Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 369 - Her Brain Spasmed From Anger?

Chapter 369 - Her Brain Spasmed From Anger?

Chapter 369 Her Brain Spasmed From Anger?

Lu Ze glanced at Lin Ling’s murderous expression and attempted to explain. “Lin Ling, it’s me, I am Lu Ze.”

Upon glancing at the spear, he became a little worried.

With her stance, she couldn’t possibly be thinking about dying together with him, could she?

Currently, they were in a warp dimension. If something really happened to the s.h.i.+p, they would probably be over.

He quickly revealed his chi to prove it was actually him.

After sensing his chi, Lin Ling felt stunned. Her killing intent had receded a little. However, she still looked at him with vigilance.

Moments later, with a dubious tone, she said, “Ze? Is it really you?”

No matter who it was, if they saw a person looking exactly the same as him walking out of a room, they would probably be confused, right?

Lu Ze quickly nodded at her question. “It really is me! Lin Ling, you need to believe me! I just changed into you to mess with you! This is my new G.o.d art. I can change into other organisms.” When he finished his words, Lin Ling said, “Don’t move!”

He quickly nodded. He was really scared that she would go crazy and shoot the spear toward him. By then, if the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p ended up getting destroyed, then they would probably be laughed at to death. Thereafter, Lin Ling used her spirit eye to observe Lu Ze. She could see the terrifying power within him and discern his real body at the same time.

It really was this idiot! However, why was his spirit force cultivation level this terrifying?

Was it at the mortal evolution state already?

She was extremely shocked at the thought. Her own spirit force cultivation level hadn’t even reached 600 apertures, and yet, this guy was already at the mortal evolution state, wasn’t he?

Was her spirit force cultivation level that much weaker than his as well?

Lin Ling felt quite bitter. She had been working so hard and this guy kept on giving her energy orbs. Still, she was worse off.

Upon seeing Lin Ling look at him with a dazed expression while her spirit eye was activated for a long time, Lu Ze wondered if she saw his inner beauty and became infatuated with him.


*Cough* “Um, Lin Ling can you put the spear away first?”

The spear was almost at his chest.

He still looked like her. If she didn’t take it back, he felt his chest would hurt.

Soon, she came back to her senses and put her spear away. She glared at him. “Ze, are you at the mortal evolution state?”

At this question, Lu Ze realized the reason for her dazed expression earlier. As it turned out, it was only due to seeing his improvement. What a disappointment.

He shook his head. “Peak stage of the aperture opening state. I am still a bit away from the mortal evolution state.”

When she heard his answer, her mouth could not help but twitch.

Almost at the mortal evolution state?

Thereafter, she smiled at him and patted his shoulder. “You are not at the mortal evolution state yet? You need to work harder.”

She knew what this guy thought. He wanted to show off to her!

She might be very envious, but she wasn’t going to show it.

Hearing this, Lu Ze, feeling shocked, looked at Lin Ling.

She changed! She’s no longer fun to mess with!

She didn’t even have an interesting reaction to his progress?

Suddenly, Lin Ling felt something wasn’t right. She proceeded to peruse him. He looked exactly like her.

She examined him from the top to his face and then to his perky chest and then below.

The atmosphere turned very silent.

Lu Ze looked at the expressionless Lin Ling and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Moments later, Lin Ling said shakily, “Ze… you didn’t do anything strange to this body, did you?”

After she finished her question, his body stiffened. He looked at Lin Ling who was trembling.

The two stared at each other with awkward silence.

Eventually, Lu Ze felt it was best not to lie to her.

Other than the pocket hunting dimension being too important, he didn’t want to lie regarding other matters to her.

Even if he said it, he didn’t touch her after all. She could understand, right?

While thinking about this, he scratched his head. “Mhm… I just rubbed the chest…”

“Ze, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Die!”

Before he could finish, Lin Ling charged over with a red face. Her entire body was palpitating heavily like she wanted to bite Lu Ze.

He quickly grabbed her hand. “Lin Ling, calm down. We are still on the s.h.i.+p! if the s.h.i.+p breaks, we are both dead!”

Lu Ze could feel his brain quivering. She was so ferocious!

He was just touching his own cells, not hers though?

Lin Ling’s eyes contained some mist as she rambled, “I don’t care! I’m going to kill myself and then kill you!”

Her hands struggled, wanting to break out of his grip.

How dare he do such a thing while looking like her?!

She was going to teach this r.e.t.a.r.d a lesson!!

When he heard her words, he gave her a caring look and reminded, “Stupid girl, if you commit suicide, how can you kill me?”

Did her brain spasm?

He still needed to find a way to calm her down, right?

Lin Ling: “…”

How about going straight to dying with this guy?

Although they were arguing intensely, they kept their power under control.

The two were in a stalemate. Eventually, Lu Ze used his right hand to hold her two hands and then used his left to stop her forehead, fearing that she would bite him.

After seeing how her face went red with anger, his mouth spasmed. He asked awkwardly, “Lin Ling, how are you going to calm down?”

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze, a clear indication that she didn’t want to talk.

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling too. The two just kept staring at each other.

Eventually, Lin Ling couldn’t take it anymore. She looked away.

A moment of silence later, Lin Ling said grumpily, “I’ll let it go this time.”

After she calmed down, she wasn’t so angry anymore. She was just more embarra.s.sed at the time.

In truth, she didn’t want anything to happen to this guy.

Lu Ze looked at her in disbelief. She was actually pretty easy to coax.

However, she spoke again at this time. “But you can’t change into me again!”

Lu Ze nodded at this. “No problem!”

He didn’t want to anyway. It was too terrifying

Lin Ling then added, “You can’t turn into sister Jing, Hesha, your sister and junior schoolmate too.”

When he heard this, he stiffened. He fell into contemplation.

Originally, he wanted to change into the forms of the alcoholic and fox demon and meet with them to see their reactions.

But then again, Lin Ling was a little lamb compared to them. If even she became this furious, then they…

Lu Ze thought it was best not to do it.

Life was quite nice already.

He nodded. “That is fine.” After Lu Ze agreed, Lin Ling rolled her eyes. “Let me go.”

Accordingly, he let her go and turned back into himself.

Today was really dangerous. He must be careful while playing with this transformation G.o.d art.

Lin Ling felt relieved too. It was quite complicated looking at him while he looked exactly like her.

The two had some food in the living room before going back to their respective rooms for cultivation.

Lu Ze sat on the bed.

Just five more days and he would arrive at Gracious System. He needed to increase his power.

Of course, it would be best if this mission could be pa.s.sed easily.

He closed his eyes and then entered the pocket hunting dimension.

Due to the death of the overlords, the beasts became chaotic again. There were endless sounds of battles and roars in the distance.

Lu Ze didn’t care. He just flew toward the ditch where he fought last time.

The energies of the blue bird and black tiger were still there.