Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 351 - Isn’t It a Bit Too Good?!

Chapter 351 - Isn’t It a Bit Too Good?!

Chapter 351 Isn’t It a Bit Too Good?!

There were 15 red orbs with a size of fists in the dimension. They were vibrant like the stars.

Similarly, there were also 12 fist-sized purple ones. These ones emitted a purple mist.

Just by looking at their appearance, the orbs from the overlord beasts were completely different. They seemed to be top-notch.

There was a flas.h.i.+ng purple lightning G.o.d art orb as well. Inside the orb, the lightning carried a destructive aura. It looked extremely powerful.

This was a lightning G.o.d art arcanum that Lu Ze had not mastered yet!

In addition to the G.o.d art, there was also a purple rune.

This rune looked extremely complex as tens of lines could be seen on it. It contained lightning sparks that turned into lightning spears that bore powerful force.

After seeing this, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. This was the lightning spear divine art used previously by the lightning dragon-horse! This was amazing!

This lightning spear rune was extremely strong. His star crippling punch only seemed to be on par with this. Essentially, learning the rune could diversify his offensive means.

At the same time, Lu Ze thought of the other overlord beasts. They probably had divine art runes too, right?

This was amazing!

Apart from the ones previously, a white light orb could be found among his harvest. Lu Ze had only seen this once before.

It was dropped by the male lion on the first map. However, the light orb before him was much bigger in comparison.

The energy it contained was much stronger than the energy of the red orbs. It could not only improve the body and spirit force but also mental force.

Other than this, it could enhance the quality of his spirit force and recovery ability.

Each map, only the overlord bosses would drop it. Clearly, it was very precious.

He breathed out slowly, and a joyful expression crossed his face. This was what he got from the lightning warhorse.

If he digested all of this, his combat power would definitely increase substantially!

Lu Ze smiled.

Which one of these orbs would have the honor to be used first?

He chose the white one eventually.

Based on his previous experience, he knew this one didn’t have any side effects. It was also very comfortable to use. It was like receiving a whole-body ma.s.sage.

After making up his mind, Lu Ze drew the white energy into his body. Upon entering, his body s.h.i.+vered. That feeling of extreme satisfaction came again. He could clearly feel every cell in his body being gently caressed.

All his cells were rejoicing.

He closed his eyes and felt every sliver of change. Clearly, his body became filled with life force. His mental force started to increase too.

At the same time, Lu Ze could sense his spirit force being compressed. The quality was improving Body, spirit force, mental force—all three were improving simultaneously and very fast!

Lu Ze became aware of the fundamental change that occurred to him. It was profound like last time, but he couldn’t understand it.

Time flew by.

When he opened his eyes once more, it was already bright outside. The two suns hung high in the air.

Lu Ze clenched his fists and ascertained his current situation. Thereafter, he grinned. He just used one sliver of this energy, and his spirit force cultivation level grew by 100 apertures!

Now, he was at the aperture opening state with 300 or more apertures.

Before, his spirit force cultivation level wasn’t on par with Lin Ling. She had elder Lin’s origin power after all.

He was mainly strong due to his body, mental force, G.o.d art, and divine art.

Now, his spirit force cultivation level had caught up with hers!

Should he find an opportunity to tell Lin Ling about this change and share this joy with her? That way, she would be very happy, right?

At the same time, Lu Ze sensed that his energy recovery also improved quite a lot

If he used his full power, he should be able to last twice as long as before. This was a huge improvement.

Lu Ze was certain that even against those at level two of the mortal evolution state, he wouldn’t be too weak.

With the current him, he was confident he could kill the lightning war horse quicker if he encountered it again!

However, he wasn’t confident about facing the three other overlords and the rabbit combined. Especially that rabbit. If he wanted to kill all four of them, he needed a power capable of killing them while resisting the mental force attack.

He felt it was probably unlikely if his combat power wasn’t at level three of the mortal evolution state.

Upon realizing this, Lu Ze frowned. He was still a bit weak.

Cultivation, cultivation!

Lu Ze casually ate something and sent a message to Lin Ling, informing her that he wouldn’t attend the morning cla.s.s. Subsequently, he sat back on the bed again.

This time, Lu Ze chose the lightning G.o.d art orb. He used it with the purple orb.

The purple orb could increase his mental force. It could help him defend against the rabbit’s mental force attack.

If his lightning G.o.d art becomes stronger, it would improve his combat power more than the red orbs.

Soon, the lightning G.o.d art orb disappeared from the s.p.a.ce and then destructive purple lightning entered his body. The lightning kept damaging his body. The severe pain made him frown.

However, after using the white energy, his body and recovery rate became much stronger. Despite not using regeneration G.o.d art, Lu Ze could take such injury. Thereafter, the secrets of lightning G.o.d art started to circle in his mind.

When Lu Ze used a purple orb from the overlord, the mysterious royal purple energy blended into his mind, making his thinking ability twice as fast as using the other purple orbs.

He couldn’t hold on. This was like he had a portable dao enlightenment room!

Of course, if he cultivated in the dao enlightenment room now, it would be even better.

He then started to immerse himself in learning lightning G.o.d art.

Time flew rapidly.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, purple lightning flashed within his eyes.

This immediately lit up the dim room.

He breathed out slowly and smiled.

This lightning G.o.d art orb was indeed very good. With just one orb, it helped improve Lu Ze’s stagnant lightning G.o.d art by 40%.

Afterward, he looked outside, the two suns were near the horizon.

Oh perfect! Soon, it will be night again!

This time, he felt he could fight head-on with those three overlords and the rabbit!

Upon thinking about this, Lu Ze started to grin like crazy.

However, at this moment, Lu Ze looked at the two suns once more. He couldn’t help but feel stunned.


Things didn’t seem so right.

Why were the suns in the rising position?

Lu Ze took out his phone and looked at the time.

It was 6 o’clock in the morning…

At this discovery, he rubbed his head. It was already the second day?!

This lightning G.o.d art orb was too good.