Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Starting From Today Be A Happy Youth


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Unlike the energy in other orbs, this gust of energy slowly spread across his entire body like a drop of ink falling into clear water. The light wind slowly spread across Lu Ze’s body.

All sorts of sudden thoughts and impulses flashed across Lu Ze’s mind. Lu Ze seemed to have grasped something, but he couldn’t explain it.

He suddenly opened his eyes and took out a faint purple orb. He quickly ate it before closing his eyes once again.

This time, his brain was clear and the sudden thoughts and impulses were absorbed by Lu Ze.

His mind seemed to have become a gust of wind that fused into the air. He felt the invisible nature of wind.

In the dark room, Lu Ze sat on the bed with faint green light flowing across the surface of his body. If one looked carefully enough, they would be able to see light wind floating around.

Every hour, he would take out a faint purple orb and eat it before closing his eyes again.

After three hours of doing this, Lu Ze opened his eyes again.

His face was calm and green light could be seen flas.h.i.+ng under his pupils.

After a few minutes, his mouth spasmed. He seemed to be unable to control his expression.

It was too hard to maintain a calm face.

He really couldn’t hold it.

Good, he seemed to have got something amazing, right?

Lu Ze raised his right hand before him. Then, before he even did anything, a light breathe brushed through his fingers.

Wind seemed to have become a part of him. This ability to control wind seemed to have become natural to him.

With one thought, the wind rose.

However, he had learned too little and thus his wind controlling abilities weren’t too strong.

Lu Ze motioned his hand at the computer on the desk. Wind circled around the computer before slowly raising it up and bringing it to him.

Lu Ze caught the computer and grasped at the table. The metal table wobbled a bit before staying where it was.

Was this a G.o.d art?

Out of interest for Nangong Jing’s G.o.d art, Lu Ze had done some research on it. Therefore, he had some understanding of G.o.d arts.

Elemental control… this was a G.o.d art, right?

“So, this means that from today, I will be a happy youth!

“Run with the wind!”

Lu Ze excitedly played with his new wind controlling abilities. After half an hour, he finally stopped.

It was time for cultivation!

At the same moment, he made up his mind that he would kill a few more green wolves tomorrow. That way, his G.o.d art would become stronger!

By then, he would also become happier!

Cultivation! Cultivation!

Controlling his excitement, Lu Ze took out the red light orb that was dropped by the green wolf and immediately ate it.

Compared to the huge red light orbs dropped by the super huge rabbits, the light of the green wolf clearly contained much stronger energy.

As soon as the light orb entered his mouth, it turned into a huge flow of energy that gushed through his body. It violently rushed into his Ren and Du meridians.

All the blood in his body was boiling and it seemed to have been drawn in by this energy. Lu Ze’s skin became red and sweat flowed out, trickling down slowly.

The coa.r.s.e meridians seemed to have been purified under the effect of this energy. They became wider and tougher.

Lu Ze’s face frowned. Why was every refinement this painful?!

Perhaps the amount of energy was too large. Lu Ze felt as if he was being filled to the top. It was a very uncomfortable feeling for him.

As the body refinement went on, Lu Ze’s face gradually went back to normal.

It wasn’t that it didn’t still hurt, but that he became numb to the pain.

An hour later, Lu Ze opened his eyes and frowned. A single green wolf orb only finished about 5% of the refinement.

If he used the huge rabbit orbs, who knew how many it would take.

He looked at the time. It was only 2 am, the nightlife had just begun.

Continue cultivation!

Lu Ze took out another green wolf orb before continuing his cultivation.

One orb after another, Lu Ze’s power increased steadily.

When it was 6 am, Lu Ze looked at the small dimension in his mind. He had used up all of the green wolf orbs. There were only four after all…

Only now did he stop.

“Cultivation makes me happy, not being able to cultivate is unbearable!”

The sky gradually lit up. As usual, Lu Ze went to take a shower, cleaning all the impurities from his body. Afterward, he went downstairs to the training grounds.

His face was filled with excitement.

He had just learned a wind controlling G.o.d art. He couldn’t wait to test it out.

Bands of wind appeared on the surface of Lu Ze’s body.

Then, Lu Ze tapped on the ground with his feet before disappearing from the spot. When he appeared again, he was a hundred meters away.

This really was wind-like speed!

He seemed to have become best friends with the wind. If he ran, even the air would move aside for him. There was very little resistance.

His speed was at least 40% faster than before.

Lu Ze smiled like crazy.

“I, Lu Ze, the wind chasing youth, am super fast!”

Then, Lu Ze’s figure started disappearing and reappearing from the training grounds.

Land, air, and wall were all marked his happy footprints.

Just when he was going crazy, Lu Li walked in. She saw Lu Ze’s flas.h.i.+ng figure and felt dazed.

Then, she smirked, This guy has become stronger again…

Moments later, Lu Li saw that Lu Ze still didn’t realize that she was here after all this time. She couldn’t resist showing her signature smile.

She spoke softly, “Lu Ze, are you showing off your movement technique to me?”

“Hmm?” Lu Ze who was immersed in a world of bliss suddenly stopped.

This tone of voice was too familiar… The lazy and soft tone made Lu Ze feel a little cold.

Every time she used a soft tone, some bad was bound to happen!

He had suffered from this a few times already!

He looked at Lu Li before quickly explaining, “My sister, Li, is vibrant and cute. As a brother, I’ve long marked this in my heart, so how could I not see it?”

“Is that so…”

Lu Li let out a sigh that confused Lu Ze.

Then she took out her phone from her pocket and pressed a b.u.t.ton.

Lu Ze’s voice came out of the phone, “My sister, Li, is vibrant and cute. As a brother, I’ve long marked this in my heart, so how could I not see it?”

Lu Ze: “?!”

Hearing this, his body froze and he looked at Lu Li in disbelief.

Lu Li felt that this wasn’t enough, so she played it three more times.

Lu Ze, who was getting gooseb.u.mps, called out in despair, “Stop!”

He wanted to die!