Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 336 - Can You Guys Die for Me?

Chapter 336 - Can You Guys Die for Me?

Chapter 336 Can You Guys Die for Me?

Lu Ze looked down at the bodies of the void beast. Then, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze toward the city-it still wasn’t heavily damaged yet at this time.

Planet Nanchu had a diameter of nearly 100,000 kilometers. The circ.u.mference of the equator was over 500,000 kilometers. Clearly, it wasn’t very small.

Even at his current speed of over a few kilometers per second, more than ten times the speed of sound, it still took time to circle the planet.

As soon as Golden Swirl arrived at the planet, Lu Ze and the rest split off.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha mainly dealt with the mortal evolution state void beasts while Lu Ze and Lin Ling took care of the aperture opening state beasts.

At the same time, Nangong Jing gave them each a military communicator. It had every rescue signal on the planet.

This place was the first wave Lu Ze dealt with.

These void beasts were stopped outside the city. Obviously, it was due to these wars.h.i.+ps.

He looked at the wars.h.i.+ps but didn’t go over to say his greetings. His wings of wind and lightning flapped. Afterward, he flew off.

Right now, he needed to deal with other void beasts. He should not waste time with how serious the situation was.

Whether it was the martial arts site of the Federation or the Dawn Network, the missions had been published. People were making their way over.

After seeing Lu Ze leave, the soldiers fell silent.

At this moment, the drone soldier said, “That… seems to be Lieutenant Colonel Lu Ze,


As a young person, he spent most of his time on social media. Of course, he had seen Lu Ze’s combat video.

He was an 18-year-old lieutenant colonel!

Countless people had considered him their idol.


A while ago, that was 11 aperture opening state void beasts. Wasn’t his power at the primary stage of the aperture opening state?

Did he just instantly kill 11 aperture opening state void beasts?

He almost thought he recognized the wrong person.

Did Lu Ze have a big brother?

The other people felt stunned but joyful.

They survived now.

The captain felt relieved and slunk into his chair.

He didn’t have to die and could go back to see his wife and daughter. What else could make him happier than this?

Thereafter, he smiled. “Lu Ze is a student of Federal University. Since he is here, then the Dawn System’s people should be here. The pressure on us will be much relieved.”

He looked up worriedly in the sky. “I wonder how the three planetary state void beasts are…”

A few thousand mortal evolution state void beasts couldn’t compare to the three planetary states.

However, they were too weak to solve this problem.

“Let us tell the brothers and sisters in other teams about the arrival of the Dawn System’s people! Tell them that they will be saved soon!”

A few hundred kilometers away, in a s.p.a.cious forest, eight powerful beings were fighting nine aperture opening state void beasts.

There were men and women, wearing custom armors. They weren’t soldiers. Instead, they were adventure squads.

The martial arts site mission would give federal contribution points.

The people nearby would come even if it was just for the rewards.


The battle turned extremely violent. The surroundings were being destroyed.

Ten kilometers from them, there were tens of wars.h.i.+ps using all sorts of energy cannons to hara.s.s the beasts.

However, this firepower was too weak to deter the aperture opening state void beasts.

Most of them couldn’t even land.


At this moment, the aperture opening state humans panted. Their faces were bad. These nine beasts were too strong. They could only pa.s.sively defend up until now.

The golden short-haired man at the front spoke. “Change of plans, hold them here, and wait for a.s.sistance.” The other people nodded in return despite their unwillingness.

At this time, a silver spear ray instantly pierced through the three aperture opening state void beasts.

Their tough armors were weak like bubbles against the spear ray, popping with the slightest contact.

These eight adventurers widened their eyes and looked at the falling void beasts in disbelief.

Beasts at the aperture opening state with 500 apertures were instantly killed?

Which powerful being came?

The eight looked at the direction of the spear ray. Ten kilometers away, a figure wearing a white armor left. She had fluttering short hair and a beautiful side profile. She soon headed


The adventurers and the defense soldiers felt dazed.

When the remaining void beasts roared, they finally woke up from their stupor.

The short-haired middle-aged man grinned at this turn of events. “Kill them. We don’t have to hold them off!”

In the air, a void beast of a few thousand meters swirled. Behind it was a dead city ruins.

At this moment, a faint gold figure suddenly appeared before it.

Nangong Jing glanced at the ruins. Her eyes flashed killing intent.


The roar of the void beast blew away the clouds in the sky. Its huge body flashed with dark gray spirit light.

Subsequently, Nangong Jing punched.

Ang!! Like the roar of an ancient beast, the golden fist force turned everything in its pathway to dust.

The fist force shot out of the planet, and the body of the huge void beast disappeared.

Afterward, she glanced at the ruins with a trace of sadness and flew off.

In a huge city, 15 void beasts who were a few hundred-meter long and a few thousand-meter long, floated. Their bodies covered the skies.

The two military-uniformed beings looked at the largest void beast with an ugly expression.

The black-haired youth on the left smiled bitterly. “Brigadier General Noira, we don’t seem to be a match for it. It is this big. It probably has power at level five of the mortal evolution state. We should have kept some people here.”

The brown-haired middle-aged man on the right rubbed his face. “I have wind G.o.d art. I have some confidence when it comes to speed. I will bring these animals away, so you should guard this place.” Just when the youth was about to nod, a pink light flashed over and appeared before the beasts.

The slender figure with pink hair made the two shocked.

The void beasts also calmed their roars down, glaring at the newcomer.

Qiuyue Hesha flicked her long hair, revealing her snow-white side face. With a seductive voice, she said, “Am I pretty?” Thereafter, the eyes of the void beasts turned blank. Their heavy breathing became lighter.

At the same time, the two men behind her nodded like chickens.

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “In that case, can you guys die for me?”.

All the void beasts, including the mortal evolution state one, flashed with spirit light. Consequently, their life force dissipated, and they fell from the sky.


The landing struck the hearts of the two men.

They sweated cold and looked at Qiuyue Hesha, feeling stunned. Soon, they quickly looked down.

This woman was a demon!

She didn’t even target them, but they were still affected.

Despite not seeing her face, they knew who this was.

City Charming Young Duke!

Qiuyue Hesha glanced at the two but didn’t speak. She quickly left.


These two were at least at the mortal evolution state. However, they weren’t as interesting as little brother Lu Ze.

After she disappeared, the two men felt relieved.

The youth smiled bitterly. “Qiuyue Hesha is indeed terrifying.”

The brown-haired man shook his head. “I’m old now. I really can’t take this.”