Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Fearless Idea


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Li looked at Alice with a complicated expression. She had never expected that Alice would use food as a breakthrough point!

So terrifying!

However, she was Lu Ze’s sister and Alice’s best friend. Even if she felt annoyed, she had no reason to stop the two from contacting each other. She could only watch as the two exchanged contact details.

So infuriating!

Bringing Alice back home was a mistake!

Lu Li’s eyes flashed. It seemed that she needed to find an opportunity to tell Alice that she wasn’t blood siblings with Lu Ze.

This wasn’t too good.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze’s brain was taken over by the flashy cooking. He was almost drooling.

The three quickly finished dinner, each occupied with different thoughts in their mind. Alice smiled as she said goodbye and headed home.

“Lu Ze, you wash the dishes!” Lu Li said this with gritted teeth before going upstairs.

Lu Ze: “???”

Why did he feel that she wasn’t in a good mood? Why?

Lu Ze touched his chin but couldn’t think of why so he gave up.

After doing the dishes, Lu Ze went back to his room and went into the pocket hunting dimension.

Lu Ze had never seen this dimension’s night. Every time he came in, it was in the morning. The longest duration he had ever stayed in the dimension was for 3 hours, any longer and he might get raped by some powerful beast.


Lu Ze expressionlessly kicked at a huge rabbit that charged at him as soon as it saw him.

“I, Lu Ze, will no longer take pride in being a merciless rabbit killer!

“Today! At this moment…

“I will attack more powerful monsters!”

Cute little rabbits could no longer satisfy Lu Ze, not even rabbit holes.

After all, the orbs that he collected from a single rabbit hole were only enough for day’s worth of cultivation. The lowest level of red orbs already had minimal effects for him.

At this moment, there were a few hundred low-level red orbs stacked up in his mental dimension. He didn’t even want to use them.

It was time to consider hunting other monsters.

Lu Ze thought about the green wolves and armored dogs. He could probably try those two. As for the more powerful red lions… Lu Ze still wanted to live a bit longer.

After deciding on his target, Lu Ze started roaming the gra.s.sy plains.

As an experienced hunter, despite only killing rabbits, he still had some basic alertness.

He pushed his five senses to the maximum and scanned the rather tall gra.s.s with cold eyes.

Soon, Lu Ze’s ears caught a sharp sound.

The hair on his back suddenly rose up as he sped into a blur and disappeared.

Then, the gra.s.s where he stood was sliced by an invisible blade. The slice was smooth and clean. One could see how sharp the invisible blade was just from this.

He found it!

Lu Ze raised his lips as he looked at some gra.s.s on the left that was over a meter tall.

His blood boiled as his body emitted vibrant white light. He pushed off the ground and dashed towards the gra.s.s.


The 1.5-meter tall green wolf howled and then charged out of the gra.s.s.

Its soft fur lightly flowed without the wind. It had a ferocious and athletic body, as well as sharp, cold green eyes.

One must admit that the green wolf looked quite well. However, Lu Ze didn’t care.

In that instant, Lu Ze appeared next to the green wolf.


His right leg turned into a whip, creating the sound of an explosion while striking towards the wolf’s waist.

Seeing this, the wolf wasn’t worried at all. Its green eyes flashed with ferocity. Then, it raised its left front paw which was glowing with green light.

The sharp claw clashed with the white luminous leg.


Everything paused for a moment. Suddenly, a huge explosion filled this s.p.a.ce.

Wind pressure exploded from the collision point of the claw and leg, spreading out in all directions. The gra.s.s, both tall and low, was all blown flat, highlighting the man and the wolf.

The instant the wolf blocked Lu Ze’s leg, it spat out a faint green wind blade, which flew towards him quickly.

Clearly, this wind blade was stronger than the transparent wind blade from before.

The green wolf was getting serious!

Lu Ze’s eyes focused. He moved back his right leg and used his movement technique to sidestep. The air ripples caused by the wind blade tore open Lu Ze’s clothes and let out a clanking sound on his body.

Before the afterimage of Lu Ze had even disappeared, Lu Ze already appeared above the green wolf’s head.

Lu Ze’s eyes were cold as he clenched both fists and smashed them towards the head of the green wolf.

Rumble! Rumble!

The terrifying invisible fist force tore through the air and struck at the green wolf.

Just when Lu Ze thought this strike would succeed, the green wolf suddenly flashed with green light and disappeared from the spot. The fist force struck the ground, creating two huge craters. Mud and gra.s.s flew everywhere.

Lu Ze slowly landed and looked at the green wolf that was tens of meters away while licking his lips. This wolf was a bit strong.

With his current power, he should be able to take on spirit martial state level one and level twos pretty easily, but this green wolf was stronger than that.

But he was a hot-blooded youth!

Lu Ze raised his lips and attacked again.


Wind once again circulated around the green wolf as its body flashed with green light. Its speed rose to another level as it charged towards Lu Ze.

One man and one wolf clashed in the air. White and green light collided, and with each collision, there would be explosive gusts blowing down the surrounding gra.s.s.

After more than a hundred clashes, the man and wolf separated.

Lu Ze wiped the blood from his mouth and looked at the claw marks which were covering his body. His mouth spasmed… this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was faster than him!

If it was just power, Lu Ze felt that he wouldn’t lose to the green wolf. However, it was just too fast. It dodged all his attacks, while he would take a claw every time.

Although he had avoided the vital areas, these hits would eventually build up. Lu Ze felt that he might even be killed by this monster.

Lu Ze looked at the almost perfectly fine wolf. His eyes flashed; he had come up with a fearless idea.

The green wolf clearly didn’t intend to give its prey any time to rest as it instantly charged up again, shooting out a wind blade from its mouth.

Lu Ze dodged the wind blade but didn’t dodge the wolf claw.


His body’s defenses were like nothing to the wolf’s claw. If Lu Ze didn’t dodge a vital area, he might’ve died immediately.

Ignoring the splas.h.i.+ng blood and immense pain, Lu Ze cracked a smile. His eyes were hideous as he grabbed the claw with his left hand and violently punched its waist.

In terms of speed, Lu Ze was no match for the wolf. But that didn’t matter, as he was going to trade lives with this green wolf!