Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 363 - Numb

Chapter 363 - Numb

Chapter 363 Numb

Since Lu Ze had learned the blue bird 1 divine art, his speed had improved quite a bit. Accordingly, his speed of searching in the pocket hunting dimension had increased as well.

Three days later, Lu Ze found a blue forest that already had been drained of energy. The trees in the woods were slowly withering as the light breeze blew around them. In the middle of the woods was a huge nest, and Lu Ze found some feathers as beautiful as blue jade in the nest.

This was originally the blue bird overlord’s nest, but unfortunately, the blue bird overlord had already been hunted by him. The energy in this nest had clearly been absorbed by those two beasts.

However, he didn’t expect that there were actually feathers here that didn’t turn to ashes-Lu Ze didn’t know why either.

Lu Ze took a closer look and realized that it wasn’t very useful, so he continued to search.

He realized that the blue bird overlord, black tiger overlord, and lightning dragon-horse were located at the east, west, and north of the gra.s.sland.

Since this was the case, then it would be very easy to find the gray dragon overlord’s nest.

A day later, Lu Ze found the gray dragon overlord’s nest in the south.

The gray dragon overlord’s nest was a gray misty area.

At this moment, the mist had become very thin, and in the mist, he could roughly see a rabbit that was about ten meters tall. Furthermore, in the outer areas of the mist, he could see a dispirited gray dragon squirming on the ground.

Lu Ze looked at the gray dragon and was taken aback.He thought that the gray dragon overlord had also absorbed the energy of the black tiger overlord and blue bird overlord, but it seemed like the fat rabbit had absorbed all of them?

Also, judging by the appearance of the gray dragon overlord, it looked as though absorbing the energy of the nest would affect the living overlord as well? Shocking! As an overlord, it actually gave everything to its partner.

If this isn’t love, what is?!

Lu Ze was tearing up. This was simply too touching!

He was emotional as he prepared the lightning G.o.d art.

Subsequently, a purple blood lightning spear of over ten meters long appeared before Lu Ze.

Sensing the aura of the terrifying lightning spear, the originally dispirited gray dragon overlord was in fury.

d.a.m.n! That two-legged devil was here again!

The moment it had that thought, a bolt of purple blood lightning flashed in the sky and pierced through its skull.

That gray dragon overlord died in an instant and fell to the ground.

Thereafter, its corpse began turning into ashes.

The entire process happened naturally and smoothly without a pause at all.

Lu Ze looked at the gray dragon overlord that was slowly turning into ashes and couldn’t help but worry that he was becoming more and more like a villain?

Although he was a cute and attractive type.

The fat rabbit in the gray mist seemed to have sensed the death of the gray dragon overlord, and a powerful fluctuation of energy appeared among the mist.


The roar came from the gray mist. Lu Ze could hear the incredible pain from losing a loved one in its roar.

Lu Ze felt a little ashamed.

Following that, Lu Ze noticed that after the death of the gray dragon overlord, the fat rabbit’s absorption of the gray mist was much faster.

He knitted his brows. Could it be that after the death of the overlord, the speed of absorption of the nest’s energy would become faster?

The gray mist basically turned into a vortex and went toward the fat rabbit.

Lu Ze raised his brows. His lightning spear appeared once again. The purple blood lightning spear disappeared as it turned into a stream of purplish-red light and shot toward the fat rabbit.


The stream of light went across the sky and left a faint scorch mark, even the dimension was becoming distorted.

Lu Ze had gone all-out for this attack. Even though he was a cute and attractive villain, he wasn’t that sort who would allow the main character to grow up successfully then kill it. He took the chance when it was still absorbing the gray mist and attacked it directly.


Upon sensing the strong power, the fat rabbit howled, and bolts of lightning appeared, cras.h.i.+ng against the purple blood lightning spear.

Boom boom…!!

Continuous explosions rang out, and lightning bolts covered hundreds of kilometers nearby as the powerful shockwaves produced by the collision of lightning bolts surged everywhere. Perhaps because the big white rabbit had absorbed the gray mist, its body grew close to ten meters tall and became even larger than a super huge white rabbit. Following the growth of its body was also the increase in its power.

Although it was a hasty strike and the divine art didn’t seem to be released perfectly, there were more than a dozen consecutive thunderbolts that attacked the lightning spear. Consequently, the lightning spear even became dimmer.

When the lightning spear reached the gray mist, it wasn’t as strong as before anymore.


Fresh blood spewed out among the gray mist, and the fat rabbit howled in anguish.

It seemed like the fat rabbit was injured.

However, Lu Ze could feel that its chi wasn’t affected at all. It was as though it wasn’t hurt just now.

If it was the original super huge white rabbit, this lightning spear would be enough to take its life. However, for this ultra huge white rabbit, it was nothing. Lu Ze pursed his lips-could it be due to the absorption of gray mist? After all, this was the gray dragon overlord’s nest. Hence, the regeneration G.o.d art here was definitely the strongest.

The gray mist lessened and the figure of the fat rabbit inside became clearer. Lu Ze could even see its murderous eyes.

In turn, Lu Ze’s gaze turned frosty, and the purple blood rune in his eyes flickered as several terrifying lightning spears that were over ten meters long materialized.

One lightning spear, two, three… it stopped when it reached five.

Above the gray rabbit’s head, a small dark cloud of several square kilometers appeared. At the same time, a lightning snake moved with a horrifying aura. “Go.”

Lu Ze pointed with his right hand. Accordingly, the lightning spear disappeared on the spot as it flew toward the fat rabbit in the gray mist.

At the same time, countless flashes of purple lightning came down from the sky and collided with the lightning spear.

Boom boom…!!!

There were a series of terrifying explosions, and the surrounding s.p.a.ce was slightly distorted from such powerful shockwaves. The atmosphere in this area turned chaotic. If there was a martial artist of a level lower than the mortal evolution state who entered the center, he would definitely die.

Five lightning spears went through the lightning area and shot into the gray mist. After five resounding explosions, there were five blood flowers that bloomed in the gray


However, the aura of the fat rabbit did not weaken.

Lu Ze smacked his lips when he noticed this.This gray mist was a manifestation of the regenerative G.o.d art from the start. It had a very strong ability to recover. If Lu Ze wanted to deal with this fat rabbit, the lightning spear would be considered a little too weak.

Just at this moment, Lu Ze noticed that the gray dragon overlord’s corpse at the side had completely turned into ashes, leaving behind a dozen of orbs.

He immediately turned into a blue stream of light and appeared before the orbs happily.

Lu Ze decided not to care about the fat rabbit and pick up the orbs first instead.

He was simply a thrifty and diligent man!

After Lu Ze picked up the orbs, he lifted his head and looked in the direction of the gray mist. The gray mist had thinned out quite a bit, revealing the fat rabbit’s figure.

At this moment, it was over ten meters tall. Its body remained flawless. It was furrier than before and seemed extremely cute. But at this moment, in addition to the purple crystal lightning horn on its forehead, it now had two more gray crystal horns that were slightly shorter.

There were wisps of gray mist around the gray crystal horns, and a bolt of lightning flas.h.i.+ng on top of the purple crystal horn.

The three horns were equidistant apart and formed a triangular shape on the fat rabbit’s forehead. They were flas.h.i.+ng with purple and gray lights. Simultaneously, a terrifying aura burst.

After absorbing the gray mist, it was as if the fat rabbit had gone through an evolution and became a super three-horned rabbit!

At this moment, the three-horned fat rabbit was glaring at Lu Ze with its blood-colored eyes. Its gaze was filled with murderous intent.

Lu Ze wasn’t surprised. He was somewhat understanding

After all, he was the one who killed this fella’s partner. Who knew if that gray dragon overlord actually had an unspeakable relations.h.i.+p with this fella?

However, as a cool and emotionless jungler, he didn’t care. In fact, he was already numbed.

After the mist dissipated, the lightning in the cloud above the fat rabbit’s head rumbled. Lu Ze and the rabbit stared straight at one another. The atmosphere was ominous.


Following the fat rabbit’s roar, bolts of lightning flashed above its head and turned into hundreds of purple lightning flashes as they headed toward Lu Ze. The strength of the chi was almost the same as Lu Ze’s lightning spear.

There was a light breeze around Lu Ze’s body. Subsequently, his body shuttled between the bolts of lightning. The blue bird 1 divine art was very swift, and even in this situation, he could move with skill and ease.

He glanced coldly at the fat rabbit in the distance.

Lightning spear!

Lu Ze shot five lightning spears that were over ten meters long toward the fat rabbit. but they immediately slammed against a dozen bolts of lightning. When the lightning spears went through them, they were slightly weaker. The fat rabbit managed to dodge them easily.

Lu Ze moved in a flash and pounce towards the fat rabbit.

Lu Ze didn’t like long-ranged attacks.

Real men would want the feeling of punching the fles.h.!.+

After seeing Lu Ze fly over, the fat rabbit didn’t dodge at all. It went toward Lu Ze instead.

Wow~ not bad!

I, Lu Ze, had to admit that you were a manly rabbit!

Just as Lu Ze was looking at the fat rabbit with a look of acknowledgment, sharp pain in his head emerged. Even when he could already defend against this fella’s mental attack, his body still turned sluggish.

The darn rabbit was so sinister!

Lu Ze forced himself to endure the pain and activated his black gold battle armor.

In the next instant, bolts of lightning crashed onto the black gold battle armor.

After hundreds of lightning bolt attacks, there was a gigantic deep pit of over ten kilometers square on the ground.

At the bottom of the pit, Lu Ze was wearing the black gold battle armor. There were various lightning arcs on the armor, giving off a sizzling sound. His face was somewhat pale. Being attacked continuously by lightning bolts, he became overwhelmed with sorrow!

Thankfully, his defense divine art wasn’t that lousy 1st s.h.i.+eld anymore.

Lu Ze had to admit that the black gold battle armor was really strong!

He merely used a portion of energy to maintain the armor, and he wasn’t hurt at all physically.

Compared to the 1st s.h.i.+eld, it was on a completely different level!