Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 364 - Missed Something Out?

Chapter 364 - Missed Something Out?

Chapter 364 Missed Something Out?

After hundreds of continuous lightning attacks, the fat rabbit’s chi was finally in a slight disorder.

Even with the fat rabbit’s current power, this sort of attack would still consume a lot of its energy.


After a short pause, the lightning attacks began once more.

Lu Ze was already used to the pain of the fat rabbit’s mental power attack. He activated his blue bird 1 divine art and dodged the lightning attacks again.

Lu Ze’s body turned into a blue stream of light and moved in a flash, pa.s.sing through the bolts of lightning. He kept getting closer to the fat rabbit.

In just a few seconds, he was already over ten meters above the fat rabbit.

He clenched his right fist. His arm was covered with the black gold battle armor. On top of the battle armor, there was a black and gold glow.

Star crippling punch!


Although the level of the star crippling punch divine art was not as strong as the lightning spear divine art, the former was already at the perfection level of mastery. Moreover, after Lu Ze absorbed the 1st body G.o.d art orb, his 1st body G.o.d art was only slightly weaker compared to the lightning G.o.d art—there wasn’t a big difference between these two.

Lu Ze threw a punch and a terrifying force surged, even the entire dimension seemed to tremble slightly.

At the same time, a flash of purple blood lightning flickered around Lu Ze’s body and three lightning spears materialized. They turned into purplish-red thin energy lines and cruised around the fat rabbit, looking for a chance to attack.

Although the lightning spear divine art’s attack was stronger, close-ranged attacks were clearly better.

At least if both parties weren’t far apart, blocking and dodging close-ranged attacks would be much harder than long-ranged


Although close-ranged attacks were more dangerous.

However, Lu Ze was tough!

With the black gold battle armor divine art, coupled with the regeneration G.o.d art, he felt that he had nothing to fear!

Let’s go!


The black and gold fist crashed straight into the fat rabbit’s head.

At the same time, the purplish-red rune in Lu Ze’s eyes flickered and three lightning spears stabbed the fat rabbit’s sides and back.

The areas where the spear gun flew past caused even the air to be burnt, giving off a charred scent.

Just at this moment, the three sharp horns on the fat rabbit’s head had purple and gray lights flas.h.i.+ng. Thereafter, multiple bolts of lightning mixed with gray energy shot out of those three sharp horns, heading toward Lu Ze’s fist.

At the same time, the cloud above its head kept going lower until he was just a few kilometers above its head. Subsequently, many lightning bolts flashed in the clouds and charged toward the lightning spear.

Boom boom…!!

Continuous collisions turned the surrounding air very chaotic. The shockwaves spread, and the spirit force surged as the power of the lightning swept in all directions.

There were purple or purplish blood lightning flashes from time to time in the area. Furthermore, there were black and gray spirit lights flowing through occasionally.

Lu Ze’s fist collided with the terrifying force shot out and dispersed by three sharp horns of the fat rabbit. However, Lu Ze’s lightning spear tore through the fat rabbit’s bolts of lightning and crashed into the fat rabbit’s body with its weakened power.

Chi chi chi!

After three resounding ‘chi’, three huge b.l.o.o.d.y holes appeared on the fat rabbit’s body as fresh blood stained its originally snow-white hair.

The purplish-red bolts of lightning flickered on its wounds, but after a short moment, a gray spirit light flashed on the fat rabbit’s body, and the regeneration G.o.d art dispelled the power of lightning. Very quickly, the fat rabbit’s injuries began to recover.

Lu Ze glanced askance and clicked his tongue.

If only he was the only one who had the regeneration G.o.d art. It was very troublesome if his opponent had it as well.

At the same time, Lu Ze was slightly regretful.

His mental power was suppressed by the fat rabbit’s mental power attack.

Otherwise, he would definitely let this fat rabbit have a taste of the ‘Return of Ten Thousand Spears!’

‘I must turn this fat rabbit into a kebab!’

Even so, Lu Ze had already used all his strategies to its limits.

In his little notebook, his feud with this fat rabbit was already a few pages long!

Anyway, he was very strong! He was invincible!

After the continuous use of two strands of white energy, Lu Ze’s physical body, mental power, and spirit force cultivation were greatly enhanced, including his recovery strength. If he went all-out, he should be able to hold up for at least 10 to 30 minutes, right?

Right now, he wasn’t just a real man who could only hold on for a few seconds!

Right now, he was a real man who could hold on for a few minutes!

If the first attack didn’t work, he would attack a second time, a third time… until a hundred times. The regeneration G.o.d art would consume its energy as well, Lu Ze didn’t believe that this fella wouldn’t die.

At this time, Lu Ze suddenly recalled a serious problem.

Initially, he called this fella a rabbit boss, but right now, he actually dared to call it a fat rabbit.

He actually became so lofty, huh?

It wasn’t good to be arrogant during a fight!

Lu Ze silently removed the fat rabbit’s nickname in his heart and called it the rabbit boss.

Then, a blue breeze surged around Lu Ze’s body, and he dodged a wave of lightning attacks. The star crippling punch and lightning spears kept charging toward the rabbit boss.

The entire area of over hundreds of kilometers square was covered with traces of their battle.

The initial gra.s.sland disappeared, black soil whirled around, cracks all over the ground emerged, and pits of various sizes covered the place.

After a short ten seconds, Lu Ze and the rabbit boss were suspended in the sky. They were both facing each other.

Lu Ze caught his breath and calmed his urgent breathing as he looked at the rabbit boss.

At this juncture, the rabbit boss’ eyes were red and filled with a violent chi. Its originally snow-white hair was already stained with fresh blood.

But there wasn’t a single wound on its body as all the injuries had recovered thanks to the regeneration G.o.d art.

However, as a trade-off, frequent use of the regeneration G.o.d art was enough to increase its rate of energy consumption. At this moment, the rabbit boss’ chi was somewhat in disarray.

Lu Ze even suspected that this rabbit boss might be a female. Otherwise, why would it even replenish some of its hairs when they dropped? They wouldn’t affect its battle power, would they?

If it was a male, wouldn’t it continue fighting even if it turned bald?

After taking a short break, Lu Ze’s energy was quickly replenished. Compared to before, this rate of consumption was totally acceptable. He clenched his fist and grinned, feeling very pleased with himself.

If he continued absorbing those precious white energy strands in the future, could he recover and consume at the same time?

If this were the case, he would be invincible!

With that thought, he got a little excited.

He looked at the rabbit boss in the distance and wondered if this fella would drop those white energy strands.

Lu Ze’s gaze turned sinister.

Upon seeing Lu Ze’s gaze, the rabbit boss trembled and raised its two long ears. Its gaze had become even more ferocious.

At this point, it couldn’t care less about resting. Bolts of lightning flickered in the cloud over its head again and struck in Lu Ze’s direction.

Boom boom!!

Lu Ze looked at hundreds of terrifying bolts of lightning, and his gaze turned icy. His body turned to a breeze as he dodged the attacks and pounced toward the rabbit boss again.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze suddenly had an ominous feeling.

It seemed like he had missed something?

He furrowed his brows and appeared next to the rabbit boss as he attacked it with his star crippling punch and lightning spear.

After the rabbit boss struggled for a moment, there were a couple of wounds on its body.

The rabbit boss howled in fury. It then used its regeneration G.o.d art once again to recover.

Following this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up, and he finally realized what he had missed out.

It seemed like this rabbit boss only had mental power G.o.d art, lightning G.o.d art, and regeneration G.o.d art?!

But wasn’t the energy from the black tiger overlord and blue bird overlord’s nest already absorbed?

If so, then why doesn’t the rabbit boss have the wind G.o.d art and ist body G.o.d art?

Lu Ze kept attacking non-stop and frowned slightly.

He realized that he might be wrong.

The energies of the black tiger overlord and blue bird overlord weren’t absorbed by the rabbit boss at all!

Since this was the case, then there was only one criminal!

A bright light flashed across Lu Ze’s eyes.

The criminal was Lu Ze 2!

Lu Ze furrowed his brows when he thought of this possibility.

Although he knew that Lu Ze 2’s smile was disgusting, he didn’t expect that Lu Ze 2 wasn’t only disgusting, he was wretched!

Since they had the same appearance, why must he s.n.a.t.c.h his stuff?!

Was this something a person would do?!




Lu Ze felt indignant as his power surged and kept adding wounds to the rabbit boss’ body.

Although the rabbit boss’ attacks were comparable to Lu Ze’s and it even has mental power G.o.d art, it was much weaker than Lu Ze in terms of defense and speed.

It was undoubtedly a deadly matter during battle.

Hence, even though the rabbit boss may be strong and recovered quickly, it was still getting wounded by Lu Ze.

After over a minute, the rabbit boss’ injuries had reached the point where they couldn’t fully recover anymore.

Fresh blood gushed out of its wounds, and its white hair was falling to the ground. Its aura had weakened quite a bit.

After becoming weaker, it became more challenging to endure Lu Ze’s attacks.


The star crippling punch had shattered the weakened lightning attack. At the same time, three lightning spears pierced through the rabbit boss’ body.


This roar was filled with sorrow.

However, as a ruthless jungler, Lu Ze wasn’t affected at all. A blue stream of light flashed across and Lu Ze appeared on top of the rabbit boss’ head.

Three lightning spears appeared. Lu Ze’s gaze was frosty as he clenched his right fist and a black and gold stream of light flickered.



The lightning spear and star crippling punch burst forth at the same time, blasting the raging lightning and gray energy s.h.i.+eld. Both landed heavily on the rabbit boss’ head.

The purplish-red and black and gold energies went through that giant head of the rabbit boss and crashed onto the ground. After a loud explosion, there was a deep pit of over ten kilometers square on the land.

Afterward, the rabbit boss’ lifeless corpse landed into the deep pit and left a trace of fresh blood in the sky.

Lu Ze heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the rabbit boss turning into ashes.

Finally, the rabbit boss that had bullied him for so long had fallen under his ruthless fist. His emotions became complex.

Lu Ze sighed. He was really so strong, even the rabbit boss wasn’t his opponent anymore.

This scene should be a reward for the hard work Lu Ze had put in during this period, right?

Lu Ze slowly landed next to the rabbit boss’ corpse, and after ten seconds, the corpse turned into ashes.

The energy cl.u.s.ters which the rabbit boss had dropped were almost the same as the other overlords.

But compared to the other overlords, there was an extra cl.u.s.ter of gray mist. It was like a concentrated version of the gray mist from the gray dragon nest. Also, this cl.u.s.ter of gray mist was expanding. It seemed as though it was returning to the size it had when it was in the gray dragon overlord’s nest.

Just at this moment, a silvery-white light flashed behind Lu Ze.

Thereafter, a figure that was exactly the same as Lu Ze appeared. There was a blue whirlwind spinning around his right hand and a black and gold stream of light flas.h.i.+ng on top of it as a raging power burst forth in Lu Ze’s direction.