Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 338 - Have You Eaten, Sister?

Chapter 338 - Have You Eaten, Sister?

Chapter 338 Have You Eaten, Sister?

Upon hearing Lu Ze’s words, Fire’s and Jayce’s chi burst out.

Fire was covered in bright red flames while green light surrounded Jayce. The light was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life force.

At this moment, Lu Ze glanced at Jayce.

Wood G.o.d art? No wonder this guy had green hair. It turned out to be the symbol of his power.


A golden sword ray burst out of the mountains and headed toward Lu Ze.

At the same time, Fire and Jayce used a huge fireball and vines respectively.

Lu Ze grinned. In the next moment, his body was covered in 1st s.h.i.+eld.

Black rays surged around him as he used star crippling punch.

All the vines were soon shattered. On the other hand, Lu Ze greeted the fireball with his left fist and the sword ray with his right.


Two shocking explosions occurred. The shockwaves swept across the surrounding hundreds of kilometers.

At the same time, the entire mountain range shook, peaks cracked while the earth sunk.

Subsequently, Lu Ze appeared before Fire. He grinned and hit her exposed stomach heavily.

The terrifying power sent her body flying more than ten kilometers away. She spat blood as her entire body was forcefully thrown toward a distant mountain.

Jayce was planning to help her when the corner of his eye saw a figure appear next to him. A terrifying power soon came along with it.

Lu Ze whipped his leg towards Jayce’s waist. Jayce saw that he didn’t have enough time to dodge. He tensed up as a green barrier appeared. He used both hands to try to block Lu Ze’s leg.


The leg and the barrier clashed. In just a second, the latter was broken. Lu Ze’s leg landed heavily on his arms.

Bone cracking sounds could be heard upon this collision. Jayce was forced out for more than ten kilometers.

Just when Lu Ze was about to chase up, a golden light flashed. Suddenly, Konan was already at Lu Ze’s side.


His chi was ferocious, and his eyes were filled with undeniable killing intent. His wrists turned. Subsequently, the long sword cut toward Lu Ze.

The current sword rays were much sharper than the one before. Lu Ze raised a brow.

This guy had some power.

While thinking this, he reached out to grab the sword ray with his bare left hands.


The sword ray dispersed into golden light.

Konan was originally proud of the strike he let out just now. However, upon witnessing its dispersal on Lu Ze’s hands, his eyes could not help but bulge. Immediately after, a fist that was flas.h.i.+ng with dark rays struck his face.


Lu Ze smashed Konan’s head into the ground. At this attack, Konan’s limbs struggled.

Lu Ze grinned. He raised his fist and struck once more.

The ground shook heavily as cracks extended out. Even rocks kept rolling off the mountains.

This time, Konan’s limbs finally fell down powerlessly.

In the distance, Fire and Jayce came out of the mountains.

Fire covered her stomach. Blood seeped out of her mouth. At this moment, her face was extremely pale.

At the side, Jayce’s hands slunk. His face became pale too. However, he had wood G.o.d art. Although it doesn’t have strong offensive power, it still had good healing effects.

A green light flashed on his arms. The broken arms slowly started to recover.

When they opened their eyes a while ago, they witnessed Lu Ze punching Konan’s head for the second time.

After seeing this, their pale faces went even paler. The two glanced at each other and flew


There was no way they were going to help Konan in this situation. They could give up everything in the world except for themselves.

Lu Ze grinned at their attempt to flee.

How could those two be his opponent in terms of speed?

Subsequently, he grabbed Konan’s leg and used his wind and lightning G.o.d art. Konan immediately started shaking like the blade demons last time. All his spirit force and physical power were sealed by Lu Ze.

Lu Ze was extremely fast. The faces of the two went deeply pale after sensing the approaching chi. They said at the same time, “Run in separate directions!”

Fire went right while Jayce took the left direction.

Lu Ze felt stunned at this scene. This wasn’t fair. It was very tiring for him to chase after the two.

Lu Ze didn’t use full power when he unleashed his star crippling punch before. He feared he would end up killing them with one punch. Now that they were running, things became different.

He looked at Jayce’s direction. This guy seemed to have a good recovery skill. He probably wouldn’t die with a full-powered punch. If he did, then it was his bad luck.

Consequently, Lu Ze punched out ferociously.


The clouds were shaken away as a dark fist force headed toward Jayce.

Jayce just felt he was immersed in cold water. He quickly covered himself with a green crystal membrane and then crossed his hands before him.

As soon as he did this, a few meter thick black fist force crossed more than ten kilometers and landed fiercely on his body. Rumble!!

His body was violently thrown away, penetrating through several mountains before eventually stopping after he was embedded on the wall of a cliff.

When Lu Ze came to him, he was covered in blood and unconscious. Lu Ze nodded happily after seeing this.

Good, he was not dead.

This still took nearly ten seconds. Fire had run out for more than a hundred kilometers by now.

At this moment, Lu Ze sealed Jayce just like Konan. Thereafter, he charged after Fire.

Fire had fire G.o.d art, but speed wasn’t her strength. Lu Ze used wings of wind and lightning to slowly get near her.

In the distance, Fire could sense the death of her pals. Meanwhile, that demon was still chasing her.

Her stomach hurt a lot. Did this demon not know how to be gentle to girls?!

She was a bit worried. When Lu Ze chased up, would she be flying upside down like her pals?

If so, she might as well commit suicide.

Thinking about this, she flew forward with even more strength.

From the distance, Lu Ze suddenly yelled, “Big sister, wait for me. Fly slower, let’s talk about life!”

Fire’s face went green. She kept running.

“Big sister, have you eaten yet? You need to have three meals a day and sleep early.”

Fire was trembling at this time.

Her power was at the mortal evolution state already. Did she still need to eat and sleep???

“You need to drink water if you get sick.”

Fire: “…”

Still, she kept flying forward. If she just found another pal, she could let them hold him off while she kept running.

“Big sister, do you have someone you like?” “Are you tired? Do you want to rest for a while before running?” “Do you think I’m handsome?”

“Stop running. Do you hate me?”

After flying a few hundred kilometers, Lu Ze finally caught up to Fire. He smiled. “I’m actually pretty gentle. Don’t move and let me seal your power. How about it?”

Fire gritted her teeth. Her voice went ice cold. “I’m weaker than you. Do it.”Lu Ze smiled. Oh, this fella could understand him after all. Otherwise, he would have to beat her up again.

Wind and lightning G.o.d art instantly went into her body, sealing her power instantly. The pain made her face even paler.

Lu Ze didn’t care about this. She dragged Fire over to him.

Fire gritted her teeth and said coldly, “We all underestimated you.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Even I feel that I’m strong. It is no wonder you guys lost.”

Fire: “…”

If she kept talking, she would die of anger.

Once more, Lu Ze smiled. “Tell me about it. What force do you come from? What are you doing here? How many of you are here?”