Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 367 - A Jungler Without Weapons Is Soulless

Chapter 367 - A Jungler Without Weapons Is Soulless

Chapter 367 A Jungler Without Weapons Is Soulless

Lu Ze landed and picked up the orbs on the ground. Following this, he realized that one of the orbs with a thick blue breeze and one with a thick black and gold glow were incapable of being stored in the mental dimension.

Moreover, the blue breeze and black and gold glow kept expanding, pus.h.i.+ng the gray mist aside.

Lu Ze looked at the blue breeze and black and gold glow. He wasn’t bothered.

This should be the energy that the fox had absorbed from the black tiger overlord’s and blue bird overlord’s nests.

He would just let them expand first. Thereafter, he went to look for the orbs dropped by the rabbit boss.

After picking up all the orbs, Lu Ze heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, these were the babies dropped by the boss, and they were all good stuff. If one went missing, Lu Ze’s heart would ache.

Thankfully, the orbs would not be destroyed by the shockwaves. Although there were some that dropped into the cracks, they were still retrieved by the diligent Lu Ze.

After picking up all of the orbs, Lu Ze sat cross-legged in the midst of the gray mist and began absorbing it.

s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, in Lu Ze’s room.

Lu Ze, who was seated cross-legged on his bed, gradually opened his eyes and a sliver of gray light flashed in his eyes.

Beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He breathed deeply and felt slightly regretful.

The gray mist wasn’t any different from the lightning arc. Although its effect was great, he still couldn’t handle it after absorbing too much of it.

According to his progress now, he would probably require about three days to completely absorb all the gray mist. Coupled with the energy from the blue bird overlord’s and black tiger overlord’s nests, he wondered if he would be able to digest them before reaching the Gracious System?

But anyway, he had already dealt with the big bosses on the second map and didn’t have to worry about a big boss absorbing them.

Lu Ze didn’t think about this issue anymore. He happily poured his mental power into the mental dimension.

Let’s see how the harvest was this time! This time, Lu Ze had killed the gray dragon overlord, rabbit big boss, and that white-horned fox—his harvest was greater than before!

In the mental dimension, there were hundreds of orbs emitting various bright colors.

Among them, Lu Ze noticed that there were three white energy strands, and one of the energy strands had the same size as the other overlord’s energy strands. Meanwhile, two energy strands were slightly stronger.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

That energy strand that had the same size as the other overlord’s should belong to the gray dragon overlord while the remaining two energy strands should come from the rabbit boss and Lu Ze 2.

Lu Ze didn’t really understand.

This sort of energy strands should be very precious. After all, Lu Ze had only seen them from the overlords.

However, the rabbit boss’ situation wasn’t like that.

At least, the first time he encountered the rabbit boss, that fella’s power was probably at the G.o.d art beast level only.

It only became stronger after absorbing the lightning divine art rune that dropped from the sky.

Lu Ze even once saw those four overlords chasing after the rabbit boss, huh?

In the end, the rabbit boss had actually become one of the overlords.

Lu Ze didn’t see another rabbit with mental power G.o.d art on the second map, so there was definitely only the rabbit boss alone.

What exactly happened to this rabbit boss?

Also, the white-horned fox didn’t even possess any divine art, but other than absorbing the G.o.d arts from the black tiger overlord’s and blue bird overlord’s nests, it had two G.o.d arts. One of them was a transformation type of G.o.d art while the other allowed it to move through s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, it also seemed like the only one of its kind.

In the second map, Lu Ze didn’t see any other white-horned fox.

Lu Ze rubbed his chin and planned on thinking about it thoroughly.

After some time, Lu Ze made a bold a.s.sumption. Perhaps in the pocket hunting dimension, other than ordinary beasts and overlord beasts, there might be other special beasts out there.

There shouldn’t be many of these types of beasts on each map. They were either very strong or their G.o.d arts were very rare—there was something unique about them. Also, this type of beasts should be as smart as overlord beasts. Both the rabbit boss and white-horned fox were very evil!

Which meant they were the equivalent of the rare monsters in games??

With that thought, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

He seemed to have become an actual jungler?

However, why weren’t there any equipment drops in the pocket hunting dimension?!

A jungler without weapons is soulless!

Lu Ze shook his head and didn’t want to complain anymore.

He s.h.i.+fted his focus to his harvest once again.

Three white energy stands were enough to enhance Lu Ze’s spirit force to the perfection mastery level of the aperture opening state!

After that, if he acc.u.mulated more, he might not even have to go through the bottleneck and could break through immediately to the mortal evolution state!

With that thought, Lu Ze became very pleased.

He was very strong indeed!

He would be breaking through to the mortal evolution state very soon. At this possibility, he got a little excited!

En, he would share this piece of good news with Lu Li and the rest after breaking through. Recently, both of them had been working very hard too. Coupled with Lu Ze’s energy, their cultivations had broken through to the aperture opening state already.

Lu Ze even suspected that by the time the college entrance exam commence next year, those two people would probably break through to the mortal evolution state already.

By then, it would be very shocking.

Lin Ling was also improving very quickly. Lu Ze felt that he should be giving her more pressure so that she wouldn’t become arrogant after improving so quickly.

As Lu Ze thought about it, he looked at the orbs.

Other than the white energy strands, there was also an orb filled with gray mist-it should be the regeneration G.o.d art orb dropped by the gray dragon overlord. There was also a complicated gray divine art rune, and there were wisps of gray aura moving on top of the rune. It was similar to the divine art runes of other overlords. This should be the divine art of the regeneration G.o.d art.

In addition to these, there was also a G.o.d art orb with a faint blue glow around it. The faint blue glow was very unusual and seemed somewhat bewitching.

Lu Ze raised his brows and could roughly guess that this should be the mental force G.o.d art orb from the rabbit boss.

There was also a much complicated divine art rune compared to the overlord divine art. On the rune, there were lightning bolts intertwined. They exuded a destructive aura.

Lu Ze had seen this divine art before, and it was the divine art that fell from the sky—the divine art with a lightning cloud.

It was also because of this that the rabbit boss rose to power all of a sudden and became so strong.

It was so inspiring just thinking about it!

Lu Ze was slightly moved.

On the other side, there was an orb containing a white hazy aura. The white glow in the gla.s.s ball kept flowing and changing. It didn’t have a fixed structure and appeared very mysterious.

Lu Ze grinned. This was good stuff!

It should be the transformation G.o.d art of the white-horned fox.

This was a special G.o.d art!

The G.o.d arts Lu Ze currently possessed was either a body G.o.d art, an elemental G.o.d art, or a mental power G.o.d art. He didn’t have any G.o.d art with a unique ability.

This could be considered his first one.

Lu Ze was very pleased with himself. A G.o.d art that allowed him to keep transforming-it should be really fun!

Next to the transformation G.o.d art, there was a G.o.d art orb that possessed a silver glowthis was also a very rare G.o.d art.

s.p.a.ce G.o.d art!

Lu Ze felt that the harvest this time was too amazing!

The s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was definitely much faster than his wind G.o.d art. With this G.o.d art, he shouldn’t have an issue escaping from anything in the future, right?

He was very strong, and there wasn’t anyone who could defeat him during missions, but just in case, right? What if someone could?

He decided to use the s.p.a.ce dimension to flee!

Other than the three white energy strands, various G.o.d art orbs, and divine art runes, there was also a bunch of red orbs and purple orbs.

Lu Ze counted them carefully, including those red orbs that he hadn’t used previously, he now had a total of 82 red orbs and 76 purple orbs.

These were the orbs dropped by the four overlords, the rabbit boss, and that white-horned fox, so the energies contained in them were obviously very powerful!

Lu Ze looked at these 82 red orbs and pondered deeply.

He wondered if these 82 red orbs and those 3 white energy strands were enough to let him break through to the mortal evolution state?

If they were enough, then once he broke through to the mortal evolution state, his power would be instantly explosive.

With that thought, Lu Ze became very excited.

This was bad… he felt that he was going to become arrogant by getting so strong.

Speaking of which, once he got stronger, he wondered if the alcoholic and vixen would be able to punish him?

By then, wouldn’t he be able to take revenge?

*Excited.jpg (Lu Ze’s limited edition)*

He must knock that alcoholic’s forehead non-stop! Not good, not good… Deep breaths, deep breaths…

He quickly tossed those thoughts away and cultivated properly!

Accordingly, Lu Ze forced himself to suppress those thoughts and calmed himself down.

After looking through what he had gained, Lu Ze didn’t think further about it and got ready to cultivate.

A white energy strand in the mental dimension disappeared and turned into mysterious energy as it charged into Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and began to absorb the energy. Following the absorption of the white energy strand, his cells became more and more dynamic. His mental power and spirit force became purer while his mind turned clearer. Even the reaction of his spirit force kept deepening. Lu Ze was becoming stronger in every aspect. It wasn’t as painful as absorbing the other orbs.

This feeling of becoming stronger was amazing. Lu Ze couldn’t help but indulge in it.