Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 360 - There Was Only One Explanation!

Chapter 360 - There Was Only One Explanation!

Chapter 360 There Was Only One Explanation!

Golden Whirl, in the living room.

Nangong Jing sat on the sofa and glanced suspiciously at Qiuyue Hesha who was looking at her phone with a smile. “Vixen, what are you doing?? Why are you smiling this way?”

Ever since they left Ze’s house and went over to Lin Ling’s, this woman had been acting weirdly.

‘What was this vixen thinking about now?’

Qiuyue Hesha put her phone away, raised her brows slightly, and looked at Nangong Jing mockingly. “Wow, the violent T-Rex is actually so concerned about my matters? Beg me and I will tell you.”

Her heart was beating quickly. This was also the first time she sent such a daring video to someone and felt somewhat embarra.s.sed.

However… this was considered that fella’s benefit.

When Nangong Jing heard her response, veins appeared on her forehead. She was enraged. “You want me to beg you? Dream on!”

With that said, Nangong Jing went into the room and got ready to cultivate.

Lu Ze gave her a few hundred red orbs. It was enough for her to cultivate for a few hours.

By then, her foundation would be more complete and her power would naturally become stronger.

She was elated.

En… should I get some delicious snacks for that fella?

Upon seeing Nangong Jing leave, Qiuyue Hesha also returned to her own room and began cultivating.

After sealing Qiuyue Hesha’s video, Lu Ze took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Thereafter, he sat cross-legged and began cultivating.

This time, Lu Ze chose to use that white energy strand and began refining it.

When he opened his eyes once more, it was already evening, and the white energy strand was completely refined. His cultivation had increased by 100 apertures again.

At this moment, his cultivation had already reached the aperture opening state with more than 600 apertures.

Feeling the surge of spirit force in his body, Lu Ze grinned widely.

With another 200 apertures or so, his spirit force cultivation would reach the completion of the aperture opening state.

His spirit body had already transformed. He didn’t even have the mortal evolution state’s bottleneck and would be able to proceed directly to the mortal evolution state then.

Lu Ze thought about that small goal he had when he first came to the school.

He wanted to enter the mortal evolution state before the end of the school term.

He was more than a month away from the end of the school term. It seemed like this little goal of his might be achievable, huh?

He was indeed a man of his words-he said that he would break through to the mortal evolution state by this school term and he did!

Lu Ze even felt that he was becoming too proud.

He was invincible!

Since this was the case, he would eat more today as a reward for himself!

He happily decided.

Accordingly, he gladly retrieved a table of dishes from the storage ring that Alice sent over and enjoyed himself thoroughly. After dinner, Lu Ze composed himself, showered again, and sat cross-legged on his bed. He then entered the pocket hunting dimension.

In the pocket hunting dimension, Lu Ze didn’t use the chi stealth technique like before. The beasts discovered him very quickly. In turn, they roared and charged over immediately.

More than half an hour later, Lu Ze smiled as he watched the huge black cat running away in fear.

Then, a bolt of lightning went through hundreds of kilometers and turned the huge black cat into c.o.ke as its lifeless body landed heavily on the ground.

Various colors of orbs were scattered on the ground, but he wasn’t excited at all.

He put both arms behind him, looked 45 degrees up in the sky, and sighed softly with a tinge of loneliness in his eyes.

Indeed, being invincible was lonely. Unfortunately, n.o.body admired his outstanding performance.

What a pity, what a pity…

After looking in the sky and acting like a pretentious p.r.i.c.k for a moment, Lu Ze happily picked up all the orbs on the ground.

He had to provide for a few people right now, and although he already had many of these orbs, he still couldn’t waste them.

After picking up all the orbs, Lu Ze looked around in suspicion.

There was total silence.

He was somewhat dumbfounded. Where were the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit that would be so excited and charge over the moment they discovered him?

Why were they taking so long this time? Could it be that they were afraid of him and were hiding instead?

With that thought, Lu Ze felt very confused.

Indeed, he was quite happy that the big bosses feared him, but if he couldn’t find those two beasts, what was he going to hunt?

Just at this moment, he suddenly recalled something

Since the lightning dragon-horse overlord had a nest like the Land of Thunder, there was no reason that the other overlords wouldn’t have one, right?

The blue bird overlord and black tiger overlord were already dead. Their things should now belong to him, right? This wasn’t wrong, right?

With this thought, Lu Ze wasn’t confused about where the gray dragon overlord, fat rabbit, and Lu Ze 2 were at anymore.

He searched for the overlord nest while looking for the gray dragon overlord and fat rabbit at the same time. Especially the gray dragon overlord-he had to go home no matter what, right?

After making up his mind, he began moving toward a direction to look for the other three overlords’ nest.

Five days later, Lu Ze flew in the sky with a disheartened look.

He wanted to eat something so badly, he hadn’t eaten in so long…

Lu Ze felt horrible inside. This map was simply too big, and with his speed, he didn’t find a single overlord nest after flying for five days. He was in despair.

He hadn’t eaten anything for five days—this was so torturous!

Was this even humanly possible?

Just at this moment, Lu Ze saw a black leopard sleeping on the gra.s.s in the distance.

His eyes lit up immediately.

A green light flashed across his eyes. The light breeze rushed to tie-up the black leopard.


The sleeping black leopard woke up in shock and released a strong power as it roared. The surrounding gra.s.s fell to the ground and shockwaves dispersed.

That fella was actually so daring to sneak an attack against it?! “Roar??”

Soon, the raging black leopard realized that it couldn’t break free no matter how hard it struggled.

Thereafter, it suddenly felt a sharp pain on its hind legs. It lowered its head to look and realized that its hind legs had already separated from its body.

A bright flame rose in the air and began to cook its hind legs.

Black leopard: 0.0

Lu Ze grilled the black leopard’s hind legs seriously and muttered, “Tried it well done and 90% done as well…”

As he spoke, a perplexed look appeared on his face, then he gritted his teeth. “I think I can also try 80% done…”

Actually, Lu Ze enjoyed having things well done, but he couldn’t do it…

In the pocket hunting dimension, he had been researching methods on how to grill beasts to the point where it was edible but it wouldn’t turn into ashes.

He tried grilling the beast directly using fire G.o.d art, but in the end, he made it well done, and just as Lu Ze about to eat it, the beast turned to ashes.

He even tried cooking the beast until it was 90% done, but the same thing happened.

Hence, Lu Ze changed his mind and didn’t kill the beast. He merely took the beast’s legs to grill it, and in the end, grilling it until it was well done still didn’t work.

He didn’t want to give up, so he tried grilling it until it was 90% done-it still didn’t work.

This time, Lu Ze planned to try grilling it until it was 80% done. As for doneness of 70% and below, he didn’t even have to consider it-he would never eat it.

Very soon, a thick scent wafted over from the beast’s hind legs. Accordingly, Lu Ze’s eyes glistened.

It seemed like… 80% done wasn’t too bad, huh?

Perhaps, he should try 70% if this doesn’t work?

His eyes were sparkling as he sliced the hind legs with green wind blades, then eagerly tossed a piece of meat into his mouth.

Just then, the meat turned into ashes in an instant.

He bit into a mouthful of ashes.

“Pui pui pui!!”

Lu Ze spat out the ashes in his mouth in disgust then looked at the hind legs that had turned into ashes in dejection.


Afterward, the black leopard returned to its senses and let out a terrifying roar.

Lu Ze turned around and looked at the black leopard.

Both of them made eye contact. Then, there was complete silence.

The black leopard’s roar stopped abruptly.

After a moment of silence, Lu Ze sighed.

Forget it. Why was he grilling? It didn’t matter anymore.

He didn’t need it anymore.

If he couldn’t eat any good food, he should just give up. In the pocket hunting dimension, there wasn’t anything else that he could eat.

A wind blade flashed across and took the trembling black leopard out of its misery. Lu Ze picked up the orbs on the ground in disappointment and began looking for the overlord’s nest once again.

One day later, Lu Ze, who was in a bad mood from being so hungry, saw a place that was completely different from the gra.s.sland before.

It was a black stone forest. The stones were giving out a dark golden glow.

His eyes lit up. He was so touched that he wanted to cry.

He finally found it. It wasn’t easy!

The wings of wind and lightning on his back flapped, and he charged over toward the stone forest.

When Lu Ze entered the stone forest, his smile disappeared.

He realized that the aura in this black stone forest kept becoming weaker. There wasn’t anything like the arc in the land of thunder.

He furrowed his brows and couldn’t believe it, so he looked around carefully again.

After an hour or so, Lu Ze realized that this stone forest had already lost its effects.

Lu Ze: “…”

How could this be?!

Could it be that the black tiger’s death led the other beast to take advantage of it?

However, according to what happened to the land of thunder, even a G.o.d art beast wouldn’t be able to absorb the things here, right? Thereafter, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He just thought of something.

There was only one explanation!

The gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit that didn’t look for him this time!

He felt awful. Logically speaking, he was the one who killed the black tiger overlord, and this was considered his spoils of war, right?It was actually… taken away by beasts??

He was so mad that he didn’t even have an appet.i.te anymore!


I must take revenge!

Just as Lu Ze decided to look for the gray dragon overlord and the fat rabbit, the sky was suddenly filled with golden light. He felt intense pain all over his body. His vision plunged into darkness.

When his vision recovered, he was back in his room.

Lu Ze: “…” He felt horrible.

Nevermind that his spoils of war were stolen, he was even accidentally killed by a super powerful boss as it pa.s.sed by. He wanted to cry so badly. Lu Ze felt like a rookie, not invincible at all.