Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 356 - Experienced Mastery Lightning Spear

Chapter 356 - Experienced Mastery Lightning Spear

Chapter 356 Experienced Mastery Lightning Spear

When the four came out of the virtual reality, Lu Ze’s face became lifeless while Nangong Jing looked very satisfied.

Lin Ling and Qiuyue Hesha laughed at his state.

After Nangong Jing’s power increased, he was judged once again. His howl didn’t stop at all on the stage.

Back at the living room, Nangong Jing lay on the couch, drinking alcohol contentedly.

She looked curiously at him. “Ze, your cultivation level improved so much these few days.”

His original cultivation level was merely at 200 apertures, but in just ten days, it increased to 400 apertures.

This speed was too fast.

Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling looked over. They could see the change as well.

Lin Ling admired this a lot. This guy’s cultivation level caught up to hers!

At this point, this guy surpa.s.sed her in all aspects.

In response, Lu Ze let out a smile. “My cultivation G.o.d art improved.” This was the reasoning he came up with before.

Nangong Jing had a look of realization. “In that case, the transformation of your lightning G.o.d art is also…”

He nodded. “Yes, it happened in these few days. The cultivation G.o.d art changed the lightning G.o.d art.”

Qiuyue Hesha asked curiously, “What about the lightning divine art just now?”

To this question, he explained, “I also learned that from my cultivation G.o.d art.”

The three girls fell silent. They looked at him with green eyes.

So envious.

Based on their knowledge regarding Lu Ze, they knew this guy had no other way to get divine arts. The only possible source was this.

They also wanted such cultivation G.o.d art!

Thereafter, they had a sudden thought. Since his energy could be given to other people, would it be the same case for his G.o.d art?

However, the three didn’t ask.

After all, the energy Lu Ze gave them was already very nice. They didn’t even know how to repay him. How could they be shameless enough to ask this?

If Lu Ze really gave it to them, how could they repay him? By marrying him? That was not different from selling their bodies.

Later, Lin Ling went to cook while the other three chatted casually.

After lunch, Lu Ze and Lin Ling went back to their respective dorms.

In the afternoon, he used the red orbs to cultivate. Eventually, it became late.

Following dinner, Lu Ze went into the pocket hunting dimension once again. He breathed in the tall gra.s.sy plain and clenched his fists.

He had finished devouring the lightning grounds. Now, it was time to fight the three overlords and the fat rabbit.

The wings of wind and lightning appeared behind him. He darted into the sky, floating tens of kilometers above the ground. His powerful chi surged.


After sensing him release his chi without concern, the surrounding aperture opening state beasts roared.

The roars traversed far.

Lu Ze smiled. Not even your boss dared to come to me alone, yet you guys are having fun?

It seems you guys don’t know real terror.

Purple-red lightning flashed in his eyes. At the same time, chi surged around him. Lightning with a sliver of red color burst out toward the surroundings.

“Die!” Lu Ze said calmly.

Subsequently, lightning shot out in all directions.

He didn’t use lightning spear divine art yet. He just simply relied on his lightning G.o.d art.

The lightning stretched out more than a hundred kilometers. All the beasts in the area were shocked to dust. They crashed down from the sky.

Lu Ze sneered and said plainly, “You guys are too weak.”

This was a true master!

His gaming experience felt great!

He was invincible.

While Lu Ze was so immersed in his thoughts, a huge crack suddenly appeared in the air in front of him.

He could see black scaled claws and terrifying chi erupting. It was like a tsunami.

He opened his mouth. “Oh…”

Before he could finish, his vision went black.

When he recovered his sight, he was back in the room.

It was very silent.

He sat on the bed, feeling dazed. After a long while, he rubbed his forehead and didn’t know what to say.

Invincible? No way.

Why did things turn out like this?

Couldn’t death arrive at a later moment?

However, I had already died a few hundred times. I’m not going to fall due to this!

What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger!

Perhaps, he died too quickly that he didn’t even feel pain.

He closed his eyes and started learning the lightning spear.

When it came to the blood lightning, he discovered that even if he didn’t intentionally learn it, it would still slowly evolve.

Hence, Lu Ze decided to learn the lightning spear first.

Currently, his lightning spear was at a bottleneck and about to breakthrough.

After using a purple orb, his mind cleared up as he immersed himself in learning the lightning spear.

Early the next morning, Lu Ze opened his eyes. A thin lightning spear appeared on his palm again. But compared to yesterday, it was more condensed and many times stronger!

Lu Ze smiled.

He died quickly yesterday for the improvement of the lightning spear today!

A lightning spear with an experienced level of mastery allowed his offensive power to reach level three of the mortal evolution state!

He was confident he could kill the three overlords and that fat rabbit by now!

In the day, Lu Ze and Lin Ling still went to Nangong Jing’s place to cultivate. In the afternoon, Lu Ze cultivated spirit force.

Soon, it was night again.

After everything was prepared, Lu Ze took a deep breath and entered the pocket hunting dimension.

He flew to a high alt.i.tude and released his chi without concern.

Just like yesterday, the aperture opening state beasts started roaring again.


Purple-red lightning flashed. This time, no boss came to pa.s.s by. Wave after wave of beasts was directly turned to charcoal.

Upon seeing one black tiger getting charred, Lu Ze sighed. Before, the black tiger boss gave him so much trouble. Now, it couldn’t even take one of his lightning G.o.d art attacks.

Was he too strong?




At this moment, three roars occurred, and three terrifying chi rapidly neared Lu Ze.

Lu Ze grinned at this. They were finally here.

He took back the lightning G.o.d art while the other aperture opening state beasts s.h.i.+vered and fled.

Soon, three huge figures appeared before him -blue bird overlord, black tiger overlord, and gray dragon overlord.

They looked at him with bloodthirsty eyes.

However, he didn’t mind this. Thereafter, he scanned the surroundings with his mental force. The fat rabbit didn’t seem to be here?

Or was it hiding so it could ambush him? Before Lu Ze could think any further, the three overlords unleashed terrifying attacks toward him.

The blue bird howled, and countless wind blades appeared around it.

The gray dragon roared, and a gray energy ball with a diameter of several meters shot out.

The black tiger swung its claws, and a huge black spirit force claw swept toward him.

He narrowed his eyes. It was good that the rabbit wasn’t here. He would take them all out!

Just when purple-red lightning flashed in his eyes, that familiar pain invaded his head once more.

Lu Ze’s brows were tightly locked. That d.a.m.ned rabbit was hiding indeed!