Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 335 - Captain… Are We Still Charging?

Chapter 335 - Captain… Are We Still Charging?

Chapter 335 Captain… Are We Still Charging?

Nangong Jing smiled. “But we don’t need to worry about the planetary states. We just need to kill the void beasts invading the planets.”

At this information, Lu Ze asked, “What about those planetary states then?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “There are planetary state people coming over. Even a planetary state teacher from our school is coming. They should be here soon.”

Lu Ze nodded at this.

The planetary state was the major player.

Star states had either left the Milky Way galaxy to look for ways to become stronger, or they can’t leave the battlefield.

As for the four sages, they each have places they needed to guard.

Unless it was something very major, they wouldn’t leave their post. Half an hour later, the flying s.h.i.+p left the warp dimension. Upon looking outside at the enormous Xigui System, they could see flashes of light.

Nangong Jing took a deep breath and said, “We’ll go to planet Nanchu, where the situation is the worst. There are 14 mortal evolution state beasts and hundreds of other ones.”

The others nodded. Accordingly, the s.h.i.+p entered a short warp travel.

In Jing City, on the southern hemisphere of planet Nanchu, more than half the high-rise buildings of the area had crumbled. Ruins were the only thing left behind.

Outside, void beasts roared non-stop. 11 huge void beasts floated in the air. Around them was a fleet of drone s.h.i.+ps that attacked them, attempting to draw their attention.

Further away, there were 30 more battles.h.i.+ps hara.s.sing these beasts. The entire planet had a few hundred void beasts. Some of them had been led away by the defense force while some were killed by powerful beings. Those beings have moved to other cities.

However, no one has helped this city yet. The defense force needed to stall out these void beasts.

However, these void beasts were at the aperture opening state, and the drones were getting destroyed non-stop. A middle-aged man wearing black battle armor roared on a wars.h.i.+p. “Do we have more drones? We almost can’t keep their attention anymore!!”

“Captain, we’re out.”

“Same here!”

“Me too…”

The man’s face looked bad. Without the drones to distract these beasts, those monsters would definitely destroy Jing City.

Most citizens had gone to underground emergency shelters, but they weren’t designed for void beasts at the level of aperture opening state and mortal evolution state.

In that case… the man sweated even more.

He clutched his pilot handle. After a while, his eyes flashed.

At this moment, a surprised and joyful voice came out from the communicator. “Captain… I still have some!”

The man cursed upon hearing the words. “Then, hurry the f*ck up and release it.”

Thereafter, the voice cried. “But… there is only one!”

The man’s body stiffened. His smile disappeared.

Moments later, he took a deep breath and roared. “F*ck, if there’s only one s.h.i.+p, then why the f*ck did you say it?!”

Then, the man suddenly smiled. “There are no drones. You know what is next, right?”

The communications fell silent. Of course, they knew what would happen.

Subsequently, the one who said he still had a drone cried out. “Captain… I don’t want to die… I’m the only child in my family…”

The middle-aged man rubbed his nose. “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I have trained you guys like dogs. Today, I’ll give you another demonstration.”

He took a deep breath. “I’ll charge first, you guys… charge as you wish. Remember, the goal is to draw their attention elsewhere.”

The middle-aged man smiled. “My wife and daughter are in Jing City. You, b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, know, right?… I’m scared of dying, but a man… has to protect his family, right?”

“If something happens to me, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds help me watch them. Don’t let them get abused.”

Another voice could be heard at this moment. “I’ll be second, you guys know my situation. My parents died at the border, so I don’t have anything left…”

“I’ll be third…”

“Then, I’ll be fourth…”


“Kid, you still have a drone, don’t you? That can subst.i.tute you.”

The youth became stunned after hearing this voice. His heart beat faster.

Who would want to die?

He just graduated from university and came to serve at the defense force. He thought that it would be much easier than going to the border. Who could have known this would happen?

He still had his youth… He wasn’t married, and his parents were waiting for him…

If possible, he really didn’t want to die.

His teammates knew about his situation. They could understand him, don’t they?

At this time, he opened his mouth. With a coa.r.s.e voice, he said, “I… I’ll be last.”

He then smiled. “My parents are young, the compensation system of the Federation is very good. Perhaps, they can have another child better than me…”

In the distance, the number of drones was diminis.h.i.+ng substantially by the minute. They tried to draw the beasts to other places. However, they were eliminated before they could run.

These were 11 aperture opening state void beasts after all.

The middle-aged man looked at the drones. His face was pale. He was only a core martial state. Of course, he would be scared.

Thinking about his wife and daughter, his eyes looked firm.

He roared. “Everyone, listen up! I’ll count to three! I’ll charge, then you guys go!” “Yes, Captain!”



Suddenly, a flash of green and purple light appeared among the 11 aperture opening states.

With him came a few meter long wind blades that appeared like green jade stones. They instantly sliced across all the bodies of the aperture opening state beasts. These void beasts suddenly exploded in the air.


Thereafter, the bodies crashed heavily onto the ground.

As such, the sounds struck heavily on the hearts of these soldiers who were prepared to die.

Everything happened so quickly. The man couldn’t even react in time. He then continued with his counting and roared.


When he finished shouting, he felt dumbfounded.

‘Why did I yell 1?’

The other teammates felt dazed.

Suddenly, a being instantly killed those extremely powerful aperture opening state void beasts.

In turn, they didn’t know what to do right now. The void beasts were dead, but the captain made an order. Should they still charge?

One voice could be heard at this time. “Umm… Captain.. are we still charging?”

Captain: “…”