Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 352 - Let’s Upgrade First and Then Fight

Chapter 352 - Let’s Upgrade First and Then Fight

Chapter 352 Let’s Upgrade First and Then Fight

Helplessly, Lu Ze could only eat some of Alice’s dish to calm himself down.

Then, he sat back on the bed.

This time, he planned to use the lightning spear divine art.

Accordingly, the lightning spear divine art rune disappeared from his mental dimension. The techniques relevant to using lightning G.o.d art appeared in his mind.

At this moment, Lu Ze realized how he had underestimated the lightning spear divine art. It was stronger than the star crippling punch.

If he cultivated it to perfection, its damage would probably be twice that of star crippling


In estimation, the lightning dragon-horse might have only reached a familiar level of mastery. Otherwise, with its cultivation level and perfect mastery of lightning spear, it would only need one lightning spear to kill Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt very excited. If the lightning spear divine art was this strong, then perhaps the divine art of the other three overlords wouldn’t be any weaker.


He used a purple orb again. Subsequently, the secrets of the divine art poured into his mind even faster.

He became immersed in this.

When Lu Ze opened his eyes, he had already skipped past the beginner level and reached the familiar level of mastery. He smiled and raised his palm. Lightning flickered and eventually formed a mini lightning spear that was a few centimeters long.

However, its chi was still powerful. Ordinary martial artists who just reached the mortal evolution state couldn’t probably even take one of these.

After this, Lu Ze looked outside. The sky was still dark blue. Upon this discovery, he was in disbelief.

Did he cultivate for another day and night?

Was it morning again?

He took out his phone to check the time. His mouth spasmed upon looking at it. It was night, but three days had already pa.s.sed. Lu Li and Alice sent him some messages. Even Lin Ling sent him a few.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. He didn’t expect it would cost this much time to learn the divine


Time flowed like water-cultivation was timeless.

He could only sigh at this point. After a moment, he grinned.

Tonight, he was going to be invincible!

Lu Ze replied to Lu Li and Alice, informing them about the latest situation. Thereafter, he looked at Lin Ling’s messages.

She was asking whether he was going to attend the morning cla.s.s these few days. He grinned at this. In his reply, he told her he was in solitary cultivation.

He was curious about what expression Lin Ling would have upon seeing his improved power.

Then, he happily ate dinner again.

By the time Lu Ze finished, it was completely dark. He couldn’t wait any longer, so he sat on the bed to enter the pocket hunting dimension.

As soon as Lu Ze appeared on the gra.s.s, he could notice the numerous aperture opening state beasts flying in the air non-stop. It was as though they were patrolling or looking for something

He raised a brow. Just when he planned to reveal his position and draw out the overlord bosses, he paused slightly.

He recalled that the base of the dragon-horse overlord seemed to be a treasure.

Now that the boss wasn’t there, it should be fine if he went there to play, right?

After thinking about this, Lu Ze changed his mind.

If he used the lightning grounds to become even stronger, then he would have a greater chance of beating those overlords.

As a cold and merciless jungler, he should upgrade his level before jungling ahead.

Thereafter, he used the chi stealth technique and tapped the ground with his toes, proceeding to disappear from the spot.

He had remembered where the base was.

One day later, he had crossed more than hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Finally, he found the lightning grounds. Clearly, it had recovered. Upon scanning the surroundings, he didn’t find any overlord boss.

Hence, Lu Ze dashed toward the lightning grounds.

He found a comfortable position to sit down. Thereafter, lightning sparks appeared on the surface of his body. With this, the lightning in the air charged at him again.

The force was immense.

When the first arc went into his body, that satisfying numbing sensation occurred once more. His physical body and lightning G.o.d art began to improve again. Compared to before, his cultivation level was high enough while his physical body was sufficiently strong. Likewise, his lightning G.o.d art was much powerful.

This time, he was almost 50% faster at devouring the lightning. A few hours later, his digestion speed couldn’t keep up again. Consequently, the remaining undigested lightning started to destroy his body. This time, no one came to save him. Hence, he was fried inside out.

When he opened his eyes, Lu Ze was back in the familiar dark room. His body was still shaking rhythmically.


Upon checking his physical power and lightning G.o.d art, he couldn’t help but grin.

These few hours of shock therapy killed him, but the effects were amazing!

His body and lightning G.o.d art improved by 10%!

Just 10% for his current power was terrifying!

Especially his lightning G.o.d art with the lightning spear, its power was near the star crippling punch.

His star crippling punch had reached a perfection level of mastery while his lightning spear was only at the familiar level.

Later on, his mouth spasmed. In the next few days, he will keep receiving shock therapy.

Tens of minutes later, the pain disappeared. He sat back on the bed.


Although he had digested the lightning spear divine art rune, he hadn’t been able to completely learn it.

Lu Ze closed his eyes and used another purple orb.

Early the next morning, Lu Ze woke up from his learnings.

In the early stage of learning a divine art, the speed it took was quite fast. However, if one desired to reach an experienced level of mastery, a day would not suffice. As such, he woke up easily.

The morning sun shone through the window. He felt amazing with his increasing power.

Thereafter, he messaged Lin Ling. Again, he wouldn’t be able to attend the morning cla.s.s with her.

Lu Ze had given her the red orbs for these few days before they parted ways.After all, he just reached the perfection level of mastery for star crippling punch at the time and felt he could kill overlords. Thus, he gave her ten days worth of red orbs.

To be honest, he suspected she was skipping cla.s.s.

After such a thought, he shook his head. He then proceeded to eat breakfast before sitting back on his bed.

He was going to use red orbs from the overlord.

Regardless of how strong his G.o.d art or divine arts were, the body and spirit force were still the foundation. This was the most important.

When a burning red orb disappeared from his mental dimension, Lu Ze felt rough powerful energy pour into his body.

The energy was like the tide, raging incessantly in his body.

This red orb was so much stronger than the ones from G.o.d art beasts. Even his current body wasn’t completely immune to the pain.