Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 361 - Attack the Eternal Life Palace

Chapter 361 - Attack the Eternal Life Palace

Chapter 361 Attack the Eternal Life Palace

After resting for a while, Lu Ze raised his spirits up once more.

That was right, he was the legendary c.o.c.kroach who became stronger the more he failed!

Since he had already died a few hundred times anyway, it didn’t matter anymore.

He was so used to death already, so what was there to be afraid of?

Cultivate, cultivate!

Lu Ze had a grand goal now.

Someday, those bosses in the pocket hunting dimension would not be able to kill him!

After setting this goal, he became filled with pride.

He sat cross-legged and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

This time, his target was the blue bird overlord’s...o...b..and divine art rune.

Its divine art was speed—this was what Lu Ze was lacking in right now.

If he was faster, the hide-and-seek game last night in the pocket hunting dimension wouldn’t have happened.

He could completely endure that fat rabbit’s mental power attack and chase after the gray dragon overlord. By then, he could attack it with the lightning spear.

Lu Ze didn’t ponder any further. Right away, his mental power surged, and the wind G.o.d art orb in his mental dimension disappeared. Various sharp breeze went into his body, slicing his flesh while bringing about waves of wind G.o.d art secrets.

He used a purple orb and very soon immersed himself into the arcanum of the wind G.o.d art.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, there were two suns in the sky-it was already noon.

He expected this. After all, a G.o.d art orb would need more time to be consumed compared to the white energy strand.

He felt the improvement of the wind G.o.d art and nodded in satisfaction. Although it couldn’t be compared to the lightning G.o.d art for now since he absorbed the lightning arc from the Land of Thunder, he was already quite satisfied with the improvement of the wind G.o.d art.

He got out of bed and ate something. Thereafter, he sat cross-legged and began cultivating

This time, it was the blue bird overlord divine art rune.

The divine art rune that was flas.h.i.+ng with blue light disappeared in his mental dimension. It then entered Lu Ze’s body. Lu Ze used a purple orb once again and began to understand the secrets of the divine art contained in the rune.

The blue bird overlord’s wind divine art could make the physical body and wind G.o.d art work better together, whether it was a short-distance move or a long-distance flight, it would enhance them greatly. It could even improve one’s flexibility in combat.

Lu Ze sensed the power of this wind divine art and couldn’t help but sigh. It was indeed a divine art of the same level as the lightning spear. Essentially, it was much stronger than the wings of wind and lightning.

One must know that the wings of wind and lightning wasn’t very strong in terms of upward attacks. Its strong point rested more on bursting forth in a straight line. In comparison, this divine art was much stronger. Even the increase in speed was several times higher than the wings of wind and lightning.

Three days later, Lu Ze opened his eyes once again. There was a wisp of blue breeze that flashed across his eyes.

There wasn’t any movement. It was as if Lu Ze’s body had become one with the wind. Wisps of blue breeze shuttled around the surface of his body, making him very agile.

Lu Ze, who was sitting cross-legged, floated along with the light breeze blowing from the window. It was like he was weightless as he swayed with the wind.

Each time Lu Ze’s body floated to a corner and was about to knock into the wall, it would change directions all of a sudden and float toward another direction.

After playing around for some time, he returned to his bed.

His lips curved upwards, revealing a smile of satisfaction.

Although this divine art was merely at the familiar level of mastery, it was a lot faster and more flexible than the wings of wind and lightning, which was at the perfection level of mastery.

This was the advantage of a high-grade divine art.

When he reaches the experienced level, his speed at level four of the mortal evolution state might not even be able to catch up.

By then, he would be truly elated!

Lu Ze was very pleased.

Subsequently, he recalled that he hadn’t given this divine art a name.

So far, he had obtained three divine arts from the pocket hunting dimension.

One of them was the 1st s.h.i.+eld that was dropped by the ordinary black tiger boss.

It gripped his heart when he thought about this divine art!

Previously in the pocket hunting dimension, it would shatter after blocking an attack for a short while. He always had to use his weak body to resist.

What could he do?

He was also desperate.

Another one was the lightning dragon-horse’s lightning spear—this divine art was naturally very strong. The third was this.

Lu Ze knitted his brows slightly and contemplated deeply.

Since this divine art allowed him to be like the wind, then why shouldn’t he call it…

Blue bird 1!

He could use this divine art to commemorate the blue bird boss that kept using the wind blade to bully him when he was still a rookie.

Lu Ze nodded in satisfaction and decided to use this name.

Thereafter, he looked at the time.

He used three days to understand this divine art rune. It was the morning right now.

He had already expected this to happen and didn’t mind it.

He had enough resources to cultivate right now, after all. As such, he didn’t need to enter the pocket hunting dimension. Moreover, the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit had probably gotten the black tiger overlord’s and blue bird overlord’s nests. If so, then their powers would have improved considerably.

As the saying goes, ‘Grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood.’

It would be better if he finds them after he improves to a certain level. With that thought, Lu Ze sat cross-legged once again and used the 1st body G.o.d art orb that was dropped by the black tiger overlord.

Four days later, in the afternoon.

Lu Ze opened his eyes slowly. A black-gold complicated rune flashed across his eyes. Following this, a rough set of black and gold armor appeared on his body.

The armor covered Lu Ze’s entire body. It didn’t seem very exquisite, but it was very thick, giving off a domineering aura. It felt like its defense was very strong.

He reached out and knocked on the armor.

Dang dang dang!

Suddenly, the sounds of ringing of metals could be heard.

Although the armor was formed with the 1st body G.o.d art, it was extremely strong.

Lu Ze nodded in satisfaction. Although it didn’t look very good, it still worked well at least.

Currently, this black and gold armor was just at familiar mastery. When it reaches the experienced or even perfection level, it would probably look better, huh?

By then, coupled with that domineering aura, tsk tsk tsk…

En, he should give this armor a name.

Lu Ze contemplated deeply once again.

Since this divine art was provided by the black tiger overlord, why shouldn’t he call it…

Black gold battle armor.

Not bad, not bad. Also, it was black and gold in color—this was not bad.

Thereafter, Lu Ze got out of bed and stretched.

It had been over eight days since the female alcoholic went to the border.

During these eight days, Lu Ze’s cultivation had already risen to over 600 apertures of the aperture opening state.

With respect to divine art, he had the lightning spear for attacking. The destructive power should be considered quite strong at level three of the mortal evolution state. It could even be comparable to level four, right?

He had the blue bird 1 for speed, and it was also almost at level three of the mortal evolution state.

He had the black gold battle armor for defense, and this was similar to the blue bird 1 divine art. It should also be at level three of the mortal evolution state.

Right now, he was left with the gray dragon overlord divine art and G.o.d art orb. As long as he had these, his regeneration G.o.d art would have a divine art, then his power would be enhanced fully.

Although he hadn’t reached the mortal evolution state yet, his power should have exceeded the level three of the mortal evolution state. He might even be able to tackle people who were at level four of the mortal evolution state.

With that thought, Lu Ze was in a very good mood.


Lu Ze clenched his fists slightly, and an iciness appeared in his eyes.

It was time to deal with the gray dragon overlord and fat rabbit!

Just at this moment, there was a knock on the door downstairs.

Lu Ze: “…”

He was about to go into battle, which fella came to find him, huh?

He cursed as he went downstairs to open the door. Lu Ze realized that it was Lin Ling.

Lin Ling’s eyes lit up when Lu Ze opened the door. She then pulled the surprised Lu Ze into the house.

Thereafter, she smiled. “Ze, the rebellion at the Gracious System is very serious, and it is spreading to other systems already. Currently, there are already six systems with signs of rebellion.”

Lu Ze raised his brows. “So serious?”

Lu Ze and Lin Ling had already seen the riots on the Gracious System during their first mission.

They didn’t expect that it hadn’t been resolved and became even more serious instead.

The rebellion of a system spreading to the other systems—this was very rare. It was clear that the Eternal Life Palace was quite something.

In addition, the Gracious System was quite close to the Laco System, wasn’t it?

They weren’t sure if the rebellion would affect the situation at the border.

But whatever it was, this problem was quite serious.

Lin Ling nodded and said grimly, “Yes, and recently, the Laco System and the blade demon race seems to be preparing for war. The situation at the border has become more serious so the Federation had issued a mission to surround and attack the Eternal Life Palace. The reward is quite attractive. Many students from the Dawn System had gone over already, even Ye Mu and the rest.”

When Lu Ze heard her words, he looked at Lin Ling strangely. “Why didn’t you go, then?” Lin Ling was a little stunned when she heard his question.

After a moment of silence, she came up with an excuse and chuckled. “I was thinking that if I didn’t tell you, you definitely wouldn’t know about it and would have to miss the reward again. Are you touched, huh?”Lu Ze: “…”

Tsk, women!

Just say it directly if she wanted to wait for him, it wasn’t like he would tease her, right?

He grinned and didn’t refute her words. “Touched, very touched. Lin Ling is gentle and kind I will definitely remember your kindness.”

Lin Ling rolled her eyes at Lu Ze and changed the subject. “Get ready to leave, we don’t have much time.”

Lu Ze nodded.

The timing was just right. His cultivation had improved drastically, and after understanding the divine art, he didn’t have to stay shut in for so many days. Since this was the case, it was also good to complete a mission.

Both of them then left together and went to the s.p.a.ce station.