Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: How About I Spar With You?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Li looked at Lu Ze, who was almost on the ground out of embarra.s.sment, and smirked.

“Brother, Li will keep this recording safe. What do you think dad’s reaction will be if I hand him this?”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. If dad really heard this, he would probably end up in the hospital!

“Lu Li… You’re so evil!”

Lu Ze opened his mouth bitterly as he subtly got in position to s.n.a.t.c.h the phone.

With his speed, he would definitely have the chance to do so!

Just when Lu Ze was preparing for this, Lu Li smiled and placed the phone between her chest.

Then, she pressed down on the phone with her slim fingers. The phone slowly sunk into her chest.

Lu Ze: “???”

This didn’t seem right…

Was this a fourth dimension chest ravine?!

How could he get it from there?!

Lu Li looked at the depressed Lu Ze and her smile deepened. “After all, brother is so strong. This is the only thing Li can do.”

Then she raised her chest and brow. “If you want to take it, Li won’t resist.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. They weren’t real siblings. Even if they were, searching for treasure between her chest was too over the line.

Ahhh… whatever.

It’s just getting sent to the hospital.

It would have to wait till my graduation trial is finished, right?

No worries, I still have a few days!

Lu Li smiled. “Don’t worry, brother. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Li won’t hand this to dad.”

Normal circ.u.mstances?

Lu Ze looked at Lu Li with the gaze he usually looked at enemies with.

Her heart was completely black!

What was she planning to do?

Threaten him?

He was a man!

He wasn’t going to succ.u.mb to threats!

He said expressionlessly, “Then what is an example of an abnormal circ.u.mstance?”

“Hmm…” Lu Ze tapped her lips with her finger and thought for a moment before smiling. “I don’t know yet, so brother, you don’t need to worry about being sent to the hospital for now. Isn’t that a little exciting?”

That isn’t just a little!

I’m too excited!

Lu Ze tried to keep a stern face as he sneered, “Don’t think I will forgive you for your evil acts!”

Lu Li heard this and purposely raised her chest while looking pitifully at Lu Ze and saying, “Li is willing to let brother take it back at any time.”

Take back my a.s.s!

How could he do this?!

He felt that even though his body refinement has reached perfection, his face wasn’t thick enough.

The negotiation was fruitless.

Later, the two of them began their usual practice. Although Lu Ze was unhappy with what Lu Li did, he still taught her seriously as this concerned her future.

He just hoped that the phone wasn’t waterproof and would break from the sweat…

Lu Li was affected by Lu Ze and focused on her foundational movement technique and palm technique.

She was very prideful. Since Lu Ze could do it, there was no reason she couldn’t.

Both techniques were in mastery, she just needed an opportunity.

She attacked like usual and Lu Ze would dodge while pointing out her flaws.

Lu Ze found out, in surprise, that because of the wind control G.o.d art, he could sense the flow of air brought by Lu Li’s attacks. It was clearer than using his eyes to see.

With his increase in speed, Lu Ze didn’t know how powerful he would be if he used his full power.

At the least, Lu Li wouldn’t be able to touch him even with both eyes closed.

Half an hour later, Lu Li laid on the ground panting. Her body was soaked in sweat. Her shorts and singlet stuck tightly to her body, making it seem very enticing.

She glanced at Lu Ze and said, “Brother really doesn’t know how to take care of girls.”

“Hehe, Li can try to be more gentle and kind-hearted,” Lu Ze sneered back.

He wondered if the phone was broken.

Lu Ze glanced at Lu Li’s chest.

“The phone is waterproof.” Lu Li smiled.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze didn’t want to talk, so he just turned around and looked somewhere else.

After a moment of rest, Lu Ze got up and took a shower before returning to the mansion.

Seeing that Lu Ze had left, Lu Li carefully took out the phone from her cleavage and pressed play.

On the s.p.a.cious training grounds, Lu Ze’s voice was played over and over.

Lu Li’s lips curved into a beautiful smile.

After a long while, Lu Li went to take a shower and carefully hid the phone with her before heading back to the mansion.

As it was Monday, after eating breakfast, Lu Ze and Lu Li went to school.

He really hated going to school on Mondays. Thinking of this made Lu Ze feel even more motivated to get the guaranteed entry!

That way, he could play for an extra month!

He was excited just thinking about it!

Due to Lu Ze’s performance at the seed tournament, Lu Li’s fans had a huge change in att.i.tude towards Lu Ze. They treated him like their idol.

Lu Ze was expressionless on the outside, but on the inside, he felt quite satisfied.

There were quite a few cute girls amongst them.

However, his righteous character always prevented him from using this for some happy times.

Going back to cla.s.s, it was the usual literacy cla.s.s in the morning and martial arts cla.s.s in the afternoon. In the martial arts cla.s.s, it was mostly Xu Yang, Xufang and Leo ganging up on Lu Ze while Li Liang gave pointers from the side.

Li Liang felt very awkward as he could give no pointers to Lu Ze at all.

In terms of martial technique, Lu Ze was in perfection while he was only in great mastery after a few decades.

In terms of talent, uhh… never mind, it was a huge blow to his confidence…

He thought that he could at least give pointers in battle experience, but sadly, he found that Lu Ze’s battle experience was greater than his.

It seemed that only his level was higher than Lu Ze’s.

How could he still be a teacher this way?!

Seeing Lu Ze easily beat the three ganging up on him, Li Liang frowned.

Lu Ze was too strong; such training was pointless.

“Lu Ze, how about I spar with you?”

After thinking for a moment, Li Liang finally made this decision.