Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 374 - You’re Really a Nice Husband

Chapter 374 - You’re Really a Nice Husband

Chapter 374 You’re Really a Nice Husband

Xingzhan City was situated on Xingzhan plains. It was the first place where Xingzhan fruit could be found. That was how it got its name, but this was over a thousand years ago.

Later on, Xingzhan fruit can be found in other locations in the Milky Way galaxy, and they could even be farmed.

Xingzhan fruit was the ingredient for quite a few gene serums. It was a rather precious low-level spirit fruit. It could be farmed, but the costs were relatively high.

Most of the fruits were s.h.i.+pped to the Ena System near the Gracious System. In the Ena System, these fruits were processed into gene serums. At the same time, the fruit tasted great, so a small portion of it entered the market. It was considered a luxury spirit fruit.

The Xingzhan pancake was the most famous food made with the fruit, even outside the Gracious System.

A few hours later, Lu Ze led Lin Ling across 100,000 kilometers and soon came to the Xingzhan plains.

It had a region spanning 10,000 kilometers. Some regions were Xingzhan fruit forests.

Now wasn’t the time for the trees to bear fruit yet, but the Xingzhan flower blossomed with a deep blue color while reflecting the starlight.

It was a magnificent sight.

Currently, it was night time. Lu Ze and Lin Ling floated in the air and looked below.

Lin Ling smiled. “This is quite a nice view.”

Lu Ze laughed. “It is like planet Nan Feng’s Floating Light forest.”

The Floating Light forest was more dream-like in comparison.

Upon hearing his remark, Lin Ling reminisced about the time they first met. Half a year had pa.s.sed already.

The first time she saw this guy, he seemed like a G.o.d descending down from the heavens.

Lin Ling remembered how he instantly solved the insectoids tide that she couldn’t do anything about.

That scene was still rather shocking. He was like a savior.

Who would’ve thought that after getting to know him, he was a r.e.t.a.r.d?

Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “You seemed to be the only one who went to the Floating Light forest. I didn’t go.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He recalled how his name was almost ruined due to the live broadcast.

The clip of him playing with the barren earth monkey was still on the net.

Lu Ze quickly changed the subject. “We are about to have holidays soon. We can travel there. Li and Alice are going to the graduation trial next year as well. The location should be planet Nan Feng. I will bring them over to check it out.

A while ago, Lu Ze had wanted to bring Lu Li and Alice to the Floating Light forest. He forgot about it after getting beaten up by Uncle Merlin.

Lin Ling’s eyes flashed, and she let out a smile. “We will see. Are you going to introduce your sister and that junior schoolmate, who is very nice to you, to me?” In response to her question, Lu Ze nodded. “Yeah, they are both really nice girls. You will definitely like them.”

Although Lu Li’s heart was dark, she was still the idol of countless young guys and girls at school. Alice was a very gentle and nice girl. Lin Ling will definitely like them.

Lin Ling smiled but didn’t answer his words. She changed the topic. “Okay, let’s go down first. It is night. Let’s find a place to stay and work tomorrow.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Thereafter, the two landed at Xingzhan City.

The city was very large. All sorts of high rise buildings soared. The city was lit up despite being late. Moreover, the streets were still very busy.

Other than those with good cultivation talents, most people were just martial warriors or spirit martial states their entire life. Even martial warriors had much more stamina than ordinary people back in the Earth era. Of course, they would go out and have fun at night.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling were rather famous, so they wore masks to prevent being recognized outside.

Lu Ze found several surveillance on the streets. The defense forces needed to both defend the border and respond to various situations inside the system. As such, they didn’t have enough people. In addition, those people starting riots were mostly ordinary people who were swayed by special people. It was hard to deal with them.

Lu Ze and Lin Ling strolled around the streets randomly and discovered that most people were just ordinary.

After all, it was only the minority who partic.i.p.ated in the riots.

These situations would be stopped in time. If not, perhaps it would rapidly deteriorate.

Lin Ling said, “Ze, let’s get some rest.”

Lu Ze nodded.

During the night, he could go inside the pocket hunting dimension again. He hadn’t managed to digest the energy of the 1st body G.o.d art yet.

Lin Ling took out her phone and said, “We are finally in a city. Let’s find a good place to stay. Xingzhan City is a tourist spot. There are quite nice eight-star hotels.”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened. He instinctively said, “I’m really poor. I can’t afford it!”

Although his family was well-off on planet Lan Jiang, he couldn’t be that extravagant. Moreover, he had very little pocket money.

Lin Ling became a bit dumbfounded after hearing his words.

She didn’t expect that Lu Ze wouldn’t have money. After all, if he used his academic credits to buy any high-level spirit medicine and sell them afterward, he would have plenty of star coins.

However, this guy always stayed at home…

After pondering about this, Lin Ling smiled. “Do you want me to treat you?”

“Yes!” Lu Ze answered immediately.

Lin Ling grinned. “If you want, then say ‘Lin Ling is…’ Forget it…”

Halfway through, she managed to recover her senses. She almost copied what Lu Ze made her say that time. This wasn’t right! She couldn’t be an idiot like him!

Lu Ze: “???”

What did she want him to say? He didn’t mind anyway. “Lin Ling, what did you want me to say?” Lin Ling shook her head and glared at Lu Ze. “Let’s go, no need.”

She really envied how shameless this guy was.

Soon, the two arrived at a legendary eight-star hotel.Lu Ze calmly followed behind Lin Ling and walked inside. The entrance was very luxurious. There were all sorts of crystal sculptures.

Lu Ze didn’t even look at it. He didn’t understand art. It had nothing to do with him.

However, he felt like he should remain calm and act like he often came here.

The receptionist at the front desk looked quite nice. A sliver of confusion flashed across her eyes when she saw Lu Ze and Lin Ling wearing face masks, but she still greeted the two with a smile. “Good evening, sir, do you have an appointment?”

Lu Ze was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect the girl to ask him. He pointed to Lin Ling on the side. “No, but you should talk to her, she is paying.”

After hearing this, the woman seemed to realize something, and she suddenly smiled. “You are a really good husband. You can hand the financial power to your wife. Madam must feel very blissful to be your wife.”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lin Ling: “???” For a moment, the atmosphere turned awkward. Lin Ling was speechless. Clearly, she was paying for Lu Ze. Why did this idiot become a kind and gentle husband?!