore, then she smiled. “Please take off your masks and register before you can enter.”

Naturally, the two could understand the request of the receptionist.

The two took off their masks and prepared to register.

The receptionist wanted to see how handsome Lu Ze was, although she looked down on those guys who were sugar babies.

When she saw Lu Ze take off his mask, her eyes bulged. Thereafter, she quickly covered her mouth with her hands to prevent herself from screaming.

Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze?!

Of course, she knew about the all too popular Lu Ze. He was good looking, talented, and only 18 years old. Simply put, he was a male G.o.d!

Unexpectedly, this male G.o.d appeared before her?

This was a good opportunity!

This girl seemed to be the person who appeared next to Lu Ze on the battlefield, right? She seemed to have chosen a grand room.

No wonder she was paying. She must be the b.i.t.c.h chasing after Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze!

Should she say there were none left and make her book two suites?

At that time… she would be able to provide room service.

Just now, Lu Ze looked at the receptionist with vigilance. He felt her peculiar gaze when he took off his mask.

What did she want to do?

Naturally, Lin Ling noticed her eyes too. She could not help but frown.

Her mortal evolution state chi slightly overflowed a bit. Suddenly, the receptionist became slightly startled, and she felt a chill wash over her body. Upon seeing the coldness in Lin Ling’s eyes, she seemed to have been drenched in ice-cold water.

Those strange ideas she had right then all disappeared. Male G.o.ds could be found everywhere. Her life was more important.

She quickly finished the registration process and forced out a smile. “h.e.l.lo, it is 200,000 star coins in total.”

Lu Ze: “…”

It was this expensive?

He felt stunned!

It was just one night.

This was a robbery.

Following the registration, the two were led to the legendary grand suite

Inside, there were three rooms and one living room. At the same time, there was a kitchen. The bathroom was huge and so was the bathtub.

There was even a ten-meter sized small swimming pool—even the swimwears were brand new.

Lu Ze looked at the rack of swimwear. They were all very s.e.xy.

This was the fun wealthy people had? Lu Ze didn’t really understand. It was his first time staying in such a luxurious room.

Although he was a prodigy and could live in such a place every day, he felt it was better to have this occasionally.

He looked at Lin Ling seriously. “Lin Ling, there is a private swimming pool. Do you want to swim?”

Lin Ling glared at him. “p.i.s.s off!”

Lu Ze: “…”

What was the point of booking such a suite if you were not going to enjoy it? Lu Ze couldn’t understand what she was thinking.

At this hour, it was quite late, but the hotel provided an all-day service for guests. Lu Ze and Lin Ling ordered some native dishes of Xingzhan City.

Lu Ze felt regretful that there were no Xingzhan pancakes.

It was said that there were limited supplies, and only one shop in the entire city sold it. Regretfully, they didn’t have them even here

However, Lu Ze asked for the location of the shop and planned to go there tomorrow.

After dinner, Lin Ling went to shower while Lu Ze admired the view outside.

The scenery here was amazing indeed. One could see the entire city.

With Lu Ze’s eyes, he could still see the people on the ground clearly, even though they were a few hundred meters in the air.

It could be said that there had been several protests and riots at Xingzhan City. A few times were related to Xingzhan fruit. There was an attack on the Xingzhan Fruit Forest a while ago. The entire place was destroyed.

The fruit can be regarded as a half-civilian and half-military resource. Part of the gene serums made from it were supplied to the military at the northern border. On the other hand, some portions were devoted to civilian use.

The economic losses and other adverse effects caused by such an attack could not be belittled.

Lu Ze looked out at the night view. There was a hazy blue light gleaming in the distance, that was the light of the Fruit Forest.

Lu Ze’s eyes flickered, a firm expression crossed his face. He wasn’t going to allow such tasty fruits to be destroyed!

He will protect this fruit yard!

Whoever dared to launch an attack should be shot to death!

At this time, Lin Ling came out of the shower while wearing her pajamas. “Ze, go take a shower.” “Oh.”

At night, Lu Ze and Lin Ling slept in their own rooms. The bed was very comfortable. Lu Ze even felt sitting on the bed was more satisfying

He happily closed his eyes and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Tonight, he was going to devour the energy of the 1st body G.o.d art. Upon entering the black and gold light, Lu Ze’s body seemed to have been charged by a violent power. It felt extremely painful. He could only frown at such pain. Thereafter, he started digesting the power.

Two days later, an explosion reverberated, and Lu Ze was back in his room.

His body spasmed with pain.

Unlocked a new position of death!

This self-explosion type of death was a new one. It was his first time experiencing it.

After resting for half an hour, Lu Ze sat up again and began cultivating.

Early the next morning, Lu Ze opened his eyes and ended cultivation. He got off the bed and stretched out as he looked outside. It was still early, but there were quite some people on the streets.

Lu Ze came out of his room and saw Lin Ling sitting on the couch watching her phone. She had a hideous expression on her face.

Lu Ze walked over in confusion. “What is wrong?”

Lin Ling replied bitterly, “You are famous again.”

Lu Ze: “!!!”

He looked at Lin Ling in disbelief. “Again?”

Why did this happen again? They did all they could to avoid attention.

Lin Ling projected a post from social media in the air. Lu Ze looked at it. There was a video about Lu Ze’s and Lin Ling’s mission s.h.i.+p being escorted over and then entering the planet.

Most of the comments were expressions of shocked reactions, as well as compliments to Lu Ze. Of course, there were also envious and negative comments. This was all too normal.

Lu Ze saw one message, and his mouth spasmed. “This kid is my son! Is that girl his girlfriend?”

When Lu Ze looked at the account, he knew it was definitely his dad. Immediately, the comment was flooded with replies.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. “This seems very normal? Why is your face so bad?”

Lin Ling rubbed her head. “The problem isn’t there.”

She opened another website. After seeing it, Lu Ze raised a brow.

It was the solar system net of the Gracious System. Videos of Lu Ze turned viral.

Most of the comments were:

“What right did a first-year university student have to make the fleet protecting us escort him? As long as special privileges exist, humans are still wild. I strongly suggest removing special rights! Citizens should be equal!”

“A solar system with billions of lives can’t even compare with an 18-year-old little kid? Why does he have a special right?”