Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 337 - Persuading You to Be Nice

Chapter 337 - Persuading You to Be Nice

Chapter 337 Persuading You to Be Nice

Lu Ze’s wings flapped upon seeing the rescue signals from the communicator.

One of the signals came from the northwest of his current location, which was only 3000 kilometers away. With his speed, he should be able to reach the place sooner.

After taking a deep breath, he sped up even more.

Soon, Lu Ze was closely approaching the location of the signal. He was only tens of kilometers away.

He looked up to scan the surroundings ahead. A mountain range was before him. Most of the peaks had collapsed at this time.

Other than peaks, the earth received some damage too. It was filled with numerous holes. Perhaps, a dreadful battle occurred in here.

Lu Ze raised a brow. Eventually, he arrived at the battlefield.

He landed on the ground and looked around.

A few kilometers deep holes were etched throughout the land. Coupled with the collapsing mountain walls and fractured ground, the area before him appeared to be a wasteland.

Most of the regions were filled with pools of blood—both red and black.

At the same time, waves of battle could still be felt in this region. The unique chaotic violent chi of the void beasts remained in the air.

Lu Ze frowned.

It seemed he came late.

He didn’t know if those people asking for help ran away or were eaten by the void beasts.

He looked at the device again and planned to go to another place.

At this moment, the hairs on his back stood up. He could feel a trace of coldness. Subsequently, his wings flapped. Instantly, he s.h.i.+fted a few hundred meters to the left.


A sharp sword ray struck at where Lu Ze was just now.

This sword ray expanded on the ground for more than tens of kilometers.

In the distance, a hill was even sliced in half.

Lu Ze turned around and looked at the three people who appeared in the air.

If it weren’t for his acc.u.mulated experience in entering the pocket hunting dimension all the time and hovering constantly between life and death, from which he built his strong vigilance, the sword a while ago would have sliced him in half.

He almost died!

Let me see who wanted to kill me.

Those three figures seemed to be between reality and warp dimension, slowly emerging from the warp dimension.

Two men and one woman. They weren’t too old.

One of the men had long green hair and was rather handsome. The other had spiky golden hair and looked ferocious.

Meanwhile, the woman had dark red hair. Her body was very voluptuous, and she was extremely beautiful. She was wearing revealing clothes. Her dark red hide armor only covered her chest and b.u.t.tocks.

The three studied him.

Thereafter, the beautiful woman laughed. “Konan, your sword isn’t too good. You couldn’t even take care of a little brother.”

The eyes of the golden-haired youth became more ferocious at her remark. “It was just a casual attack. Many people can dodge it.”

The green-haired man smiled. “It was just one mistake. Fire, stop playing with Konan.”

Subsequently, Fire smiled. “It was just a joke. Jayce, you’re still so serious.”

At this moment, Lu Ze coughed. “Who are you three? Were you planning to kill me just now? As it turned out, the people who came here to help were killed by you guys, right?”

He became curious about who these guys were. They had such power at this age. Their talent shouldn’t be bad.

Why were they trying to kill him though?

He was a prodigy from the Federal University. If he died in a strange manner, they would be caught if they were still a Federal citizen. Fire giggled at his question. “Haha, we know you. You’re that Lu Ze aren’t you. A lieutenant colonel as a new student. You’re very amazing.”

“And, you could use your power at aperture opening state with 200 apertures to dodge Konan’s casual attack. You’re even stronger.”

Then, she smiled. “By the way, Konan used to be in the military too, didn’t he?”

Lu Ze’s eyes widened at this. He could see Konan’s face growing colder.

Lu Ze asked in confusion. “You used to be but not anymore?”

Konan’s killing intent burst out upon hearing this. He grinned. “You want to know?”

Lu Ze nodded.

Upon seeing this, Konan grinned. “Because I played with a woman and accidentally killed her. The military wants me to go to the military court, hahahaha!”

Konan laughed hysterically, and then, his smile receded. “Why?!”

“Did I not have enough military merit? Did I not kill enough blade demons? Why???”

“Without our bloodbath battles, can those lowly citizens in the inner region live that peacefully?!”

“Without us, do they dare to go on the battlefield?!”

“It was just a woman, did they need to do this??”

“I’m not gonna f.u.c.king play this game! Since there’s no good in protecting the Federation, I’m just going to live how I like?!”

Lu Ze scratched his head. This topic wasn’t suitable for him. He was just an innocent kid.

However, this guy thought he could do whatever he wanted just because he had some merit.

If that was the case and every soldier broke the law, the Federation would collapse.

Fire giggled. “Little brother, we have a far better and stronger life and power than ordinary people. Why not pursue getting stronger and then eternal life? You’re so talented. You should come and play with us.”

Lu Ze was speechless at her offer. She tried to drag him in too!

Lu Ze pretty much understood what they were. They probably belonged to some underground force.

But, why were they here?

The green-haired man smiled. “There’s an ancient saying, ‘People who don’t act in their self-interest are destroyed by the heavens and earth.”

Lu Ze scratched his head and laughed awkwardly. “Um, green-haired brother, the saying actually doesn’t mean that. It means that you must cultivate your inner mind during cultivation. If not, the heavens and earth will not tolerate you.”

At his remark, the atmosphere turned very awkward.

Jayce’s face went a bit red. He wanted to show off his knowledge. In the end, he was slapped in the face!

Lu Ze sighed. “So, three big brothers and sisters, be kind.”

Konan sneered. “Kind? Why should I? Just because you told me to?”

At the same time, Fire sighed. “Little brother is so handsome. What a pity.”

Jayce took a few steps back, and his smile disappeared. He looked coldly at Lu Ze.

How dare Lu Ze slap his face?! Intolerable!

Lu Ze smiled at the three. Afterward, his wings of wind and lightning flapped. He disappeared from his original spot and appeared before Konan.

Black runes flashed in his eyes. He clenched his right fist as dark rays surged. Consequently, he punched heavily.


A dragon roar-like sound occurred. Konan did not have enough time to meet the blow. He could only block with his long sword.

His power surged as gold light flashed. It had the power of metal G.o.d art.

The fist force struck the long sword. Upon collision, the sword bent into a huge arc. The terrifying power blasted Konan a few kilometers away toward a distant hill, thrusting him deeply into the mountain.

The atmosphere became silent.

Fire and Jayce looked at Lu Ze with shocked expressions. Their bodies became tense and vigilant to prepare for another sudden attack.

This wasn’t right!

They knew about Lu Ze. That’s why they dared to talk to him for so long.

Three months ago, Lu Ze was only just at the aperture opening state!

Meanwhile, they were rather strong among those at level one of the mortal evolution state.

If they knew about Lu Ze’s real power, they would have run already.

At this moment, Lu Ze smiled at Fire and Jayce. “There is no point in talking. I’ll speak with my fists.”