Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 362 - The Truth He Had Always Believed In

Chapter 362 - The Truth He Had Always Believed In

Chapter 362 The Truth He Had Always Believed In

It seemed that due to the Eternal Life Palace mission, there were several students who rented mission s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps. Wherever Lu Ze and Lin Ling went, many students would turn to look at them.

After all, Lu Ze had revealed that his strength was already at the mortal evolution state. A freshman having such strength could possibly become a young duke at any time.

A prodigy of this level would attract attention wherever he goes.

Upon seeing Lu Ze and Lin Ling walking together, a number of people began whispering to one another.

“That is Lu Ze… he hasn’t shown up since the war at Xigui System, has he?”

“That is right. Indeed, he could become a young duke at any time. Nevermind that he is gifted, he is also very hardworking.” “Yes, he was already at the mortal evolution state previously. He would be granted the t.i.tle of young duke very soon, wouldn’t he?”

“He is so terrifyingly gifted. He is even stronger than young duke Nangong and Qiuyue.” “Seems like those two are very close to Lu Ze as well, right?”

“… d.a.m.n, two most outstanding women in the Federal—this chap isn’t human at all!”

Those who overheard this looked at him and felt green with envy.

The two most outstanding women of the Federal were actually close to this chap.

And this chap was so talented. More importantly, he was also very handsome.

He was simply the template of a winner in life!

So envious!

When Lu Ze heard everyone talking among themselves, he was initially very pleased, but he felt uncomfortable after hearing the comments at the back.

These people were simply too naive. They really thought that the alcoholic and vixen were very loving toward him, huh?

Tsk tsk, dumb humans.

He had been beaten so many times, and the only benefit was the video that the vixen sent him.

Who would understand how much he suffered?

He really envied these people who didn’t know the alcoholic and vixen at all—it was a blessing not knowing how scary those two women were. However, at this moment, Lin Ling knitted her brows, feeling a little unhappy.

She could sense a number of malicious stares. All of them were jealous glances from the girls.

‘What is so amazing about this dumb Ze?’

‘He is childish and throws tantrums. He also likes to bully her and is a chowhound with something wrong in his head.’

‘Why do these girls look like they wanted to eat him up?’

‘Tsk, these girls are troublesome!’

Lin Ling’s cultivation of over 500 apertures at the aperture opening state surged. Coupled with her strength G.o.d art, her aura became very scary. The students, who were looking at them, could suddenly feel their chest being suppressed by a strong aura, especially those girls who were looking at Lin Ling with jealousy. They quickly turned away and dared not to look again.

They didn’t expect that this girl by Lu Ze’s side would actually be so terrifying.

Lu Ze glanced at Lin Ling who suddenly had an explosive aura and asked, “What is it?”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes at Lu Ze and felt a little mad when she looked at his surprised expression.

‘All because of you, fool!’


Lu Ze: “???”

‘Wasn’t she fine just now?’

‘Why does she seem a bit angry now?’


‘I really don’t understand the way girls think.’

After renting the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Lu Ze and Lin Ling left planet Venus. The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p flew toward Gracious System.

In the main hall of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Lu Ze leaned against the sofa and appeared listless.

He was simply too busy recently and had totally forgotten that he wanted to learn how to pilot a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

What a blunder!

A man’s dream was in his heart, and yet, it didn’t leave a trace at all?

Lu Ze silently jotted down this matter in his little book and marked it as important.

Next time, he must pilot the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p himself!

Lin Ling glanced askance at Lu Ze. She could roughly guess why this fella looked so down.

En… I better keep an eye on this fella and not let him fool around.

At this moment, Lu Ze thought of something. He turned to Lin Ling and said, “Oh right, have you finished using your energy?”

He only gave this girl ten days’ worth of supply. Several days had already pa.s.sed.

Lin Ling was taken aback when she heard him. In response, she nodded, feeling slightly embarra.s.sed.

If Lu Ze didn’t bring it up, she obviously would be too embarra.s.sed to ask for it.

‘What if this fella doesn’t have enough for himself?’

Although she knew that as long as she asked for it, this fella would definitely give it to her.

Lu Ze looked at how embarra.s.sed Lin Ling looked and laughed. “Don’t worry, my G.o.d art has improved tremendously recently. I have more energy than before. There is enough for you.” After all, if he wanted to, he could get tens of thousands of aperture opening state red orbs from the second map for Lin Ling without any pressure.

As Lu Ze spoke, he took out a few hundred red orbs and handed them to Lin Ling.

Lin Ling kept the red orbs and sighed-it seemed like she had lost, huh?

She didn’t even want to deny this fool’s strength-something was wrong with her.

She knew that even though this fella liked bullying her and making her angry, he had always been very nice to her.

Nevertheless, this fella wasn’t only nice to her alone, whether it was big sister Jing or big sister Hesha, this fella also seemed to have a younger sister and junior? He was the same toward everyone!

With this thought, Lin Ling couldn’t help but frown.


If this fella was only nice toward her…

Lu Ze looked suspiciously at Lin Ling, who had her head down and was thinking about something, and laughed. “Alright, let me know if you need more next time. Go and cultivate.”

Time was precious, and it was better to work hard on cultivating. After going through so many battles, if not for his strength, they would have been dead long ago.

Lin Ling returned to her senses and nodded. “En.”

She didn’t think about it any further. It was more important to increase her strength and surpa.s.s this fella!

Accordingly, both of them returned to their own rooms and began cultivating.

Back in the room, Lu Ze sat cross-legged on the single bed and closed his eyes.

It would take eight days to travel from Dawn System to Gracious System. Lu Ze planned on making the best out of these eight days. He wanted to increase his power, just in case something happened there.

His lightning spear divine art was already at the experienced level of mastery. It would be more challenging if he wanted to improve further. Even if he used all eight days to understand the lightning spear, it was unlikely that he would reach the perfection level.

As such, he would put the lightning spear divine art aside for now. If something happened, the most effective was obviously the blue bird 1 divine art.

The blue bird 1 divine art was currently at the familiar mastery. If Lu Ze worked hard during this period, he should be able to reach an experienced level. By then, his speed should be comparable to those at level four of the mortal evolution state.

Running fast would allow one to live longerthis was what Lu Ze had always believed in!

After firming up on his next goal, Lu Ze used a purple orb and began learning the blue bird 1 divine art.

Time flew by. Soon, it became night time when Lu Ze awoke from learning the divine art.

Today, he wanted to enter the pocket hunting dimension.

Right now, he had already learned the blue bird 1 and black gold battle armor divine arts. Even if the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit had really absorbed the energy from the black tiger overlord’s and blue bird overlord’s nests, Lu Ze wasn’t worried because he felt that he should be capable of fighting them. In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze’s figure appeared. He didn’t retract his aura.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the gra.s.sland was still peaceful and quiet.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked around suspiciously.

He had already entered, so why weren’t there any beasts attacking him?

This didn’t make sense?

These beasts were like flies attracted to light the second they sensed his aura. They should have pounced on him, shouldn’t they?

Why weren’t there any beasts after a long period of time?

Lu Ze looked up in the sky.

He flew over hundreds of kilometers and noticed two aperture opening state beasts fighting. It seemed like they were fighting over territory.

One of them was a giant purple cat and the other was a black panther with a black and gold body.

Two ferocious beasts roared at each other and pounced at one another. The violent forces surged, and more than 10 kilometers of gra.s.sland were completely destroyed by these two beasts.

Lu Ze watched silently as the two beasts fought. Upon seeing that there was no winner, he couldn’t help but fly over, remaining a few hundred meters in the air above these two beasts.

At this moment, the two beasts felt Lu Ze’s aura. However, what made Lu Ze speechless was that the beasts actually trembled in fear and fled.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked at those two beasts that ran away, feeling stunned.

‘What was with this reaction?’

Whether they could defeat him or not, they should just fight first, right?

Why did they flee at this moment? The purple blood lightning flashed in his eyes. Those two beasts that fled were immediately enveloped by a bolt of lightning. Accordingly, they turned to ashes.

Lu Ze picked up the orbs dropped by the beasts. He was unwilling to give up, so he went on to find a few more beasts.

He realized that whether it was those aperture opening state beasts who had absorbed G.o.d art shards or those G.o.d art beasts, all of them would flee the moment they saw him.

Lu Ze rubbed his chin and pondered deeply about this situation. Could it be that the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit hadn’t completed the G.o.d art yet and wanted to flee first?

They didn’t want the weaker beasts to send themselves to death, so they didn’t get them to chase after him anymore?

Lu Ze frowned and realized the seriousness of the problem.

If that was the case, he had to hunt for beasts one by one if he wanted to get the orbs?

Wasn’t this a little too troublesome?

During this period, Lu Ze got accustomed to the beasts sending themselves to him. In turn, he had become lazy.

However, since this was the case, he didn’t have any other choice either, so he decided to look for the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit first.

With that thought, a light breeze surged around Lu Ze’s body. His body became very light. He used the blue bird 1 divine art. Subsequently, his body disappeared in an instant.