Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 368 - Who Are You?

Chapter 368 - Who Are You?

Chapter 368 Who Are You?

Two days later, in the mission s.h.i.+p.

Currently, Lu Ze was inside a room, sitting on the bed with his eyes closed.

During these two days, he had been spending day and night devouring the three white energy strands. He could only manage to finish it now.

His spirit force cultivation level had reached the peak stage of the aperture opening state with 810 apertures in total. However, he would probably need to build-up more power in order to break through to the mortal evolution state.

In the evening, Lu Ze had also gone into the pocket hunting dimension to devour the gray mist.

Just last night, he finally completed digesting the gray mist. Thereafter, he proceeded to digest the wind G.o.d art in the blue bird overlord’s nest.

It was faster than he had imagined. Nevertheless, his power was increasing constantly after all. Therefore, the rate of his absorption was much efficient.

Lu Ze got down and stretched. Afterward, he walked out the door.

Upon walking out of the room, he glanced at the tightly shut door opposite him.

This s.h.i.+p had two rooms. One for him and one for Lin Ling. Obviously, Lin Ling was still cultivating

In fact, he could understand her. She probably wanted to surpa.s.s him, didn’t she?

Haha- what a naive person.

He wanted to laugh. When she was done with solitary cultivation, he would share the joy with her. With such thoughts, he felt he was very mean.

When he arrived in the living room, Lu Ze looked outside the window. The flying s.h.i.+p was in warp travel mode. The s.p.a.ce outside was distorted and looked colorful.

After taking a break, he went back to his room for cultivation.

He sat on the bed and contemplated.

His spirit force cultivation level had reached the peak stage of the aperture opening state. He could feel that as long as he acc.u.mulated enough spirit force, it would become easy to break through to mortal evolution state.

However, he didn’t know how much he needed to acc.u.mulate. He will arrive in Gracious System in six days. He didn’t know if he could reach the mortal evolution state within those six days.

In that case, instead of building up spirit force, he might as well learn other G.o.d arts.

After all, he didn’t know what the missions would be. Learning the mental force G.o.d art and transformation G.o.d art, as well as s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, would probably be beneficial. If something happened, he would have extra means to deal with it.

After pondering about this, Lu Ze used the mental force G.o.d art orb.

Immediately, it disappeared inside his mind, and then, a clear energy poured into his brain. This made his mental force become more active.

In just an instant, that feeling of clarity disappeared. His brain kept transmitting a piercing painful sensation. It was as if he was being stabbed by countless needles. At the same time, the arcanum of mental force G.o.d art was released in his mind.

Lu Ze frowned. Although it was painful, it was still not unbearable.

After all, the mental force attack of the rabbit boss was much stronger than this.

Subsequently, Lu Ze used a purple orb. Immediately, his mind cleared up further while the pain also eased up as well.

He started to calm down and discern the secrets of the mental force G.o.d art.

Soon, he discovered that mental force G.o.d art wasn’t just simply improving mental force as he thought. It was more on using mental force as you like.

At least, the rabbit’s mental force G.o.d art was only about using the mental force for attacks.

This mental force G.o.d art didn’t include seduction like the one that fox demon had nor mental interference like Ian’s. It was just a pure simple attack.

Lu Ze was a little disappointed at this discovery. He thought he would be able to use seduction on the fox demon in the future. As it turned out, it only possessed simple characteristics.

This was a bit weak.

However, he soon recovered from his dissatisfaction.

It could be considered quite good that he had this numerous G.o.d art already.

One should learn to be contented.

Anyway, the pocket hunting dimension was quite vast. He didn’t believe that there would be no seduction G.o.d art. He should not worry, should he?

For the time being, he should feel grateful.

Eight hours later, the pain receded from his brain. Thereafter, his brain became exceptionally clear. He could feel that his mental force had more than doubled.

At the same time, he could use his mental force more freely. Before, although he had a powerful mental force, he could barely use it. It was like having a bullet but not possessing a gun. Now, he finally had his gun.

In reality, the best way to improve for martial artists relied on all three directions-body, mental force, and spirit force. At least, a prodigy at the young duke level won’t be weak in these three areas.

However, those prodigies without mental force G.o.d art would be far weaker at using mental force than those who had one.

Lu Ze happily tested and forged his mental force into an invisible spike. The spike then flew around in the air.

Such a silent ambush attack was the best means of a sneak attack.

After using it for a while, he put away his G.o.d art.

He needed to work harder as time was pressing

Lu Ze closed his eyes once more. This time he chose the white hazy transformation G.o.d art orb.

The orb disappeared from his mental force dimension. Then, his body was shrouded in a hazy white light.

He could feel an abstruse chi circulating around his mind. The white light covered his lively cells. Following this, there were bursts of huge pain.

He didn’t mind the excruciating pain. The effect of the purple orb from before hadn’t ended yet. As such, he started learning this special G.o.d art. As time went on, he soon found the secrets of this G.o.d art. This G.o.d art was like a combination of body G.o.d art and mental force G.o.d art.

It used mental force to fake chi and then change your body on a cellular level until you completely become someone else or another creature.

Theoretically, this effect was very good. If one’s senses weren’t very high, it would be hard to tell whether you used such a G.o.d art.

Of course, if one’s senses weren’t weak, then they might be able to feel some inconsistencies.

Even so, Lu Ze felt very satisfied. This G.o.d art was so interesting!

A thought even popped in his mind. If he changed into blade demons, would he be able to enter the blade demon territory and have some fun?

Lu Ze became quite excited at the prospect.

Nine hours later, he finally learned this G.o.d art.

With a light of excitement from his eyes, he suddenly jumped up from bed.

Let’s test it first then!

Accordingly, he sunk into contemplation. Who should he turn into?

At this moment, a sound could be heard from outside. Lin Ling probably finished cultivating and wanted to take a break.

Immediately, a bold idea crossed his mind!

He used transformation G.o.d art. Consequently, he was enveloped with white light. When the white light disappeared, Lu Ze became Lin Ling.

He then frowned. Things felt a bit weird. Perhaps, it was because he had a different s.e.x now?

Lu Ze tried walking a few steps and still felt things were strange.

Thereafter, he reached out his skinny white hands and pressed on his chest.

That strange feeling made Lu Ze stiffen. Subsequently, he rubbed it a few times and said to himself, “I wonder if it feels the same as Lin Ling’s?”

He had never seen her body and never touched it as well. He just transformed based on his imagination.

Suddenly, Lu Ze gasped. “If I can touch Lin Ling personally, I can transform more realistically.”

But of course, Lin Ling wouldn’t sacrifice herself for the truth.

At this time, Lin Ling’s voice could be heard. “Ze? You are not cultivating?”

Lu Ze felt dazed. Did his movements startle her?

His eyes then lit up. He had an even bolder idea.

Upon such a thought, he walked over and opened the door.

After seeing Lin Ling’s face stiffen, he felt amazing.


She must be scared now?

As soon as Lu Ze smiled, Lin Ling’s face turned cold. Her spear appeared as she looked at the figure of Lu Ze with vigilance. At the same time, killing intent burst out as she spoke with a hostile voice. “Who are you? Where is Lu Ze?”

Lu Ze: -(?A?|IT)