Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 366 - The True Colors of Lu Ze

Chapter 366 - The True Colors of Lu Ze

Chapter 366 The True Colors of Lu Ze

Just now, the battle between Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2 had already moved hundreds of kilometers. They were a distance away from the gray mist area.

After sensing Lu Ze 2’s chi at the original gray mist area, a blue breeze began flowing around Lu Ze’s body. Thereafter, his body turned into a stream of light as he flew toward the gray mist.

He hadn’t picked up those orbs just now. Perhaps, Lu Ze 2 had picked them all up?

If so, wouldn’t his harvest be stolen by that fella?

With that thought, Lu Ze didn’t care about the insufficient energy he had at the moment and used all his strength to fly toward that gray mist.

In just a brief moment, Lu Ze flew over hundreds of kilometers, appearing above the gray mist.

He lowered his head and looked.

Due to the battle between Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2 just now, there was a deep pit of over ten kilometers formed here.

At this moment, the deep pit was completely filled with the gray mist. There were countless cracks on the edges of the pit from the aftermath of the battle.

Through the gray mist, Lu Ze could vaguely see a small figure, and this figure seemed to be slightly distorted.

Lu Ze furrowed his brows. The distorted figure kept becoming fainter. From this, a tinge of suspicion flashed in his eyes.

He felt that Lu Ze 2’s aura didn’t seem like it was absorbing the gray mist.

At this moment, Lu Ze 2’s aura seemed like it was in a bad shape. It was very volatilegoing up and down.

Is this what happens when one starts absorbing the gray mist?

Obviously, he wasn’t going to just watch as Lu Ze 2 absorbed the gray mist. A gray spirit light flashed around his body as he took a deep breath and moved toward the mist.

The moment Lu Ze charged, he tensed up and waited for the pain brought by absorbing the gray mist.

The gray mist and lightning arc were the same. Wisps of gray mist floated to him and entered his body the moment it sensed the gray spirit light around Lu Ze’s body.

After the gray mist had entered, he could sense his vitality beginning to weaken due to the erosion by the mist, but because his regeneration G.o.d art had already completed the second map, only the gray dragon overlord’s G.o.d art orb hadn’t absorbed it.

When the gray mist went into his body, he felt pain along with a sliver of refres.h.i.+ng feeling just like how he felt when he absorbed the lightning arc previously

He was somewhat stunned.

This felt pretty good, doesn’t it? Why did Lu Ze 2 look like he was about to die?

Lu Ze didn’t have time to think further because the mist was becoming thicker and thicker. He could no longer see Lu Ze 2’s figure. At this juncture, only a hint of Lu Ze 2’s chi was still present. He didn’t want to lose Lu Ze 2. If he did, it would probably be quite difficult to look for that guy again. With that thought, Lu Ze immediately flew toward Lu Xe 2’s chi.

In just a short moment, Lu Ze had a strange expression as he looked at the scene before him.

A few hundred meters away, Lu Ze 2 was floating in the gray mist, and wisps of gray mist were pouring into his body.

However, with the gray mist flowing into Lu Ze 2’s body, his initial wounds that weren’t very serious were torn apart at this moment. Fresh silver blood flowed out, staining the gray mist in the surroundings with a silver color.

Lu Ze 2 didn’t look great. His face was pale while his aura kept weakening—he seemed like he was about to die.

However, he obviously didn’t want to die just like that.

Hence, Lu Ze 2 had a silvery-white light flickering around his body. It was as though he was trying to use the s.p.a.ce divine art.

But each time the silvery-white light lit up, it would be covered by the gray mist and the silvery-white light would disappear. Lu Ze 2 couldn’t perform the s.p.a.ce jump at all.

Lu Ze: “…”

Lu Ze watched as Lu Ze 2 kept spewing out blood while trying to fly out of the gray mist area.

His mouth could not help but spasm.

How could this guy torture himself like that?!

Wasn’t this a little too intense?

He still remembered the first time he learned the regeneration G.o.d art gla.s.s ball. He thought that he was about to die.

Lu Ze 2’s current cultivation was much stronger than what Lu Ze had before, but the gray mist was clearly on a different level compared to the regeneration G.o.d art orb. Furthermore, Lu Ze 2 was already severely injured at this moment.

It was clear that this guy didn’t go through the regeneration G.o.d art before and didn’t expect this to happen.

Also, Lu Ze 2 still had the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art. Surely, from what Lu Ze thought, even if there was really a problem, it shouldn’t be an issue for Lu Ze 2 to leave.

However, Lu Ze didn’t expect that in this mist, the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art had no problem bringing Lu Ze 2 inside, but it was completely unable to get him out.

Lu Ze had a daring guess. Perhaps, all of the energy in the overlords’ nests had this effect.

After all, this area was completely covered with the regeneration G.o.d art. It would probably be very difficult to use any other G.o.d arts.

He felt that using other types of G.o.d arts right now was extremely hard. Only the lightning G.o.d art could probably be used, albeit sparingly, because it had already absorbed the land of lightning’s electric arc.

With that thought, Lu Ze looked at Lu Ze 2, who was struggling to drag himself out of the mist. He grinned widely.


This guy was so unlucky. Just how did he survive this long?

Lu Ze’s body turned into a stream of light and appeared before Lu Ze 2 to block him. At the same time, a lightning spear appeared.


The lightning spear’s power decreased greatly in the gray mist, but it was still looking better than Lu Ze 2 who was akin to a silver human fountain at this moment.

The purple blood lightning flashed, and the lightning spear turned into a purplish-red flowing light as it shot toward Lu Ze 2.


Lu Ze 2 seemed to have felt the danger. He suddenly heard a roar, and a hazy white light appeared on his body.

The white light enveloped Lu Ze 2 and the lightning spear pierced through the white light, giving off a resounding chi. Then, there wasn’t anything

Lu Ze raised his brows and looked at the expanding white light. He was on his guard.

Could it be that Lu Ze 2 still had a big move?

Thereafter, the white light faded and a figure appeared.

Lu Ze looked at the figure that appeared among the white light, and his eyes widened. After the white light faded, the original Lu Ze 2 disappeared and was replaced by an unusual beast.

This was a fox-type beast that was covered in silvery-white fur.

Its body, including its tail, was about ten meters long. There was a white horn on its forehead, and it emitted a white glow.

However, due to its severe injuries, this fox beast had fresh silvery-white blood flowing down its body. Its originally beautiful fur had a number of scars. At the same time, its eyes were also blood-red, giving off a ferocious aura.

Even so, this single-horned fox still looked very n.o.ble and elegant.

Lu Ze was stunned as he looked at the white-horned fox that appeared all of a sudden.

This thing looked really beautiful!

He had to say that most of the beasts in the pocket hunting dimension looked pretty good, but this white-horned fox was the most stunning!

If only he could keep this fella as a pet and bring it outside.

Little Yingying would definitely like it a lot.

Even Lu Li and the others would like it too, right? Especially that vixen-Qiuyue Heshashe would definitely like this fox.

Too bad…

Lu Ze glanced at the white-horned fox—this fella was precious.

It seemed like it possessed a G.o.d art capable of transforming itself into another living creature—this type of G.o.d art should be very rare.

As a ruthless person, it didn’t matter whether the beast looked good or not, the orbs were more important.


Sensing Lu Ze’s murderous intent, the white-horned fox that recovered to its original state roared. Its aura was more ferocious.

Following such, it turned around and ran.

Lu Ze: “…”

Indeed, this fella was very sinister!

He could tell from the way this fella sneakily attacked him just now that this fella had a black heart! Its appearance was just superficial.

Lu Ze’s power surged. He could use both the regeneration G.o.d art and lightning G.o.d art.

In a short time, Lu Ze managed to catch up to the white-horned fox. Thereafter, a purple blood lightning spear appeared in front of him and flew toward the white-horned fox.

The white-horned fox was unable to use the wind G.o.d art in this gray mist and was also severely injured. It tried its best to dodge, but the lightning spear still pierced through its abdomen.

Zi zi…

The purplish-red lightning flickered around its wounded area, and the white-horned fox’s chi weakened further. At the same time, due to its injuries, its speed was reduced drastically.

When Lu Ze saw this, another two lightning spears appeared.

Chi chi!

After two resounding ‘chi’, the lightning spear pierced through the white-horned fox’s body.

The life of the white-horned fox gradually faded as it fell from the sky and landed heavily into the bottom of the deep pit.

Lu Ze looked at the white-horned fox that was slowly turning into ashes and sighed as he began to feel weak.

He wasn’t any better than the white-horned fox just now. After fighting two major battles, his energy was already at its limit.

If the white-horned fox wasn’t terrified and chose to fight, he might not have survived.

If the white-horned fox didn’t think that it could escape by using the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, it definitely wouldn’t be so greedy and enter the gray mist. In the end, it had successfully killed itself.

This was also a reminder to Lu Ze.

Even if he died, even if he was eaten by a giant s.p.a.ce beast! He, Lu Ze, would never be overconfident!

After taking some time to recuperate, Lu Ze’s energy began to slowly recover.

He looked at the dozen orbs left behind by the white-horned fox and grinned.

Ah- The harvesting season was always so sweet!