Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 350 - This Really Hurts the Head

Chapter 350 - This Really Hurts the Head

Chapter 350 This Really Hurts the Head

Following the death of the lightning dragon-horse, the three overlords turned more violent.

Lu Ze could see them charging toward him. He frowned at this. Earlier, he had used his full power to quickly kill the lighting dragon-horse. Now, it felt like only half of his energy was left.

As such, he probably wouldn’t be able to take all three overlords out, right?

So sad!


Lu Ze looked at the body of the dragon-horse. Even if he couldn’t kill them all, the harvest was enough!

At this moment, the blue bird overlord appeared above his head.

With a howl, countless sharp wind blades targetted him while sharp claws swept across simultaneously. Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. His wings of wind and lightning flapped, allowing him to dodge the attacks.

Thereafter, the other two overlords came before him as well.

Roars reverberated non-stop. All sorts of terrifying energy attacks blasted toward him.

Although he managed to dodge, he wasn’t able to find another opportunity to attack.

One reason could be attributed to the insufficiency of energy. Moreover, these three beasts were in their prime. Lu Ze didn’t dare to fight them at all costs as he did with the dragon-horse.

Currently, his left arm was gone. This affected his combat power.

The three overlords had only been attacking Lu Ze for ten seconds. The blue bird kept hara.s.sing and employing sneak attacks. The black tiger faced Lu Ze head-on. On the other hand, the gray dragon relied on its recovery to keep Lu Ze there. After dodging another energy ball from the black tiger, Lu Ze glanced at the ground.

The huge body of the dragon-horse finally turned to dust, leaving behind a ground full of light orbs.

Seeing this, his eyes lit up. He punched the blue bird boss, forcing it back. Subsequently, he used wings of wind and lightning with full force. His body flashed. He then broke through the encirclement and came to the ground.

Quickly, he just collected the orbs without even having the time to look at what they were.

As soon as he did this, terrifying energy waves came pressing down above his head.

Lu Ze’s wings of wind and lightning flapped. He retreated a few thousand meters away, dodging the attacks.


Three terrifying energy beams struck the ground. Upon collision, the earth cracked as deep ravines stretched out into the distance.

Lu Ze flew back up into the sky and breathed slowly. A while ago, he had been on defense mode and didn’t use much energy. Now that he had no concerns, he felt he could fight for another round.

Hence, dark rays surged on his right hand as the star crippling punch was charged.

At this juncture, the sky suddenly darkened. Lu Ze’s body stiffened. Which boss was pa.s.sing by now?

As soon as he thought of this, his heart went cold. He flew to the left direction without hesitation.


An explosion occurred. Purple lightning struck down from the sky. Consequently, the place where Lu Ze stood turned into a huge ditch.

Luckily, he dodged it quickly. Just when Lu Ze caught his breath, his heart felt cold once more.

Again? Lu Ze bit his lips and flashed in the air. Purple thunder rained down from the sky toward him.

He looked up at the dark clouds.

These familiar attacks…

At this time, Lu Ze’s mouth could not help but twitch. He finally realized what was going on.

It was you! Fat rabbit!

To be honest, Lu Ze was still confused about this scenario. Those four overlords chased the rabbit madly once. Why were they so close now?

Sure enough, power corrupted people. Even the fat rabbit was corrupted.

However, this rabbit was very sly. It didn’t show up until now!

Lu Ze used his mental force to find the whereabouts of the rabbit.

At this moment, the three overlords charged up again, attacking him.

Compared to the dragon-horse, the rabbit’s lightning was stronger. After all, it was learned from that heavenly rune. It was stronger and more agile, which gave Lu Ze the greatest pressure. With the interference of the other overlords, Lu Ze was soon having a difficult time handling the situation.

In just half a minute, his entire body was covered in wounds. His chi became chaotic and his breathing became desperate.

He didn’t have much energy left. If it wasn’t a lethal wound, he didn’t even use regeneration G.o.d art.

He frowned. If this continued, he might die.

At this moment, the lightning from the sky eased up. Lu Ze dodged a claw attack from the blue bird and felt relieved.

Did this fat rabbit finally find his heart and decide to stop attacking him?

Upon having such a thought, his mind suddenly ached as though it was poked by countless needles.

This severe pain almost made him crash from the sky.


This rabbit was ambus.h.i.+ng him with mental force?

He now recalled that mental force was the rabbit’s own G.o.d art.

A huge claw with volatile chi swept at Lu Ze.

In return, he could only grit his teeth and resist the pain. Thereafter, he raised his star crippling punch and struck out.


The ripple spread out. Along with it, terrifying energy kept hitting Lu Ze. It proceeded to invade his body, pouring mercilessly inside him.


The power wreaked havoc inside his body. His face went pale, and he spat out blood.

At the same time, the powerful force sent Lu Ze flying more than tens of kilometers away. Before he could catch his breath, a blue figure appeared above his head, and then, countless wind blades surged.


Lu Ze was instantly buried by the flurry of wind blades.

Overwhelming waves of pain overtook his body. Simultaneously, the pain in his head still hadn’t disappeared.

Soon, another terrifying chi surged. Lu Ze was struck heavily before he could flee.

Eventually, his mind sunk into darkness.

In the dark room, Lu Ze suddenly opened his eyes.

This time, it was really painful!

His mental force could be considered very strong due to the constant use of purple orbs. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t take the rabbit’s mental force attack.

Sometimes, being too tough had its disadvantages.

Back then, those flurry of wind blades wasn’t able to kill him. In the end, another overlord attacked as well. Only then did he die.

Deep inside, Lu Ze felt bitter. It was all the rabbit’s fault! As soon as that guy appeared, nothing good happened!

Lu Ze took a breath, and he immediately felt the pain intensify. He could only lay on the bed lifelessly. Even breathing was painful!

He was going to remember this for the rest of his life!

As soon as he saw the rabbit, he would fight it directly!

An hour later, the pain finally disappeared.

Thereafter, Lu Ze sat up. It was time to tally the harvest. He became very excited.

He looked inside his mental dimension. As his power grew, the small s.p.a.ce had expanded greatly.

Inside, all sorts of orbs floated. There were a few hundred thousand of them!

Among them, the G.o.d art orbs were useless to him because his G.o.d arts had reached perfection on the second map.

Amid them, there were tens of orbs that shone the brightest.

All the orbs revolved around them.