Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 357 - Don’t Run!

Chapter 357 - Don’t Run!

Chapter 357 Don’t Run!

Lu Ze was ambushed by that fat rabbit again. His condensing lightning G.o.d art became unstable due to the sudden sharp pain in his brain.

However, compared to the previous incident, the intensity of the pain was much lower this time.

During these few days, he had been using the purple orb from the dragon-horse every day. His mental force had been improving rapidly.

This mental force attack could be tolerated barely now.

Lu Ze bit his teeth. Once again, his lightning G.o.d art condensed.


A sliver of lightning blared. A hundred-meter long lightning spear formed and shot toward the black tiger overlord.


The lightning spear was extremely fast. It carried along terrifying power waves. Upon feeling the domineering chi of the lightning, the black tiger’s hair immediately jumped up. Roar!

Its body flashed with a metallic black color, and a thick st.u.r.dy black armor was soon formed.

Compared to before, this was its best-all of its power was used in forming the armor.

Not only the black tiger but even the gray dragon and blue bird were scared by the terrifying chi from the lightning spear. They roared ferociously and attacked even harder.

The sense of danger made them instinctively attack more.

On the other hand, the rabbit hiding in the dark clearly didn’t expect Lu Ze’s capability to release such a powerful attack.

Immediately, Lu Ze’s mind ached even more.

It was as if countless sharp spears were grinding inside his head.

The pain made Lu Ze spit some blood. His eyes flashed with hideousness.

While facing the incoming attacks, he suppressed the pain and flapped his wings, dodging the powerful gray energy ball. At the same time, his body flowed with black light, and the 1st s.h.i.+eld appeared.

Most of his mental force was focused on defending against the mental force attack. The remaining was then mostly spent on the lightning spear. It was impracticable to dodge all the attacks.

Hence, he had to take it head-on.

Compared to the gray energy ball, Lu Ze liked the wind blades better.

After all, he had been sliced by them many times, so the pain caused by the blades were familiar to him.

All the wind blades bombarded the surface of his ist s.h.i.+eld from all directions like a torrent.

Compared to the lightning G.o.d art, his 1st s.h.i.+eld G.o.d art didn’t improve at all. As a consequence, the s.h.i.+eld was very weak.

In just a few seconds, it broke. All the wind blades cut across Lu Ze’s body, leaving behind huge wounds.

However, his body was almost twice as strong as before. With the use of 1st body G.o.d art, he took this wave of wind blades head-on.

At the same time, the lightning spear smashed against the black tiger overlord’s armor.


There was no explosion nor shockwave.

The lightning spear penetrated its armor as though it was paper. It left a huge hole in the tiger’s body. Along with it, blood poured out

At the wound, purple blood lightning sizzled. Wherever it pa.s.sed, the powerful body of the black tiger was scorched by the electricity.

The violent lightning went inside and spread destruction everywhere, destroying the organs of the black tiger.

Lu Ze: (?_??]

Blue bird overlord: -2(??|II)

Gray dragon overlord: -2(?A?|11),

Some fat rabbit: (?·?Å?’)!

The air suddenly turned silent.

At this time, the black tiger’s lifeless body fell from the sky, hitting the ground heavily.

Only then did Lu Ze come to his senses.

Oh s.h.i.+t?

What happened?

That was the black tiger overlord who used its armor divine art with all its power. Was it that weak?

Before, he had worked so hard, but he wasn’t able to break the armor.

Yet, it could be easily poked through now??

This was too insane.

Was he this strong now? Due to being greatly surprised, he remained frozen for a while.

He knew his lightning spear was very strong, but he never had thought it would be able to instantly kill this black tiger overlord, even with the interference from the rabbit.

At the same time, the other overlords were dazed as well. Their bodies became stiff. When they looked at the bloodied Lu Ze, they didn’t even dare to roar.

Right now, even the pain in Lu Ze’s head had disappeared.

Clearly, the rabbit was scared.

After recovering from his shock, Lu Ze turned to the blue bird and gray dragon. He grinned at them.

Thereafter, two more lightning spears were formed.

At this point, a ma.s.sive pain invaded his head again.

The newly-formed lightning spear instantly crumbled upon being caught off-guard. Understandably, Lu Ze’s attack was too strong. This rabbit was very keen. After discovering how its mental force attack affected Lu Ze greatly, it chose to attack Lu Ze with full force this time. It didn’t even use its lightning divine art.

At the same time, the blue bird and gray decided to keep attacking around him.



Gray energy b.a.l.l.s and wind blades hurricanes surged. Lu Ze frowned and forcibly resisted the pain in his head. He flapped his wings of wind and lightning to dodge the attacks.

At the same time, he started using the lightning spear divine art once more.

Purple blood lightning formed in the air and eventually turned into a lightning spear with a length of tens of meters.

The terrifying chi flowing from the spear scared the blue bird and gray dragon.

They weren’t confident in taking such a hit. Immediately, they flashed in the air without forgetting to attack.

Lu Ze looked at the blue and gray beams in the air. His eyes were ice cold.

Currently, the pressure on his mental power was immense. The blue bird and gray lizard were prepared. They wouldn’t be easily struck like the black tiger overlord.

This was especially the case for the blue bird overlord. It was extremely fast. If it wasn’t subjugated, it would be a dream to land a hit on it.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze flashed in the air and charged toward the gray dragon. The mental force attack he received was too great. It became too hard to chase after the blue bird. Thus, Lu Ze set his target on the gray dragon.

Although his power and speed were reduced by the mental force attack, he was still confident he could chase after the gray dragon.

Sensing Lu Ze’s killing intent, the gray dragon didn’t even dare to launch an attack. It focused on dodging Lu Ze’s attack while the blue bird overlord hara.s.sed the opponent.

In the air, a beam of gray, blue, purple, and green flashed around. There would be wind blade hurricanes from time to time. Then, an extremely dominant black ray would crush all these blades.

Lu Ze felt very annoyed. The gray dragon was so dominant when it hunted him before. Don’t run now then!

As time went on, his mental force gradually couldn’t handle the rabbit’s mental force attacks.

Although his mental force was very strong, he still didn’t possess a mental force G.o.d art.

It was already insane that he could last this long

If this continued, would he die painfully?

At this moment, Lu Ze suddenly thought of something

He hadn’t picked up the drop of the black tiger boss.

When he glanced over at its body, it already turned to dust and orbs.

At this point, he realized that the beasts in the pocket hunting dimension couldn’t see these orbs, or they just weren’t interested in them.

Lu Ze shook his head regretfully and went to pick them up.

As soon as he did, a silver light appeared, and a terrifying energy beam shot toward him.