Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 365 - Rectify This Wrong Life of Yours

Chapter 365 - Rectify This Wrong Life of Yours

Chapter 365 Rectify This Wrong Life of Yours

Sensing the terrifying aura coming from behind, Lu Ze’s eyes turned cold. His black gold battle armor and purple blood lightning appeared and turned into a lightning spear in order to face the tri-color energy light pillar.

At the same time, he turned around and blasted out his right fist, which surged and followed behind the lightning spear toward the tri-color energy light pillar.


A deafening explosion resounded. The resulting raging force caused Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2 to be flung out over ten kilometers away.

The original area where the orbs were at became a giant pit of over ten kilometers. Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2 were at opposite ends of the giant pit. At the bottom of the pit, there were over a dozen orbs, which Lu Ze hadn’t had the chance to pick up.

Meanwhile, the gray mist kept expanding and gradually filled up the bottom of the giant pit.

Lu Ze looked at Lu Ze 2 who wore a faint smile. The latter wasn’t triggered by him at


He knew how sinister this fella was!

Since the last time he was attacked by this guy, he had kept an eye on him and would never make another mistake of that kind again!

However, Lu Ze glanced at the crack on the black gold battle armor and raised his brows.

Lu Ze 2 was stronger than he thought.

After absorbing the energy from the blue bird overlord and black tiger overlord’s nest, this guy’s strength had probably reached level four of the mortal evolution state.

Compared to Lu Ze, his overall strength should be slightly stronger.

Lu Ze 2 seemed very aloof. His expression changed a little when Lu Ze blocked his attack, but he still didn’t say a word.

After the shockwaves dissipated, a blue breeze flowed around Lu Ze 2’s body and turned into a stream of light as it charged toward Lu Ze.

When Lu Ze saw this, he pursed his lips and used the blue bird 1 divine art. Consequently, a breeze flowed around his body, and he charged over.


No way!

He wasn’t someone that would be terrified!

The purplish blood lightning flashed and lightning spears kept appearing next to Lu Ze.

One spear, two spears, three spears… five spears… ten spears.

The increasing number of lightning spears gave off a strong aura, and the purple blood lightning flashed on top of the lightning spears. At the same time, there was a black and gold glow around both Lu Ze’s arms and the star crippling punch was also brewing inside.

Over a dozen lightning spears flew toward Lu Ze 2, but the blue light moved around Lu Ze 2’s body and hundreds of wind blades appeared, charging to meet the lightning spears.

Boom boom boom…!! There was a series of collisions, and raging shockwaves spread in all directions. The sharp wind blades went across the lightning spears with a destructive chi. Ripples appeared on the gray mist in the giant pit.

At the same time, several cracks that were ten meters long appeared at the side of the giant pit.

The lightning spears were completely torn apart by the wind blades, and the remaining ten wind blades turned into a blue stream of light under Lu Ze 2’s control and flew toward Lu Ze.

Compared to Lu Ze, Lu Ze 2 didn’t have any divine art. Nevertheless, his spirit force cultivation and G.o.d art were not weak. Even without any divine art, he was still a big threat just by using the wind blades created through his G.o.d art.

Sensing the sharp chi emitted by the wind blades, the blue rune in Lu Ze’s eyes flickered. He moved in a flash in the sky, dodging the attacks of the wind blades.

In just a brief moment, Lu Ze and Lu Ze 2 collided.


Star crippling punch!

Lu Ze suddenly attacked with his right fist with frenzied energy all of a sudden.

However, a right hand that also had a black and gold spirit light flickering blocked Lu Ze’s fist.

Upon making contact, there was an intense power, and the cracks around the pit deepened. At the same time, the gray mist at the bottom of the pit began surging wildly due to the shockwaves.

Lu Ze’s body was covered with the black gold battle armor while Lu Ze 2’s body also had a black gold spirit light flickering. Both parties possessed body G.o.d art 1 while Lu Ze’s black gold battle armor and star crippling punch were divine arts. Even so, Lu Ze 2’s cultivation was clearly much higher than Lu Ze, just using his G.o.d art alone, he was able to block Lu Ze’s punch.

When Lu Ze witnessed this, a light flashed across his eyes. He inched closer and used the close combat ability that he had practiced with Nangong Jing and Lin Ling. Attacking with his fist, palm, and elbow-every part of his body had become a weapon.

Meanwhile, the purplish blood lightning flashed around Lu Ze, and over a dozen one-meter long lightning spears appeared. They would charge toward Lu Ze 2 whenever there were any gaps between Lu Ze’s attacks.

Lu Ze 2 was slightly stronger than Lu Ze, but he didn’t have as much battle experience as Lu Ze. As a result, he was actually suppressed by Lu Ze’s attack and didn’t really know how to fight back.

The power of the star crippling punch and lightning spears cannot be ignored even by Lu Ze 2 who possessed the 1st body G.o.d art. There would be small injuries appearing from time to time, and fresh silver-colored blood kept flowing out of his wounds.

Lu Ze 2 clearly didn’t expect that this would happen. He seemed a little panicky.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He glanced askance at the alarmed Lu Ze 2 and smirked.


Naive! Real naive!

‘Does he really think that I only enhanced my abilities in the pocket hunting dimension?’

Lu Ze had been beaten up by the alcoholic so many times.

How many times had he bled??

How many tears had he shed?!

Today, he will let this wretched guy know that even if he looked just like him, he wasn’t as strong as he was!

En… Lu Ze would just press him to death with these little spears!

However, a few short seconds later, a blue light flashed all over Lu Ze 2’s body. Moreover, there were hundreds of wind blades moving. They proceeded to cut the little lightning spears.

There were also wind blades flying toward Lu Ze from time to time.

Lu Ze’s lips twitched.

d.a.m.n! This guy actually copied him?!

This was too much, huh?

He didn’t even ask me for permission!

Hence, other than the deafening sounds of collisions, there were still the sounds of wind blades knocking against the black gold battle armor.

The wind blades left various deep cracks on the black gold battle armor. There were even some wind blades that penetrated the black gold battle armor from time to time, leaving deep marks on Lu Ze’s body.

Lu Ze grinned in pain. He used the regeneration G.o.d art to heal his wounds while using the 1st body G.o.d art to fix the black gold battle armor. At the same time, he didn’t forget to continue attacking Lu Ze 2.

‘You must die today!’ The intense battle lasted for a few minutes. Although Lu Ze’s clothes were already shredded into pieces, he didn’t sustain any injuries at all.

After all, he was using the regeneration G.o.d art. In turn, his wounds would heal by themselves.

However, Lu Ze 2 didn’t possess the regeneration G.o.d art, so there were quite a number of injuries on his body.

Still, Lu Ze had fought in two battles consecutively and had consumed a lot of energy. His breathing became slightly labored.

As Lu Ze 2’s injuries kept increasing, his battle power had begun to decline. Lu Ze looked at Lu Ze 2 who could no longer maintain that arrogant smile on his face and had a sinister expression. “The smile on your face isn’t very friendly. I shall adjust it for you!”

As he spoke, Lu Ze burst forth in full force and approached closer. After attacking continuously, Lu Ze’s left hand pushed Lu Ze 2’s right wrist away. His right fist that had black gold spirit light flickering crashed against Lu Ze 2’s chest.

Star crippling punch! Lu Ze 2’s bones let out a resounding crack, and his body immediately turned in a black and gold stream of light as he was sent flying. At the same time, fresh silver-colored blood splattered across the sky.

When Lu Ze 2 finally stabilized his body, a blue flowing light flashed across, and Lu Ze appeared on top of Lu Ze 2 as a dozen of purple blood lightning spears charged toward Lu Ze 2’s body.

Lu Ze 2’s pupils shrank. Wind blades appeared all over his body, and after a terrifying shockwave, the wind blades and lightning spears disappeared. At this moment, Lu Ze’s domineering figure went across the center of the explosion. A black and gold spirit light flashed on top of his right leg as he stepped heavily on Lu Ze 2’s chest!

“Get in!”


Lu Ze 2 suddenly turned into a black meteor and was smashed deep into the ground, creating a deep pit and leaving silver blood trails in the sky.

Lu Ze looked at the black- and gold-colored light flickering at the bottom of the pit. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

His eyes were frosty. “You should also rectify this wrong life of yours!” They were definitely different people! His smile was so das.h.i.+ng, unlike this guy’s smile—it looked so evil?!

This was definitely an insult to him!

Moreover, this guy bullied him a number of times when he was just a rookie. Lu Ze was someone who bore grudges and was heartless!

How could he possibly let this guy go? If he wanted to talk amicably, please die about three to five more times first!

Tsk tsk!!

Countless raging bolts of purple blood lightning flashed-each was more than ten meters long. At the same time, lightning spears with terrifying aura appeared before Lu Ze.


The lightning spears immediately turned into bolts of purple blood lightning and headed toward the ground. Just at this time, the severely injured Lu Ze 2, who was lying on the ground, had a silvery-white glow around the surface of his body all of a sudden.

In just a brief moment, Lu Ze 2’s body disappeared without a trace.


At this moment, the lightning spears then crashed into the ground.

The ground exploded and pieces of charred mud flew out.

Lu Ze furrowed his brows.

Lu Ze 2 possessed the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art, and Lu Ze obviously knew about it. However, the s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was too mysterious. Lu Ze didn’t know how it worked.

It was clear that this guy used the s.p.a.ce jump G.o.d art, right?

He went all out because he wanted to keep this guy.

Yet, he didn’t expect that this guy actually ran away?

Tsk, it would probably be very challenging to find this guy by himself next time, right?

After all, he had no clue about this sort of s.p.a.ce jump divine art.

What could he do? He was very helpless too!

Just at this moment, Lu Ze froze. He actually sensed Lu Ze 2’s aura behind him. That area was the gray mist region.


That guy actually didn’t take him seriously?!

He actually dared to use the s.p.a.ce jump and head over to the gray mist area? He still wanted to absorb the gray mist?

Logically speaking, since he could absorb the energy from the blue bird overlord and black tiger overlord’s nests, he should be able to absorb the gray mist as well. But this guy didn’t take him seriously at all, this was a little overboard, right?!