Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Just What Is This?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The fist force instantly destroyed the green wolf’s defenses. A terrifying bone-cracking sound resounded out from the green wolf’s body as it spat out blood mixed with internal organ pieces.

Its green eyes turned red. It struggled with its claw while the other claw slashed at Lu Ze’s head. Another wind blade formed in its mouth as it did this.

Lu Ze was expressionless as he punched the green wolf’s waist once again.

The huge amount of pain destroyed the wind blade in its mouth. Its sharp claw also missed Lu Ze’s head and landed on his left arm instead. Out came another wave of bone-cracking sounds.

Lu Ze’s arm softened and could no longer hold onto the green wolf’s claw. Excitement flashed in the green wolf’s eyes and just as it was planning to leave, Lu Ze’s third punch arrived.


Three consecutive punches, each striking the weakest parts of the green wolf. The green wolf wailed as its athletic body softened and fell to the ground.

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold. He ignored the huge pain and his broken left arm, and punched twice with full power at the green wolf’s waist again.

The green wolf spewed more blood mixed with internal organs. Its ferocious eyes dimmed and it struggled a bit before slowing succ.u.mbing to death.

Lu Ze’s body wobbled. He breathed slowly. His mouth was covered in blood and his left arm was probably gone. With his current body state, it would take at least a few days to recover.

The green wolf clearly hadn’t expected Lu Ze to be this decisive and trade lives with it.

Looking at the green wolf’s body, which was slowly turning to dust, Lu Ze raised his lips.

To him, this was a boss like character. He would definitely receive higher level orbs, right?

Soon, the green wolf completely turned to dust and four deeper red light orbs appeared. There seemed to be some explosive energy circulating around inside. They were probably the evolved versions of the faint red light orbs.

There were also two pistachio sized purple light orbs. Lu Ze had collected tens of these orbs. After all, every super huge rabbit would drop one of these. He believed that if he devoured all these light orbs, his mental power would increase manyfold.

Lastly, there was a strange orb that Lu Ze had never seen before.

It had a transparent sh.e.l.l and inside was some light green light.

Soon, the gla.s.s-like orb was put into his mental dimension. Lu Ze would study it once he got out.

He started to head to other places.

The battle with the green wolf was intense. It might attract other powerful monsters.

In this dimension, no matter how careful you were, it was never overkill.

Lu Ze frowned as he looked at his soft left hand and the various injuries on his body. Such injuries were too dangerous in the wild.

Then, his eyes flashed and an embarra.s.sed smile appeared on his face.

It seemed that he needed to borrow the caves of those cute rabbits.

This was really troubling them too much…

Thinking about this, Lu Ze carefully went forward as he began searching for a rabbit cave.

Soon, Lu Ze found one and compared the diameter to make sure it was not some dog cave, wolf cave or lion cave. After doing this, Lu Ze walked in happily.

Now, Lu Ze walked into the rabbit caves like they were his own homes. The rabbits inside were white, chubby and cute and would drop light orbs. He really loved them. However, ever since he became stronger, the rabbits would run after only killing a small portion.

They even abandoned their homes if need be!

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt like a supervillain.

Soon, there were the furious sounds of rabbits and fighting. Moments later, rabbits rushed out of the cave worriedly.

Lu Ze happily took over the cave and rested.

However, any organism that died here would turn to dust. Otherwise, Lu Ze would want to roast up and eat a rabbit. Such a huge rabbit would definitely be delicious.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze thought of Alice’s cooking. It was really good…

He must collect all the ingredients that Alice tells him!

Lu Ze made up his mind.

Because Lu Ze’s internal organs had reached perfection, his injuries would heal rapidly. Other than his broken arm, he didn’t have any serious injuries. He healed rather well in just a day.

Just when Lu Ze got up and was planning to go find trouble again, he felt his eyes dim. When they recovered, he was back in his room.

Lu Ze: “???”

There was a time limit for staying inside?

Lu Ze wanted to cry. If he knew this, how could he stay in the rabbit cave like an idiot for a whole day?

This was his first time killing an animal stronger than the rabbits. That rat didn’t count.

After staying in there for a full day, he then realized that there was a time limit!

But soon, Lu Ze smiled. He really shouldn’t be too greedy… If he just attained another breakthrough, he would be able to easily hunt the green wolves.

Lu Ze soon didn’t care and his face was full of happiness.

He closed his eyes and looked at the small dimension inside his brain. As his cultivation level grew, the s.p.a.ce grew along with it.

There were a few hundred little faint red orbs inside the dimension, more than a hundred larger red orbs, tens of small purple orbs, three light red orbs, as well as a strange gla.s.s-like orb.

Lu Ze took out the gla.s.s...o...b..and started studying it.

A green wind blew around in the orb. Lu Ze could even feel slivers of air flowing on his hand. It was as though he was holding the wind.

Just what was this?

But soon, Lu Ze didn’t care and ate the gla.s.s...o...b..just like the other orbs.

It immediately melted into a gust of energy that carried the green wind into his body.