Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 358 - Hahaha! I’m Still Not Dead Yet!

Chapter 358 - Hahaha! I’m Still Not Dead Yet!

Chapter 358 Hahaha! I’m Still Not Dead Yet!

Lu Ze, who had just picked up the orb on the ground, suddenly felt a terrifying aura behind him. His hair stood on ends, and droplets of cold sweat formed.

Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d was sneaking up on me again?!

He didn’t have time to think about it. He could only clench his teeth as a black light s.h.i.+eld appeared around his body.

1st s.h.i.+eld!

As soon as his light s.h.i.+eld appeared, several silvery-white light pillars that were a few meters thick blasted behind him.


A thunderous explosion occurred, and in just an instant, the 1st s.h.i.+eld was shattered by the light pillars, and then, the light pillars, which became slightly weaker, slammed hard against his back.

Lu Ze felt the terrifying force swarm into his body. It began to brutally destroy his flesh and damage his organs.

The light pillars flew tens of kilometers with his body, creating a deep ravine on the gra.s.slands that had become a mess because of the battle.


The light pillars disappeared. Lu Ze suffered from broken bones all over his body while blood gushed out of him. Everything before him was a blur as he fell hard on the ground and coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Thankfully… he was quite tough.

He gritted his teeth slightly as a gray light enveloped his body and began to heal his injuries.

At the same time, he endured the intense pain in his head, flapped the wings of wind and lightning on his back-turning his severely injured body into a stream of light-and disappeared.

Forcefully using the divine art, Lu Ze’s injuries that had just been healed by the G.o.d art were torn open once again, and fresh blood sprayed across the sky.


As soon as his body left the ground, the ground exploded, and a giant pit of over ten kilometers square appeared.

In the middle of the pit was a black-haired teen who looked exactly like Lu Ze-it was Lu Ze 2!


In the air, Lu Ze’s whole body was covered with gray light as his injuries continued to heal.

With all his energy used up and his severe injuries, he was a little weak at the moment, gasping for air in the sky.

However, these were not the main points.

Lu Ze glanced at Lu Ze 2 who was in the pit, then looked coldly at the blue bird overlord and gray dragon overlord.

Another sinister chap!

Lu Ze 2 seemed to possess the s.p.a.ce divine art. Lu Ze was caught off guard when this chap jumped in s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze almost died.

His attack may be extremely strong, but his defense was lacking compared to his attack.

However, didn’t Lu Ze 2 have a vendetta with these beast overlords and the fat rabbit? ‘He was actually helping them??’ ‘Did they turn from enemies to friends?’

Just as Lu Ze was thinking, the blue bird overlord and gray dragon overlord who had returned to their senses charged toward Lu Ze 2.

Violent wind blades and gray energy light pillars shot toward the pit—the terrifying power stirred up a blast wave that surged across the surroundings.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘What was happening??’

‘Didn’t they become friends?’

However, even before the blue bird overlord and gray overlord’s attacks reached the pit, a bright silvery-white light shone brightly around Lu Ze 2’s body, then he disappeared.

He left behind a stunned Lu Ze, as well as the howling blue bird overlord and gray dragon overlord.

The fat rabbit seemed stunned as well, its mental power attack actually stopped at this moment.

On the other hand, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He didn’t even care about his injuries anymore. Purple blood lightning flashed in his eyes as a lightning spear was formed instantly. It flew toward the howling blue bird overlord.

Without the fat rabbit’s mental power attack’s restraint, the lightning spear traveled dozens of kilometers this time and appeared in front of the blue bird overlord.


Sensing the horrifying aura, the howling blue bird overlord was enraged.

It kept howling in panic as it tried to flee.

However, the lightning spear that Lu Ze had launched with his full strength didn’t have the fat rabbit’s interference anymore, so how could the blue bird overlord be able to dodge it?


The lightning spear immediately destroyed the blue bird overlord’s wind G.o.d art defense, pierced through its chest, and came out from its back.

The power of the violent lightning surged into its body and immediately took away its life.

The blue bird overlord flapped its wings powerlessly and fell from the sky.


There was a resounding thud as the blue bird overlord’s corpse created a shallow pit on the ground.


Going all out for the lightning spear, Lu Ze’s stable injuries were torn once again as blood gushed out, and his whole body was weak.


That thought just appeared in Lu Ze’s head when an intense pain invaded his head once again.

Lu Ze’s attack just now was too fast, and the fat rabbit hadn’t come to its senses.

When the fat rabbit recovered, the blue bird overlord’s corpse was already charred.

Unfortunately, Lu Ze didn’t really like the smell of it.

The severe pain in his head and his weak body made him sway slightly. He almost fell from the sky. But thankfully, after the black tiger overlord died, the blue bird overlord died as well, scaring the gray dragon overlord for a split second.

Lu Ze hurriedly used his regeneration G.o.d art to stabilize his injuries and prevent them from worsening. When the gray dragon overlord came to its senses, it roared and pounced toward him. He could finally play a game of hide-and-seek with this fella

Lu Ze was the one chasing the gray dragon overlord just now. This time it was the gray dragon overlord chasing after him.

He endured the physical pain while he struggled to hide from the dragon and couldn’t help but sigh. “The affairs of the world were always changing.’

Like Lu Ze 2 just now, it was launching a sneak attack on Lu Ze, but in the end, Lu Ze 2 actually helped him.

Lu Ze was on his guard to prevent another attack by Lu Ze 2 while enduring the mental power attack of the rabbit and playing hide-and-seek with the gray dragon overlord.


‘I just can’t die. Does it infuriate you?’

‘Are you mad??’

Ten seconds later, the blue bird overlord turned to ashes and left many orbs behind.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up like a hungry tiger pouncing for food. He dodged the gray dragon overlord’s energy b.a.l.l.s and flew to the ground to pick up the orbs.

At this moment, the sky suddenly dimmed, and lightning struck from the sky.

It was the rabbit’s divine art!

It was clear that this chap was going all-out too. It even attacked Lu Ze with its lightning divine art while using its mental power attack.

Lu Ze only had time to use his 1st s.h.i.+eld, but it merely lasted for a moment before it was shattered.

Thereafter, the lightning heavily landed on his body. ‘d.a.m.n!’

‘Lousy 1st s.h.i.+eld!’

‘Didn’t even last for a second!’

He endured the intense pain from the lightning and the sharp pain in his head; his eyes were filled with tears as he swiftly picked up all the orbs on the ground.

*Cough cough cough…* He coughed out mouthfuls of blood continuously and felt like laughing.

Thankfully, his lightning G.o.d art was the strongest G.o.d art currently, and his body had also been through electrotherapy for several days.

He wasn’t boasting, but he was now really strong against electricity!

Even such a strong lightning couldn’t strike him to death!


Lu Ze picked up all the orbs and sensed a terrifying aura coming from the left. The gray dragon overlord roared and shot a cannon toward him with its mouth.

Lu Ze flapped the wings of wind and lightning on his back and spat a mouthful of blood as he flew to the sky, dodging the gray dragon overlord’s cannon again.

‘Hahahaha! I’m still not dead yet!

He was very pleased with himself, but he suddenly felt dizzy.

His energy had reached its limits, his body was severely injured, and he was still being attacked by that darn rabbit-Lu Ze felt like his body was being emptied.


That idea just surfaced in Lu Ze’s head when a bolt of lightning accompanied by a raging mouth cannon, bombarded his body that was almost emptied out.

He felt a sharp pain throughout his body, then his vision plunged into darkness.

When he recovered his vision, he was already back in the familiar dormitory.

Lu Ze: “…”

A hint of pain flashed across his eyes, and his body was drenched in a cold sweat.

‘… I still died in the end.’

Lu Ze felt very bitter—why was everyone so against him?!

‘That fat rabbit again, that Lu Ze 2 again.’

Especially that Lu Ze 2–he was clearly opposing the other beast overlords, but in the end, he actually attacked Lu Ze!


Lu Ze was really unlucky today. He didn’t have a single spot on him that was unhurt.

He was in so much pain now that he was wondering what his life was worth.

He didn’t care about the sweat on his body. He proceeded to lie on his bed as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

He was exhausted and wanted some peace.

The room was very quiet and there seemed to be fishes jumping out on the pond surface outside—the sound of splas.h.i.+ng was clear and accompanied by the elegant chirping of insects.

Lu Ze lay in bed and listened intently to various sounds, feeling the pain on his body gradually disappearing.

Just at this moment, his eyes glistened when he thought of his harvest this time.

Although he died pathetically, he had a bountiful harvest!

The black tiger overlord and blue bird overlord were both killed by him!

Just the harvest from the dragon-horse overlord previously had brought about a drastic enhancement for him. Right now, with the harvest from these two overlords, Lu Ze knew that he would become invincible very soon!

With that thought, Lu Ze quickly shut his eyes and looked at the dozen orbs in his mental dimension.

Then, he grinned widely. His eyes were filled with excitement.

There were two energy strands giving off a white light that floated among the orbs, and those were the rare white energy strands.

There was one orb with a blue wind G.o.d art gla.s.s ball and another orb with a black-golden stream of light which was the 1st physical divine art gla.s.s ball.

At the same time, there were two orbs with over ten complicated runes.

One of the runes had a blue light breeze flowing on top of it and seemed very agile. The other had a black-golden color glow, and the glow formed a small armor around the rune from time to time.

This was the blue bird overlord’s and black tiger overlord’s divine art runes. It seemed like they wouldn’t be any weaker than the lightning spear divine art!

Finally, including the red and purple orbs from the dragon-horse that he hadn’t finished using, he already had a total of 39 red orbs with the overlord rank! He also had 32 purple orbs!

Just the harvest this time was enough to last Lu Ze for a long time.

And after taking them in, Lu Ze would not only improve in his attacks, his speed and defense would improve as well!

By then…

Lu Ze grinned. He would definitely teach the beasts a lesson.